This is...
I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby

He used to work for
Vice President
Dick Cheney

This is...
Saddam Hussein

He used to rule

Various intelligence agencies around the world were hearing reports that

Was sweet-talking

To buy some

Yellow Cake Uranium

To do this...
Not good.

who really work for
(But that's another story)
wanted to know more.

CIA Analyst
Valerie Plame-Wilson
volunteered her husband

Former Ambassador Joe Wilson
to go to Niger to find out what was happening

Around the same timeVP Dick Cheney

asked the

to do something
(for a change)

They sentWilson
to sit by the pool in
drinking cocktails and


British Intelligence reported that Iraq
had tried and failed to purchase
yellow cake uranium from


Bush mentioned it in his State of the Union AddressWilson
did what any patriotic American wo
uld do

He wrote this article for theDenouncing the speech and the Bush Administration as a bunch of liars

An article many folks had field days with questions of accuracy and ethics. But like the CIA's relationship with the NYT, that's another story.

Deputy Secretary of StateRichard Armitage
gossiped to
Robert Novak
was married toValerie Plame


They demanded that heads roll!

Specifically the head of
Karl Rove


Because Karl Rove is behind everything.

To satisfy the calls for vengeance and to stop the conspiracy mongering the White House assigned US Attorney
Patrick Fitzgerald
who was hired by
Bill Clinton
to investigate
as a gesture of bipartisanship

Fitzgerald quickly learned that the leak was
Richard Armitage
and that Plame's
CIA 'cover' had been blown years earlier by
The Russians

So he couldn't charge Armitage under the Intelligence Identities Protection Act.

(Plus Armitage opposed the overthrow of Saddam Hussein which made him sacred to Democrats)

Fitzgerald kept digging

For several years

Spending millions of dollars

Imprisoning a journalist

Threatening dozens of others

He had to justify this tactics
So he charged
Scooter Libby


for not remembering the time he gossiped with
NBC's Tim Russert
while discussing something else entirely.
got convicted

locked up before his appeal is heard.


Because the case will be tossed on appeal for being bogus
How can one lie about their involvement in a crime that the prosecutor says DID NOT HAPPEN)
and unconstitutional
(according to legal experts from Robert Bork on the right to Alan Dershowitz on the left)

And if
walks without giving the media pics of him in a prison uniform
political career with the Democrats will be over.

No nomination for congress or governor of Illinois

I hope this clears up a few things.


Sekhmet said...

Why does it take an alien to accurately describe Earth politics? Maybe the old Battlestar Galactica is right, and life here came from out there....

It would explain a lot.

jpm100 said...

What is bad is that he got piled on for a sentence and he will likely do jail time before appeal.

This is to also force Bush to intervene and, at a minimum, commute his sentence. If there is still an appeal after that, it will give the taint of intervention by the President in getting Libby off.

Patty said...

Um...didn't Clinton get impeached for lying about a blow job?

GOP Hypocrites!

Your party is falling apart at the seems and all you can do is cry over Scooter Libby?


Scotter is just one more fucking criminal in the GOP.

Anonymous said...


Advice to the Bush White House: Why Not Pardon Scooter Libby? You Got Any Honor Left To Lose?:

Let us ponder Scooter Libby from the point of view of the Bush administration:

There you are, the Bush administration, now with nearly two-thirds of the public against your policies, with every morning bringing in more news about how every butterfly flutter of action in the first term has become a nation-wrecking typhoon in this second one, where you can't even trumpet moves on peace with North Korea because it's been revealed that you lied about its nuclear capabilities, where the VA hospital debacle threatens to become this year's Katrina, where the last Katrina is still this year's Katrina, where you've become so friendless in the world that you've had to blink on Iran (goddamn, how that must've made Dick Cheney's body temperature rise from the level of a hibernating mole rat to that of a lizard), where you can't even do a decent political purge of U.S. attorneys in order to install your own lackeys without creating a huge uproar among those fucking Democrats in Congress (here's a hint: don't fire a bunch of 'em in one day), where evil and rank incompetence are smacking together like flint and steel over a pile of dried-up newspapers, where all that's left for you legislatively is to try to keep shit from passing that undoes your work of the last six plus years, where any advances in your policies have to come from executive fiat or your much-abused (and, truly, untrustworthy) Commander-in-Chief status, where in any real democracy you'd be in jail, and where you know, at the end of the day, history's gonna portray you as making the Nixon and Harding eras look like the salad days of the republic.

So, really, and, c'mon, why the fuck not just pardon Scooter Libby after yesterday's verdict saying that the once single most important person to the Vice President is a perjuring liar? Sure, sure, Harry Reid can say that the President must not pardon Libby, as can many other Democrats, citing things like an "accountability" moment and that it would be a "serious mistake," but, Christ almighty, in the realm of the mistakes you've already made, Bush administration, what have you got to lose? It's not like anyone would be surprised by it.

You've sunk so low, become so openly vile and depraved and bloated and corrupt that, you know, the Washington Post could run a series of articles on how the toilet in the Oval Office washroom is made from the bones of still-living Iraqi children who are kept in the attic of the Vice President's residence because deboned children are easier on his heart and cock while he's banging them, like fucking a stuffed bear or a bag of jello, and most people in the United States would say, "Well, of course Dick Cheney fucks boneless Iraqi children while George Bush shits on their femurs. Did you think they didn't?"

Brent Budowsky, a former aide to Lloyd Bentsen, agrees with Harry Reid, and then says things like the "integrity of the judicial process" and "integrity" in
intelligence information and its use. But using the word "integrity" in relation to the Bush administration is like using the word "witty" in relation to Ann Coulter. We don't expect integrity from the Bush White House. We only expect craven self-interest, ideology above reality, and unending crazy threats, to individuals, to groups, to nations. And with an unpardoned Libby perhaps ready to make a deal than facing even a couple of years in the federal pen, well, shit, any feints at "integrity" or "honor" would have to be shredded like so many documents before a Congressional subpoena.

So, c'mon, Bush administration, just get it over with. Pardon Libby. Would it really make you look any worse?

Rick said...

Scooter saved Dick Cheney's ass! That is what happened!

Debbie said...

Libby's guilty verdict: Media myths and falsehoods to watch for:

On March 6, a federal jury found former vice presidential chief of staff I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby guilty on charges of perjury, obstruction of justice, and lying to federal investigators. In the wake of this decision, conservatives and other media figures can be expected to revive and advance numerous myths and falsehoods regarding the CIA leak case that have circulated throughout the media since Libby's indictment in October 2005.
In anticipation of this misinformation, Media Matters for America has listed those baseless and false claims likely to surface in the coming days and weeks:

• No underlying crime was committed. Since a federal grand jury indicted Libby in October 2005, numerous media figures have stated that the nature of the charges against him prove that special counsel Patrick J. Fitzgerald's investigation of the CIA leak case found that no underlying crime had been committed. But this assertion ignores Fitzgerald's explanation that Libby's obstructions prevented him -- and the grand jury -- from determining whether the alleged leak violated federal law.

• There was no concerted White House effort to smear Wilson. In his October 2005 press conference announcing Libby's indictment, Fitzgerald alleged that, in 2003, "multiple people in the White House" engaged in a "concerted action" to "discredit, punish, or seek revenge against" former ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV. In August 2006, it came to light that then-deputy secretary of State Richard Armitage was the original source for syndicated columnist Robert D. Novak's July 14, 2003, column exposing CIA operative Valerie Plame's identity. Numerous conservative media figures subsequently claimed that this revelation disproved the notion of a "concerted" White House effort to smear Wilson. But to the contrary, David Corn -- Washington editor of The Nation and co-author of Hubris (Crown, 2006) the book that revealed Armitage's role in the leak -- noted on his Nation weblog that Armitage "abetted a White House campaign under way to undermine Wilson" and that whether he deliberately leaked Plame's identity, "the public role is without question: senior White House aides wanted to use Valerie Wilson's CIA employment against her husband."

• Libby was not responsible for the leak of Plame's identity. Some in the media have suggested that because Libby did not discuss former CIA operative Valerie Plame's identity with Novak -- the first journalist to report she worked at the CIA -- he is not technically responsible for the leak. But such claims ignore the fact that Libby discussed Plame's CIA employment with then-New York Times reporter Judith Miller on several occasions prior to the publication of Novak's column naming Plame as a CIA operative.

• Libby merely "left out some facts." Some media outlets -- such as The Washington Post -- have suggested that FBI agent Deborah Bond testified at the trial that Libby simply "left out some facts" when he was interviewed by her in 2003. Specifically, the Post asserted that Bond said Libby "did not acknowledge disclosing the identity of undercover CIA officer Valerie Plame to reporters." In fact, Bond testified that Libby actually denied having leaked Plame's identity or having had any knowledge of her -- this despite the fact that two reporters had already testified that he leaked Plame's identity to them.

• Libby's leak was an effort to set the record straight. Critics of the CIA leak case have repeatedly claimed that the indictment stems from an effort by Libby and Vice President Dick Cheney to rebut a purportedly inaccurate attack on the administration by Wilson. According to these critics, Wilson falsely accused Cheney of having sent him to Niger to investigate reports that Iraq had attempted to purchase yellowcake uranium from the African country. In fact, Wilson, in his July 6, 2003, New York Times op-ed, did not say he was sent by Cheney. Rather, Wilson wrote that it was "agency officials" from the CIA who "asked if I would travel to Niger" and "check out" a "particular intelligence report" that "Cheney's office had questions about," so that CIA officials "could provide a response to the vice president's office."

• There is no evidence that the Plame leak compromised national security. Some media figures critical of the CIA leak case have attempted to downplay its significance by claiming that no evidence exists that the public disclosure of Plame's identity compromised national security. In fact, news reports have indicated that the CIA believed the damage caused by the leak "was serious enough to warrant an investigation" and that the subsequent disclosure of Plame's CIA front company likely put other agents' work at risk. Further, Fitzgerald stated that Plame's identity had been protected by the CIA "not just for the officer, but for the nation's security." And in their recently published book, Hubris, Corn and Newsweek investigative correspondent Michael Isikoff reported that, at the time of the leak, Plame was the chief of operations for the CIA's Joint Task Force on Iraq, which "mount[ed] espionage operations to gather information on the WMD programs Iraq might have."

• Fitzgerald is a partisan prosecutor. Over the course of the CIA leak investigation and the Libby trial, conservative media figures have attempted to cast Fitzgerald as a "prosecutor run amok" who is engaging in "the criminalization of politics." But Fitzgerald's background and prosecutorial record undermine the suggestion that his pursuit of Libby was politically motivated. Indeed, Fitzgerald is a Bush administration political appointee who, as U.S. attorney, has investigated high-level public officials from both parties, including former Illinois Gov. George Ryan (R), Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley (D), and Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D).

• Fitzgerald exceeded his mandate in investigating violations beyond the IIPA. The administration's defenders also have accused Fitzgerald of exceeding his original mandate. Media figures have repeatedly asserted or implied that Fitzgerald was appointed to investigate possible violations of the 1982 Intelligence Identities Protection Act (IIPA), which prohibits the knowing disclosure of the identity of a covert intelligence officer. In fact, his mandate was far broader. The Department of Justice granted Fitzgerald "plenary" authority to investigate the "alleged unauthorized disclosure" of Plame's identity.

• Plame's employment with the CIA was widely known. This falsehood has taken at least two forms -- that Plame's employment with the CIA was known in the Washington cocktail party circuit and that her neighbors knew that she worked for the CIA. In fact, Fitzgerald stated in the indictment of Libby that Plame's employment was classified and "was not common knowledge outside the intelligence community," a finding he reiterated at a post-verdict press conference. Moreover, as Media Matters noted, contrary to The Washington Times' assertion that "numerous neighbors were aware that she worked for the agency," none of the neighbors cited in The Times' own news reports or in other reports said that they knew before reading the Novak column that Plame worked at the CIA. Her acquaintances told reporters that they believed she worked as a private "consultant."

Xran The FleshRender said...

MY first pre-packaged comment from the Media Matters smear machine!


I'm getting all misty eyed.

Because nothing proves that someone is right than getting a pre-packaged comment from George Soros' best sock puppets telling them they're wrong.

You folks have made my day.

Thank you so much.

PS: Go to this site and take this test. It will tell you what kind of a liberal you really are:


Debbie said...

You want me to take your pre-packaged liberal test sponsored by The MoxArgon Group?

I think I'll pass...

No doubt your news source is much more accurate than mine. Hmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

I can't think of a better place George Soros could spend his money than exposing the Republican Right Wing Spin Machine that has dominated the news and talk radio.

Go George!

Damian G. said...

Clint Eastwood, bitches!

Damian G. said...

Crap. Wrong window.

Damian G. said...

Oh, and George Soros is a meddling foreigner. MMFA can suck it.

Sekhmet said...

George Soros is merely funding the Left because y'all are stupid enough to fark over the dollar for him so he can do with it what he did to the British pound sterling.

You must be so proud.

jpm100 said...

The funniest part is that George Soros' conduct in life is probably the closest real thing to the Left's depiction of the Evil Republicans Stereotype. And they follow him without question.

Anonymous said...

jpm100 said, "George Soros' conduct in life is probably the closest real thing to the Left's depiction of the Evil Republicans Stereotype."

If that is true then you should want to kiss his ass as well!

Pucker up baby!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

No one is above ass kissing, so please everyone unlock your tired lips from George Bush's ass and join the 70% of America that is not blinded by this moron of a President.

Shadow said...

I'm glad someone finally explained this whole mess for me. And you should probably ban liberal commenters from here. Those idiotic sleazebags can't say anything without using F-words or mentioning other people's anatomies. All-knowing Xran, are these people capable of using logic?

javieth said...

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