I Go To Rio.... De Janeiro....

Hello fellow Earthlings...

Vox Poplar here, things are going to be a little sparse around here for a while. Apparently someone who will be unnamed (but let's call him Xran) got drunk and tossed their junked Dimensional Flux Generator into a black hole.

Apparently you're not supposed to do that, because it then turned the Black Hole into a portal connecting our Universe with the Negative Universe. And let me tell you something, the Negative Remulak is an even bigger douchebag than our regular Remulak.

So it looks like the entire Universe is going to war with the Negaverse, and everyone in the MoxArgon Group's been drafted, including me, thanks to my high scores playing Halo.

But before I go, I thought I would give you folks a list of reasons why Barack H. Obama lost the only foreign policy he cared about: Getting the Olympics to go to Chicago.

1. The corruption in Chicago made even the IOC wince.

2. The IOC decided that it wasn't their job to make Valerie Jarrett richer, that was the job of the American taxpayer.

3. The African countries in the IOC are racist against black people.

4. The IOC didn't like the idea of ACORN handling the score-keeping.

5. The IOC saw the ACORN sting videos and were pissed to find out that under-age brothels are illegal in the USA.

6. Even they are getting sick of Obama always talking about himself instead of the business at hand.

7. The reason why Rio won? THONGS!

8. The IOC felt that giving the Olympics to Rio was the best way to reward the awesome sacrifices of Michelle Obama.

9. Obama lacked the balls to scream: "Shut the fuck up!" during Qadafi's UN speech.

10. The IOC figured Obama better get used to getting squat from international bodies, because that's all he's going to get from now on.

Well, keep watching the skies folks, because we'll be watching you, in between fire-fights.