Howdy Earthlings, it's me, your old buddy Xran the Fleshrender here to make simple the complicated because things are being complicated by the simple.

Today I will
be explaining...

He leads the DEMOCRATS in the SENATE

He recently declared that the war in IRAQ was LOST
Then he tried to backtrack
Then he backtracked on his backtracking and announced that he and his buddies were putting in a new bill that
would order US troops to begin WITHDRAWAL from Iraq by OCTOBER and be completely out in 6 months


Was it to help

Not quite

Although it does help Bin Ladin

It has more to do with helping

George Soros is a very rich man
But he wants to be EVEN RICHER And more POWERFUL

He owns the Democratic Party through a network of foundations and political action groups


Because Bush makes it hard for Soros and his buddies to make money with people like

These BILLIONAIRE BUSINESSMEN want Bush out, and the war over before the next election so they can DO BUSINESS WITH THE NEXT DICTATOR OF IRAQ

Democrats want whatever Soros and his friends want
because they CONTROL ALL THEIR MONEY thanks to the
that Soros's associates composed

So Democrats do everything they can to end the war

Bring in a fresh dictator to Iraq

Help their rich friends get richer


before the SURGE works and

Some might call it treason

Some call it doing business


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to share a different viewpoint and note that while this may be a very "funny" post it has some erroneous information:

House Majority Leader Reid said the Iraq war was “lost” because it actually is lost; there was nothing to win in the first place. Granted this is a poor choice of words (lost) but the entire Iraqi occupation has been a fiasco from the start (I suggest you go to www.downingstreetmemo.com). With such incompetent leaders as Bush, Cheney, and the former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, this trumped up war never had a chance to win. Have you ever read the PNAC, “Project for The New American Century?” This is an organization composed of Cheney and several other members of the Bush Administration who were in the OIL business and have mapped out Middle East domination. We are in Iraq for OIL. Do you honestly think Bush and Cheney give a crap about Iraqi democracy? We would be invading Iran by now if the wonderfully intelligent segment of the American population hadn’t voted the Republicans out of power in the Nov. 06 elections.

Speaking of oil, did you know that Dick Cheney is the former CEO of Halliburton, the oil services company that received no bid contracts to “re-build” Iraq’s infrastructure. Dick Cheney still owns Halliburton stock mind you and he is making millions of dollars from this “war”. Hmmmm…

Did you now that most members of the Bush administration are his loyal oil industry buddies and not qualified at all to hold their positions? Cheney, Rice, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld etc. are all former oil industry leaders.

You mentioned that Osama Bin Laden might gather momentum if we withdraw from Iraq? Well, I think the actual quagmire Bush has us in right now in Iraq has fueled Bin Laden. We are creating little Osama’s every hour over there in Iraq when innocent Iraqi citizens are killed in the crossfire (BBC has reported about 655,000 innocent Iraqi citizens have been killed since the start of America’s invasion to Iraq…this number is much higher than the killings of Saddam.)

It was not the Democrats who supported former leaders of Iraq (SADDAM); it was George Bush senior himself. Also, did you know that the Bush family has had a long business history with the Saudi Royal Family? Did you now that Osama Bin Laden is a member of this Saudi Royal Family? He is obviously the “black sheep” of the family so to speak but still a member by blood. Anyway, Bush was bailed out of his last failed oil business venture by none other than Osama Bin Laden’s brother Shafig bin Laden!!!! It was no accident that Osama struck during the beginning of George Bush’s presidency.

George Soros is rich enough and does not need to buy and election. I believe you heard that George Soros wants to buy America from that incredibly arrogant talking head Bill O’Riley. C’mon Bill is a moron and Republican shill for the White House. I suggest checking out www.mediamatters.org for the numerous lies and distortions that Bill O’Reily spews daily.
The House Democrats (and most of America) want the Iraq “war” to end because it is not helping the War against Terrorism it is fueling it. America has been weakened by this war…our military has been stretched to it’s breaking point, terrorism across the world has risen 400%, our children and grandchildren will be paying for this 400 billion dollar mistake for years.

Treason is best exampled by the Bush Administration. You need to do a little more research on your own before you post something so incredibly offensive.

Remulak MoxArgon said...

I find spam trolls with pre-written talking point memos offensive.

So I guess we'll have to agree to disagree.

Anonymous said...

It was not pre-written. I was actually kind of steamed and so I just kept rambling on…

If it were pre-written, I would have done a much better job with my grammar and punctuation.

I agree to disagree that is no problem. The problem I have is that I just don’t think your post is factual.

Throw a few punches in there for the Democrats…were aren’t all that bad.

Remulak MoxArgon said...

Democrats are all that bad.

Look at where the Democrats and their pals get their money.

All those PACs, all those foundations, they all lead back to Soros and his billionaire buddies.

If Republican millionaires are all evil oil-sucking zionist conspirators, then what does that make the Democrat billionaires?

And by the way, having encountered many a spam-troll, poor writing and grammar are the norm, not the exception.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised to find that in real life, George Soros may not be the flaming hippie you think he is.

I think that George Soros is trying to do to the American dollar what he did to the British pound sterling. Considering that frakking over the dollar, then short-selling it can make him a whole pile of moolah, buying a major political party in the hopes of inducing them into stupid monetary policy is a cheap investment.

And think about it, who makes stupider monetary policy: Republicans or Democrats?

Xran The FleshRender said...

I think that's exactly what Soros is up to. He never does anything for anything else other than his own personal profit.

All his 'charity' helping fledgling democracies in Eastern Europe were designed to collapse the economy so he and his buddies could diddle their currencies and loot state assets.

It all boils down to profits.

And even if you believe the Halliburton conspiracy theory, you have to accept one simple fact. The Halliburton conspiracy can only profit if Iraq becomes a stable democracy. While Soros will only profit if Iraq becomes a basket case he can rob blind.

Now which path is more moral?

Anonymous said...

Yes, a large portion of campaign finance comes from PACs (Political Action Committees). Most of these special interests groups or lobbying firms cater to the Republican Party. This has become an acceptable method of funding as long as these groups are regulated under state and federal law. So what would be the most effective method to raise large sums of money through these groups and not be held accountable breaking any laws? You guessed it (or maybe you didn’t) to be the political party in control of all levels of government and re-write the existing laws. That is just what the Republican Party has done for the last 12 years.

A perfect example of this abuse of power has been uncovered recently by the Jack Abramoff scandal. Jack Abramoff, a former Republican lobbyist, is now in prison for three felony counts of fraud, tax evasion, and corruption of public officials. HE WAS ABLE TO ALTER MAJOR PIECES OF FEDERAL LEGISLATION THROUGH THESE ILLEGAL ACTS. How did he do this? With the help of former Republican House Majority leader Tom Delay (he of course had to resign) and the K street Project, a group designed to pressure lobbying firms to hire Republicans to top positions. He has been indicted on criminal charges of corruption of campaign finance law. Hmmmm….

As a matter of fact, 17 of the top 20 most corrupt members of Congress are Republican and are either in jail or being investigated. This does not even count the countless number of recent Republican scandals involving Scotter Libby, Bob Ney, Roberto Gonzales, & Karl Rove to name a few.

I do not have a huge problem with the Republican Party (the old party that had fiscal responsibility) because we need the balance of power. The current representatives of this party, however; are the most corrupt group this nation has ever seen.

Anonymous said...


That is not true; Halliburton is making millions of dollars in profit right now. The stability of Iraq is just an afterthought with these guys. They do not give shit about Iraqi democracy.

How can Soros be to blame for a War that was started by the former CEO of Halliburton Dick Cheney?

The responsibility for failure in Iraq lies with Bush and Cheney period.

Oh, and re-read my last comment and then we will talk about morals!!!

Anonymous said...

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