Anti-British Activity Double-Plus Ungood

(Author of 1984, Animal Farm)


I would like to thank Vox Poplar and his digital Ouija board for making this commentary possible.

I must say that I am more than a little nonplussed, nay chagrined, by the recent decision of the British Government, specifically the Labour Party, to rename terrorist acts committed by Muslims as "Anti-Muslim Activity" in a vain attempt to win over Britain's increasingly radicalized Islamic community.

Only one simple English word comes to mind to describe this decision:


Just what is stewing around in the mind of Prime Minister Gordon Brown to think that such mutilation of the language is somehow justified?

That's like saying the Holocaust which saw the wholesale butchery of European Jewry as "Anti-Nazi Activity."

I know there are some who would be offended by such a comparison, but if you are, then you are part of the problem.

The English language is the main language of the world these days not just because of the influence of the old British Empire and American culture, but because it is a living, thriving thing.

And any attempt by the state to twist it to their own ends is a sign of great trouble to come, and when those ends is to appease an aggressive and imperialist enemy, that trouble is even worse.

Gordon Brown is of the school of Socialist thought that divides the world into two camps: The Western Capitalists, and Their Victims.

This mindset means that one side (Western Democracies) are always wrong, and that any movement by their supposed victims must somehow be saintly and right. Which is why so-called 'peace movements' only protest against Western Democracies, and never against fascist, communist, and Islamist aggressors.

Now while Western Democracies have had their problems, and caused others throughout history, believing that they are the only source of evil in the world violates the one true rule of humanity.

Everybody has bastards.

Just because some western empire mistreated their ancestors in days of yore doesn't give anyone permission to blow up tube trains and buses or to crash aeroplanes into office blocks.

Such Newspeak is an attempt on the part of the Labour Government to rewrite history itself in order to please the very same people they should be fighting. It re-writes the aggressor into the victim, and victims into criminals. Of course the people who demand such changes to the language want everyone to remember the horrors of the Crusades, and ignore that it was violent, aggressive, and imperialist Jihad that provoked them in the first place.

Such moral cowardice as shown by the Brown government is inexcusable, and is the first ring in the death knell of Britain itself.

Everything from ice cream adverts, to children's books, to television news reports are being censored to appease extreme radicals who prance around posing as moderates, all the while subtly threatening violence if "outraged" or "offended."

Like all appeasement, it strengthens the fascists, and weakens the true moderates who become even more scared to stand up because they can see their own government kissing the arse of fascism.

I call it fascism because anyone who takes offence to free discussion, demands the suppression of such "offencive" freedom, and uses the threat, direct of implied, of violence to enforce that suppression is a fascist.

You don't appease fascism, whether its form is secular or religious, you fight it and you beat it. Anything else is suicide.

England's more than dreaming, like that old Tory Churchill said, it's bleeding to death, and it doesn't even know it.


Sezme said...

Anti-Muslim behavior? HA!

Anti-human race, especially Christians and/or Westerners behavior? That one sounds better.

Rickey said...

Congrats on forging the oddest blog Rickey has seen yet! Rickey shall indeed return.