Greetings puny Earthlings.

Sorry for being away for so long, but we do have busy lives out here, running the Known Universe.  But I'm back to give you Earthlings a reality check that you really seem to need.

Right now the Obama Administration has a quandary, they want to be re-elected so they can be more "flexible" on issues like health care, gun control, and their dealings with the Iranians, the Chinese and the Russians.  However they can't run on their record since all they've managed to accomplish is to pass a bloated health care law that becomes more and more unpopular the more and more people learn about it.

So what do they do?  The answer appears to be Class War, by going after Republicans as the party of "fat cats" and "millionaires and billionaires" who make more than $250,000 a year.

The centerpiece of this class war is the so-called "Buffett Rule" where capital gains taxes would be doubled in the name of fairness, and that it has to be okay, because it has the endorsement, and name of arch-plutocrat Warren Buffett.

So let's look at the fundamental fallacies behind the "Buffett Rule." 


This is the most obvious fallacy because taxes have absolutely NOTHING to do with enforcing fairness.  Taxes exist for one purpose only and that is to generate the most revenue for the government while doing the least damage to the economy.

One of the fundamental truths about taxes is that if they go too high, the actual amount of revenue they collect goes down.  That's because high taxes slow the growth of the economy by reducing the amount of available investment capital, and when that happens there's a lot less money that can be collected.

When taxes are low, there's a lot more growth in the economy, and revenue actually grows.

Then there's the notion of fairness.

Fairness is an illusion held by spoiled children.

There is no way for any mortal being can re-shape the world into anything that is remotely fair, because fairness doesn't exist.  The Omni-Brains of Ollax 17 are smart enough to tell you that the absolute last digit of Pi is "3," and can calculate a complete audit of all the matter in the Universe in the space of an afternoon, but even they can't define what's fair.

I'm pretty certain that a politician who doesn't even know the legal precedents that he allegedly taught at university can't do it either.


The revenue generated by the Buffett Rule will definitely close the deficit run up by the Obama Administration in 2011.

It will just take over 500 years to do it.


The Obama Administration and its wealthy cronies tell you that only they will be affected by the doubling of the capital gains tax.

That's what we aliens call a big fat load of grade A nerfle-shit. 

First, if you have a 401k or any other pension plan that's invested in the stock market, you are royally buggered. Because all the rich investors and corporations will pull all their money out before the Buffett Rule goes into effect, to put it all in something tax free like government bonds, or just ship it overseas.

Also anyone who wants to be the next Warren Buffett will be shit out of luck trying to get any investment capital for their projects.

Which brings us to...


The sage of Omaha says that he's only interested in "doing his fair share."  If that was the case, he's welcome to just donate all his many billions to the government, but there's no way he can profit from it that way.

Profit from the Buffett Rule?

Yes, he and his buddies stand to profit hugely from the Buffett Rule, and it's so simple, it's brilliant.

Remember, Buffett has tens of billions of dollars in personal wealth, and control of tens of billions more dollars in the reserves of his holding company Berkshire Hathaway.  

Pass the Buffett Rule so Buffett can rule!
That money has already been taxed, so it's all his, and not the government's.

When the Buffett Rule causes share values to crash, Buffett and his buddies will have vast resources to buy up whole companies at bargain basement prices, to hold until the next government rescinds the Buffett Rule and their value recovers.

So it looks like what Buffett claims to be a case of noblesse oblige is really just an elaborate scheme to use his political connections to suppress competition and profit hugely.

Is that clear?

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.


Reality Checks: Terrorist Or Psycho Asshole

Greetings puny Earthlings.

I'm taking a break from my retirement from blogging to offer a little reality check over the whole tragedy in Norway. Specifically the asshole behind it:
Anders Behring Breivik

Right now people on the Political Left are crowing that Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik is the living proof that Christians are somehow exactly the same as Muslims when it comes to terrorism.

That's what we more evolved life forms call "horseshit."

Anders Behring Breivik is not a terrorist in the sense that is associated with Islamic Jihadi Terrorism, but more of a total lunatic asshole psycho shitbag.

Let's take a look at the facts:

To be a terrorist one has to belong to a movement, that means more than one person, that has an overarching dogma that is either political (Baader Meinhoff Gang), religious (Al Qaida/ Hezbollah), or a nationalistic combination of both (Provisional IRA) and an ultimate goal that might be impossible, but not completely insane. A terrorist also gets support, both physical and moral, from those who share the terrorist's beliefs and goals, even though they may not directly engage in terrorist activities themselves.

Anders Behring Breivik does not appear to belong to any group, and no group claims responsibility for him, though one Islamist terrorist faction did briefly claim his actions before retracting their statement. No one in the Christian or conservative community that the Left claims Anders Behring Breivik represents are rushing to support him. In fact, they condemn him and his actions entirely, not only because they were morally abhorrent, but also because they were stupid to the point of madness.

Anders Behring Breivik claims in his statements and his manifesto that he thinks his actions will somehow spur a nationalist Christian Crusade to drive the Muslims out of Norway, and reclaim it for the blonds of the world. That shows that he is either lying or really does know nothing about what he claims to be his religion or the people practicing it.

First, he blew up a building and then massacred children in cold blood because he claimed the political party running the government and the children's camp they were attending were too open to immigration from Islamic countries.

What is the only thing those kinds of evil actions will accomplish?

Exactly the opposite of what he claims to want.

The only result that could possible come from the actions of Anders Behring Breivik is that the Norwegian Labor Party becomes sanctified with the blood of innocent martyrs. It is now bullet-proof from any and all criticism, especially in the fields of immigration policy because anyone who dares differ from them on those issues, no matter how softly and rationally, will be slapped with the label of "Anders Behring Breivik - Psycho Racist Shitbag."

They will get re-elected, again and again, using Anders Behring Breivik against all opposition, until they follow the path of any party that's in power too long and become so bloated and corrupt not even the blood of innocent martyrs will save them from electoral oblivion. However, by then any damage will already be done and possibly too far gone to repair.

That proves that his stated goals were not just impossible, but downright insane.

If he was remotely sane, and actually believed in the religion he professed to belong to he would have taken an entirely different tack. One where he would have stated that Europe's policy of open immigration was a sham, making it easy to enter their country, but impossible to join their society. He would have told the world that European political correctness, poorly thought out welfare programs, and plain old bigotry imposed a state of soft segregation on immigrant communities, especially Muslim ones. Once segregated from the host country's social mainstream, they become isolated, and easily fall under the sway of "religious and community leaders" who spread radical hate-filled ideologies in exchange for generous funding from Middle Eastern dictatorships. That leads to poverty, radicalization, social upheaval, and real religious based terrorism.

If he followed that sane, Christian path, he'd be neither the terrorist the Left claims he is, or the Psycho Shit-Bag Walking Tumor that he really is, and all those dead people would be alive and enjoying their summer vacations.

Of course, that's only if we believe what Anders Behring Breivik has been telling us, and politics and religion may not have anything to do with this.

Anders Behring Breivik's stated goals may not be his real goals, because often what people cite as causes of their evil behavior, are really just excuses concocted by the perpetrator as some form of justification for being an asshole.

Even by terrorist standards his actions were bizarre. If he hated Muslims so much, why didn't he attack a mosque? Or an Islamic religious camp? Why didn't he attack some of Norway's local Islamic leaders?

When Islamic terrorist set out to kill Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, or Muslim "apostates" they do just that. They don't say they're out to do one thing, then go out and do something else entirely. It wouldn't fulfill their impossible, but not completely insane goal of world conquest.

Anders Behring Breivik didn't go anywhere near the Muslim community that he claims he wants to drive out of his country. Instead, he set off a bomb in Oslo, and while the bomb was designed to kill, the deaths caused by it were just gravy to this bastard. I believe the real intention of Anders Behring Breivik, was to create the diversion he needed to obtain his real target, the kids at the summer camp.

I believe his ultimate goal was not some nationalistic, religious, or political statement, but the acting out of some sick personal fantasy. I believe that Anders Behring Breivik wanted to kill children, teenagers especially, and create social chaos that will make him a malignant legend in Norway for generations to come. All this chatter about immigration, politics, and religion is, in my opinion, just a smokescreen.

Of course that won't stop the Left from smearing their perceived enemies. Nothing can stop them from doing that, especially the truth.

Keep watching the skies, because despite the irregularity of our posts, we're still watching you.


Reality Checks & Retirement

Greetings puny Earthlings.

I know it's been pretty slow here on the ranch, and it's been getting harder and harder to get the guys together to do a panel, and I've been so busy with my empire, that I've decided to retire the MoxArgon Group as a regular blog.

It's been a good run and I figure I can't do better than retire this blog on a day more auspicious than the one marking the announcement of the death of Osama Bin Ladin.

So I will leave you with a few reality checks...


Well, it's official, and confirmed by DNA that terrorist mastermind and de facto theological trendsetter for the Islamic world Osama Bin Ladin was killed outside Abbottabad Pakistan, by a Navy Seal team, and his carcass tossed into the sea, where it will soon be fish shit.

Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

Like Saddam Hussein, his roommate in the third fissure on the left in Lucifer's asshole, Osama was someone who brought nothing but pain and suffering to the world. While it's not good to wish any sentient being harm, you really don't have any alternative with a walking tumor like old Osama.

Naturally, the Muslim world is going to shit some kittens over this. Expect lots of threats, the occasional riot, and terrorist attack, all in the name of avenging his death in the name of Allah.

Why would the Muslim world react that way to the death of a man who is responsible for the deaths and suffering of more Muslims than any foreign imperialist?

Because that's how the Islamic world reacts to everything. Sure the majority of Muslims just want to live their lives and stay out of trouble, but they have too many Osamas dominating their mosques, governments, and every other institution in their community. If any Muslims dares to break from this bloodthirsty orthodoxy and seek to live in peace with others all they can hope for is that their death is quick and relatively painless.

Sure, people see the current Arab Spring as a sign of hope for democracy in the Arab world, but that hope is mostly likely a pipe dream. All the hundreds of thousands of Osamas are too many, too organized, and too determined to force their co-religionists and hopefully the rest of the world into a world of shit and suffering.

The Muslim people of the world have to take this event as an excuse to look at the real causes of all their problems, and it ain't the Great Satan, or the Joos. Then maybe they might join the rest of the world in peace.


Charles Krauthammer was partially right when he called Donald Trump the "Republican Al Sharpton." Like Sharpton, Trump's a self-aggrandizing attention whore with mysterious hair. However, Sharpton has a definite political philosophy, based on self enrichment through racial grievance games and liberal guilt. Politically, Trump has more flip flops than every gift shop in Miami Beach.

The whole Birther nonsense is just that nonsense, engineered by the Obama machine. Need proof? Well ask yourself these questions:

1. Why didn't Obama release the long form birth certificate when Clinton operatives first brought up the issue during his campaign for the Democratic nomination?

2. Why did Obama's people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting any and all legal claims by people wanting to see the birth certificate?

Well, the answer is simple.


Simple politics. Now Obama can use Trump and the birthers to smear any and all Republicans as paranoid conspiracy nuts hiding in Jesse Ventura's basement.

Right now Obama is looking at falling polls, rising gas prices, inflation, and a stagnant job market eating into not only his golf time, but his re-election chances. If the Republicans run someone who appears reasonable, practical and decisive he's screwed.

So he needs to get a loudmouth asshole freak-show to run for the nomination, dominate the mainstream media coverage, and completely brand the party as the party of loudmouth asshole freak-shows whether he wins the nomination or not.

Enter Trump.

He's loud, obnoxious, and has a thinner skin than Obama himself, he's perfect for the job and the media's going to pimp him as the "front-runner" right to the Republican nomination, and after he loses, keep bringing him up as some sort of compadre to the winner of the nomination.

It's just simple politics.

So while this is goodbye for now Earthlings, I must advise that you keep watching the skies, because we will still be watching you.


Reality Checks: World Tour

Greetings puny Earthlings.

Sorry for not posting so much, I've been busy, but I've manage to take a moment to drop a few reality checks on your lap.


Loads of people, especially in the media, are shitting kittens in panic over the ongoing troubles at the Fukushima nuclear power plant.


Seriously. Think it about for a second.

1. This is not Chernobyl. Even though the plant apparently has some management problems they are nowhere near the vodka sodden antics of Chernobyl's Communist era apparatchiks.

2. Japan has dozens of nuclear power plants. Only one is in danger. What does that tell you?

3. Radiation is not always a death sentence. Most of the time the treatment to exposure can be just having a shower and doing your laundry. At certain levels it can even be beneficial to the Earthling immune system.

So quit freaking everyone out.

Now that's settled, let's move onto to what Japan needs to do after the quake.

They need to stop being so damn complacent, and here's why:

Japan can't afford to be the home of the $100 head of lettuce anymore. Huge swathes of the nation's infrastructure has been either damaged, or completely destroyed. Prices are going to go up naturally because it's going to be more expensive to move food around the country. They don't need their spoiled brat farmers rioting for more protectionist trade laws because they don't want any competition.

Japan's a great exporter, but it takes forever to import anything, and if you do get in, it's got a truckload of tariffs on it no one can afford it. Japan needs to engage into a little economic shock therapy to get their economy out of its decades long doldrums, and get the reconstruction going faster.

They also need to start having more children. Their population's too old, and Japan's younger generation needs to stop obsessing about anime and get to work making some babies.

Really, I shouldn't have to tell you these things.


The west is currently enforcing a "no fly zone" in Libya, and bombing the Qaddafi faction's air force and armor in order to protect the rebels based out of Benghazi.

There is no guarantee that old Meltface Moammar is going to lose power. The Arab League called for his ouster, then when the missiles started flying, promptly shit their pants, said it was too much. While they like the idea of his ass being grass, they don't actually want someone from the outside their narrow little community of dictators to actually do it.

If they make enough of a stink the Europeans will back down, Obama's government will fold faster than the Flash on laundry day, the UN will blame it all on Israel, and Moammar will be on the comeback trail.

Now you're wondering how can someone make a comeback after seeing huge chunks of his country rise up against him, and those very same chunks back down, whimpering like freshly whipped dogs.

Simple: The will of Allah.

You see there's a fundamental difference between the Judeo-Christian influenced leadership tradition of the west, and the Islamic leadership tradition. Even those who claimed the "Divine Right of Kingship" in the western world were still bound by a certain set of unwritten rules. They needed to at least present a facade of being just, moral, and wise in order to appear worthy of that divine right, and to keep power.

If they failed to measure up to the appearance of being worthy, they were likely to be deemed unworthy and tossed, possibly from a window of the highest tower in the castle.

This is very different in the Islamic world.

In the Islamic world you don't need to display morality or wisdom to be deemed worthy of power, you just have to seize power. It doesn't matter if you murder your way to the top, the fact that you reached the top shows that you are fulfilling the Will of Allah.

People in the Islamic world may complain about your cruelty, tyranny, and despotism, but they pretty much take your shit and call it ice cream, because they think it is all the will of Allah. It is only when you show a sign of weakness do they think that Allah has changed his mind, and that it's time for someone new to become dictator.

If Qaddafi reasserts himself, thousands will die in his reprisal campaign, then it'll be back to the same old, same old, and the Islamic world will end up blaming it all on the West and Israel, when the real blame falls squarely on their own heads.

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.



Hello Earthlings! It's your buddy Xran here, back from a long piracy expedition to the Gafulax Galaxy and I'm going to simplify the complicated after they've been complicated by the simple.

Today's topic:


This is...
He was a very liberal President, but he opposed the unionization of
Because he thought they should stay out of
can't resist getting involved in corrupting
didn't leave them with nothing, since there were

protecting their jobs and their rights

This seemed okay until
he signed an executive order to allow
to form


are shrinking that means
need fresh sources of
So unions like these:
collect lots of
essentially paid for by
which are then given to the
to give to their
who are all
also tell their members
& to show up for
all in support of the
who plan to expand the size of government creating more
to unionize who blindly obey the commands of their
and keep the
in power for perpetuity even if it makes the country go

I hope that clears things up for you.


Reality Check: Egypt

Greeting puny Earthlings.

Time to take a moment to cash a reality check.

Right now the ancient land of the Pharaohs is in turmoil. Dictator, (that's what he is despite what Joe Biden says) Hosni Mubarak is too old, sick, and incompetent to keep the power that he's held onto for the past 30 years since the death of his predecessor Anwar Sadat. The people are rising up against his increasingly heavy handed in rule in the spirit of the recent overthrow of Tunisia's dictator.

Now while I normally support the ouster of dictators that are so stupid they can manage to still run their economy into the ground despite billions in annual foreign aid from the USA, there is a catch with this situation.

That catch is the Muslim Brotherhood.

Right now the opposition is dominated by factions calling for democracy and freedom and the Muslim Brotherhood is, for the most part, staying off the streets.

That's why Egyptians must be worried.

That's because the Brotherhood is waiting in the wings, letting the democratic factions take all the hits while they bide their time, marshal their forces, and when the time is right, they will strike and take over the Arab world's most populous and influential nation.

Then Egypt will be beyond screwed.

You think the Egyptian economy is bad
now, think how bad it will be under the Brotherhood. The biggest source of foreign hard currency they have right now is tourism, will that industry keep going when the Brotherhood flattens the pyramids to build mosques, blow up ancient sites, drive out all archaeologists, and burn or smash the contents of their museums?

It won't.

They can also see an end to all that American aid that's kept the country from becoming a complete basket case.

The average Egyptian on the street might
dislike the Yankee Imperialist Pig-Dog for propping up the Mubarak regime. However, they must remember that the Mubarak regime that was the only thing keeping Egypt in at least the 20th century, if not the 21st, and out of the 8th century that the Brotherhood wants.

My advice to the people that want to get rid of Mubarak:

Get rid of the Muslim Brotherhood first.

They are not your friends.

They are not in tune with the will of Allah, because if they were, why was Afghanistan, their model of a properly holy society, such a shit-hole.

All the Muslim Brotherhood wants is power, and they will spill gallons of your blood to get it.

So here's the plan.

Get rid of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Then get rid of Mubarak.

Then reform your government, economy, and even society, so Egypt can be more than a land with a lot of history, and transform it into a land with an actual future.


A Reality Check: Stick & Stones

Greetings puny Earthlings.

Words can kill.

It's true. In fact, if someone of my species says the word "feldspar" in just the right tone of voice, the heads of everyone within earshot will pop like zits.

However, things are different on your wretched little planet. You Earthlings love to talk and talk and talk, and you love to talk out of your asses as much as out of your mouths.

Lately you've been talking out of your asses about words. Take a look at these examples:

1. A publisher is releasing a bowdlerized version of Mark Twain's
Huckleberry Finn, eliminating the dread "N word" to get rid of the racism in a novel that was written as a statement against racism. Henceforth leaving the word for rappers the world over.

2. Canadian broadcast regulators have banned the original edit of Dire Straits' song "Money For Nothing" from radio for its use of the word "faggot." Suddenly giving radio stations an excuse to play the song after 25+ years.

3. The media and left-wing blogosphere rushed to shit kittens after the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords and the murder of 6 others blaming the "violent" "military" rhetoric of those pesky evil right wingers. It later turned out that the only rhetoric spurring that sick bastard on was the stuff being spoken in his head. That didn't matter, the left manufactured their version of events, and it will no doubt be cited whenever the case is referenced from now till doomsday.

Anyway, back to my point.

These three cases of either censorship, attempted censorship, or outright libel in an attempt to stifle free speech are all done in the name of saving lives. Those who lash out over words say that people hear or read these words, and that these words make them act violently towards their fellow man.

Well, here are some words for you: That's a lot of bullshit.

You see the words that "kill" the most are not rude names, or "violent" imagery. The deadliest words are the ones that claim that they are acting solely in the best interests of making the world a better place.

The history of the 20th-21st centuries are rife with obvious cases of dictators promising socialist/communist/Islamic utopias to motivate their followers to engage in mass slaughter, but I'd like to take a moment to discuss the lesser known moments when words coming out of the mouths of seemingly well meaning people have led to death and destruction.

This is Rachel Carson.

Her words have killed millions of people all over the world.

Did she used racist or homophobic language or so-called violent rhetoric?


She wrote a book called
Silent Spring which blamed the pesticide DDT for everything from cancer, thinning egg shells on bald eagles, to possibly the great fire of Rome, and practically invented the field of hysterical environmentalism that dominates academia, media and government today.

As it turned out, studies showed reduced rates of cancer among people exposed to DDT, the eagle egg problem came from the improper use of DDT as an agricultural pesticide, and not for the killing of malarial mosquitoes in stagnant ponds as it was designed for.

Yet her campaign against the chemical led to it being banned all over the world.

And millions of people in tropical nations died and continue to die from malaria every year.

Also the movement she helped spawn has helped hinder research into not just chemicals, but also medicine, and the use of resources that could have lifted millions out of poverty and suffering.

But she meant well, and I guess that's enough, because to the left, she's a saint.

Then there's Jenny McCarthy.

She meant well when she started a campaign to blame her son's autism on vaccines, based on a study that has now been exposed as a massive fraud and a hoax.

However, her campaign, and her response that anyone who dared question the study, or her assertions, were somehow in the pay of a sinister "vaccine lobby" led to who knows how many parents skipping vaccines for their children. What we do know is that your planet, especially North America saw an upshot in preventable diseases among children.

It may take years before you figure out how many of these children died because of their parent's desire to believe a minor celebrity conspiracy-theorizing about a barely understood field of medicine over rational scientific procedure, but I can tell you something you can bet dollars to zlotnorx on:

I believe that more people have died because of the rhetoric of Jenny McCarthy than have died because of the rhetoric of Sarah Palin.

Face it, a small percentage will believe anything that someone on TV tells them. 15% of people surveyed actually believed that Loughner dickweed was acting on orders from the Tea Party, a percentage believe that Dick Cheney blew up New Orleans' levees, and that the Jews working at the World Trade Center got phone calls to not go to work on 9.11. 2001.

There will always be people who will believe any shit that gets stuck in their ears, and when these people get into positions of power in government, academia, and the media, they can do a hell of a lot of damage with their so-called good intentioned words.

Way more damage than anyone can do with a rude name.

Keep watching the skies because we're watching you.



Hi, I'm Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, coming to you live from the source of all hatred and bigotry, the state of Arizona, and I'm the new host of....


I know you were expecting that John Walsh fella, but he was arrested this morning in Pima County on charges of wearing a leather jacket without a license. And since no one else on the crew wanted to join him, I'm your new host. Let's get talking about crime....

This here critter is--

Jared Lee Loughner...

He is crazier than a bedbug on meth, and he killed a bunch of people and tried to kill many more, including a Democratic congresswoman.

That can only mean one thing.

That someone else is really behind this here crime.
Now I don't have any of that fancy pants "evidence" those fancy talking Republican fat cats like to toss around just to show off their book learning. I'm talking about the sort of gut instinct you find only in a progressive Democrat working in law enforcement, like Bull Connor.

I don't have any real witnesses or evidence, and I'm probably tainting the jury and making effective prosecution of Loughner impossible, but I sat down with my police sketch artist and had him whip me up a little drawing of the real guilty party. Prepare to look into the face of true evil--
This man is accused of using violent rhetoric that drove Mr. Loughner to kill a Republican judge, a nine year old child, and several others while trying to kill a Rep. Giffords.

Sure, any complete study of what he really says will show that despite paranoid tendencies, he does actually preach "non-violence," speak admiringly of foreigners and troublemakers like Gandhi and Martin Luther King jr, and that in the only recorded incidence of him mentioning Giffords that we could find he said nice things about her.... but that's not the case!

He dares to criticize the policies and leaders of the Democratic Party.

That means that he is wanted DEAD OR ALIVE!

Now this feller didn't act alone... No we have this photo taken from a VHS tape made by my deputy Buford of his partner in the sort of evil and hatred that only Republicans can engage in.
This varmint's wanted for putting target-gun-sight marks on electoral maps of Congressional districts where she wanted Republicans to win.
Now I don't have any proof that Loughner saw this map, or that it had any affect on his mind but I'm the Sheriff of Pima County...

The law is what I say it is. If I want to enforce it, I'll enforce it, if I don't want to enforce it, I won't enforce it, and if I want to make the law up straight from my ass--

And I'll get convictions too, because I'm hiring--
Former Travis County Texas, Democratic District Attorney Ronnie Earle

This cat can indict a ham sandwich for starting the Chicago fire. In fact, I do believe that he did once indict a ham sandwich for feeding a Republican. And he can get convictions even when there wasn't a goddamn crime! Just ask Tom Delay!!
That's why we need you to find these people and bring me their carcasses, you can tar and feather them if you want, but they still have to be recognizable for my photo-ops, and for Bernie Sanders fund-raising brochures!

So I'll leave you with this one thought--
It don't matter what that mamby-bamby constitution thing says, it's like 100 years old and don't matter no more. Free speech isn't a right, it's a privilege, and if you want to speak free, you have to make sure you speak stuff that makes folks like me happy or...