Are There Any Real Warriors Left?

(Former Prime Minister of Japan)

I wish to offer the most heartfelt greetings to all you living people who read this little posting of mine, and deep thanks to Vox Poplar and his digital Ouija board for making it possible.

I would like this posting to be passed on to the Palestinian people.

As the American Marines are so fond of saying: What is your major malfunction numbnuts?

I see your behavior and it just leaves me aghast.

I can understand the surprise terror raids and rocket attacks against an enemy. I've done that sort of thing myself, ask the Americans about Pearl Harbor. However what I do not understand is why you all start acting like a pack of whiny little bitches the moment the Israelis start fighting back.

Where are your balls?

Imperial Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, we woke up the sleeping American giant, and it handed us our asses on a plate.

Did we go whining to League of Nations, saying that they were being "disproportionate?"


Because the Japanese are true warriors in the tradition of Bushido. When we pick a fight, and get slapped back, we don't cry and get our Iranian funded proxies to scream and rant in the United Nations. We fight, take our lumps, and win or lose, accept the end, and take responsibility for our actions.

Hell, I even took responsibility for the times when I actually was just following orders. Because doing that, and taking my punishment like a man helped save my nation after our aggressive war brought it to ruin.

I did it, because face it, they can only hang you once, and because I had some real balls.

And what's with all the whining and crying about "genocide" over your human shields getting killed?

We hid our weapons factories in residential neighborhoods, thinking the Americans wouldn't bomb them. Guess what, they firebombed Tokyo, and incinerated over a hundred thousand people.

Is the blood of those civilians on American hands?


Their blood is on my hands, I put the weapons factories there, I put those people in harm's way, and it is me who must listen to their anguished death cries for the next 1,000 years. So don't talk to me about the Israelis killing civilians that's horse-shit.

The Israelis are endangering their own lives to preserve Palestinian lives. Ironically, the Israelis value Palestinian lives more than the Palestinians themselves who have been warped into a death cult led by a gaggle of sniveling cowards who do their best to be safely ensconced in their bunkers or in Syria, while their women and children gets blasted into snot.

Now I know that this deliberate game of self-slaughter and passing blame on the Jews is a key strategy because there is no way in hell that the Palestinians could possibly win a straight out fight, even with all their supposed allies by their side.

Well guess what, if you can't win a straight out fight, you don't deserve to win by sniveling, whining, and otherwise acting like a little emo-bitch. So either accept the existence of Israel, by their right of conquest, or just drink the Kool-Aid and get it over with.

That's what a real man would do.

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