Xran Xplains...


Okay Earthlings, it's time for your pal Xran the Fleshrender to explain the hows and whys pundit Anne Coulter put her stiletto heeled foot in her mouth with her recent appearance at the CPAC conference where she made a lame joke calling John Edwards a 'faggot.'

It all boils down to money.

You see Anne needs to get her skinny face on television to promote her books and syndicated column.

But, you may ask, she claims to be a conservative, so how can she get bookings to appear on the liberal dominated mainstream TV networks?

The answer is simple.

She manufactures a controversy.

But it can't be just any controversy. She has to whip one up that panders to the liberal biases of folks in the media.

Liberals assume that anyone to the right of Noam Chomsky is a raging racist, homophobic, bible thumper.

So Anne gives them what they want.

She makes a stupid statement, gets booked on all the major networks, and lands truckloads of free publicity.

The media gives her the publicity she craves like a Oberlarian Farfle-narfer not only to promote their own bias against conservatives, but to help Democrats who use Coulter to fuel their talking points memos and fund-raising drives.

She even carefully picked the word 'faggot' since it was the center of a media firestorm sparked by on set hissy fit by an actor on TV medical-soap Grey's Anatomy. She knew the MSM would take the bait, and she was right.

Now the question arises over why she's allowed to be a featured speaker at CPAC? She did the same thing last year with her stupid 'rag head' comments, she opened her mouth and let the turds out again this year. What does she have planned for next year? A cross burning?

So I respectfully suggest that Earthling conservatives bar Anne Coulter from being a speaker at all their events. If you're worried that the loss of a size-zero long-legged beanpole model-type would cost you some eye candy, let me tell you, you can do better. In fact, finding any female conservative without HBO uber-schmuck Bill Maher in their past and the ability to finish a meal without purging would be an improvement.

It's time for conservatives to move on from Anne.

She's doing more harm than good.


jpm100 said...

12% of Canadian muslims agreed with the plot to kill their Prime Minister.

But Ann throws out terms like "faggot" and "rag head" and the top priority of Conservatives should be to throw Ann under the bus and politely asking for her to be censored?

Exposing Ann for why she does what she does is all that needs to be done. The rest will take its course.

Wyatt Earp said...

And when will Dems throw their buddies under the bus when Robert Byrd throws out the "N" word, or when Ward Churchill calls the victims of 9-11 "Little Eichmanns?"