A Reality Check: Looking For Mr. Moderate...

Greetings puny Earthlings, sorry for the light posting, but the Known Universe doesn't just run itself. Anyhoo, I think it's time for a quick little reality check.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says that she is ready and willing to negotiate with "moderate" elements within the Taliban to usher in peace in Afghanistan. She justifies this tactic by stating that the key to victory in Iraq was "negotiating" with moderate insurgents to create the "Anbar Awakening."

Well, typical of a Democrat she just skims the surface, and forgets that the truth dwells a little deeper.

You see, while Al Qaida was a major force in the Iraq it wasn't the only one participating in the insurgency. There were a dozen or more factions based on ethnic/religious nationalism than the sort of radical trans-Arabic fundamentalism of Al Qaida. In the tradition of the Middle East these factions allied themselves with Al Qaida because they both shared the dream of driving out the Americans.

And that was the only thing they shared.

There were three keys to the Anbar awakening:

1. The nationalist factions figured out that participating in a peaceful democratic Iraq was better than constant civil war.

2. The nationalist factions realized that the Americans had no intention of sticking around forever.

3. The nationalist factions realized that Al Qaida did intend to stick around forever, and that unlike the Americans, they were stone-cold psycho and willing to kill their daughters for flashing some ankle.

The American forces didn't negotiate with these factions, they just left a door open with a big sign that read: "Come in and live, stay out and die."

So let's think about the Taliban.

The Taliban are not nationalists. They are the stone cold psychos who will kill their own daughters for learning to read. They are not going to come in to live, they would rather die, because they honestly believe Allah wants them to live in the equivalent of the arsehole of the planet.

So I'm not holding out any hope that Hillary will find any moderates out there.

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.


Reality Check: About Those Bonuses...

Greetings puny Earthlings. Time for another REALITY CHECK.

The Democrats are still shitting kittens about AIG executives getting the bonuses that they, the Democrats approved as part of their bill. They're getting their minions (or are they masters?) from ACORN to take bus tours to the homes of executives to harass and occasionally threaten them and their families.

Now you're probably wondering why did the Democrats approve the bonuses in the first place only to turn on the idea and attack the people that are getting them.

Well it all starts with accepting something that you might consider counter-intuitive.

The Democratic Party is the party of Wall Street.

That's right, I know it's a mind blower, but that's because the "Barons of Wall Street" pretty much gave up on capitalism (too much work) to aim for a new system of plutocratic socialism. Plutocratic socialism is where billionaires and millionaires get their lifestyles subsidized by the small businesspeople and entrepreneurs who can't afford the elaborate tax-evasion schemes the super-rich use to hide their money.

These Plutocratic Socialists on Wall Street gave millions to pay for the Democrats campaigns, (Obama himself got over $100,000 from AIG alone) as well as using "bundling" schemes to funnel even more money secretly to the party. The deal was to get the federal goverment to take on all the risk wrought by the financial bubble that they created, while they kept the profits.

But when you deal with politicians there is always a catch.

They pushed for the bonuses, because they live for bonuses, and some can even make a case for the bonuses, without realizing that they would be used as a weapon against them.

Now you're probably wondering why the Democrats have turned on some of their very own paymasters.

Well the answer is simple, they're after bigger fish, and sometimes you have to toss some friends in the chum-bucket.

Right now the Democrats are hoping to socialize the country, and making voters completely and utterly dependent on the Democratic party and its largesse with taxpayer's money. The average American doesn't want that because it would mean high taxes, and little or no control over your own life.

The Democrats are also engaging in a foreign policy aimed to alienate allies, and embolden enemies. They think they can end terrorism by rebranding it into "human caused disasters" and hope that the next time a city gets a severe deduction in population, they can pass responsibility as if it was a natural phenomenon like an earthquake.

The American people won't like that.

These people need to be distracted.

So you get a parade of whores like Obama, Dodd, and Rangel, turning on their one time favourite customer. They're best case scenario is that some nut will take a shot at an AIG big-wig, so the news cycle can cover that 24/7 and ignore the fact that the Obama Administration couldn't find its own ass with a map and the help of a friendly bloodhound named Geetch, or that Democratic congress has gone completely bat-shit insane with earmarks and mad schemes of social engineering.

And that's why they won't shut up about the AIG bonuses.

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.


Is it just me?

TekTak F.

Hi Earthlings, TekTak here, and I've been doing some thinking lately and there have been some things that are bugging me, and I'm sure if it's just me, or is there something going on.

So I have to ask...

IS IT JUST ME...or does the whole AIG bonus boondoggle seem like a set-up? I mean Rahm Emmanuel, Chris Dodd and Tiny Tim Geithner finagle some language into the bill to protect those bonuses, then they lead the charge against them. I mean I know hypocricy is born in the heart of Democrats, but this just strikes me as a cheap distraction from some of the other, even more expensive boondoggles they're sneaking by.

Yeah, the idiots who drove AIG into the ground don't deserve bonuses, so you forbid them bonuses in the bill, not later with threats of "punishment taxes" which brings me to my next question.

IS IT JUST ME... or does that whole bill of attainder to seize the bonus money via the IRS strike you as a trial balloon for something more sinister?

I mean if that bill passes, then it would literally erase centuries of legal tradition, and generally transform America into an oversized banana republic where the political elite can just seize everything from their "enemies."

Even if the bill doesn't pass, the seed has been planted, and with all the fertilizer they're tossing, it just might bloom into something stinky.

IS IT JUST ME...or do Democrats have a problem with people wanting to be allies? Look at their foreign policy, it can summed up with the phrase "screw friends, reward enemies." I mean they kiss up to Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, and North Korea, but will leave Colombia, Brazil, Poland, India, and anyone else flapping in the wind.

IS IT JUST ME...or have the media, for the most part, just plain given up on any real journalism? I mean does anyone ask the Democrats any real questions?

IS IT JUST ME... or does Obama's addiction to the teleprompter show a certain lack of an essential leadership quality, which is the ability to think on one's feet?

IS IT JUST ME... or does a door to door campaign to pledge their fealty to a man above the constitution, to show support an agenda that no one has explained seem vaguely fascistic to anyone else but me?

Or am I being paranoid?




professional financial guru


First I say that George W. Bush should have his family fortune taken away from him as punishment for the financial crisis and now I find myself locked in some magic metal tube that smells vaguely like ham, that makes me only able to tell the truth.

Well the truth is I don't like speaking the truth.

Especially about this.

Because speaking the truth can cost me big time.

I went after Bush because I don't want anyone coming after me.

You see, I hyped real-estate, I hyped the market, I hyped just about everything that's turned to turds in the last year, but I don't want people to know that.

Plus, I've seen what happened to Jim Cramer when he criticized the Obama/Pelosi budget. Suddenly he got blamed for everything, and trust me, they are not going to stop until they have hounded him out of house and home.

I don't want that happening to me.

I have a swanky lifestyle I'd like to keep.

I got a Manhattan apartment that's worth about 10% what I paid for it!

I need to keep the money coming in and to do that I need to kiss ass sometimes. Remember, if Oprah suddenly pulls her seal of approval, I'm shitting in a shoe-box under the overpass, because without her blessing, I won't even be able to keep those crappy infomercials I have posing as public service shows running on PBS pledge breaks.

Oprah likes Obama, and if Obama wants to violate the constitution to use taxes to punish AIG executives for getting bonuses he and the Senate agreed to, all the while the Federal Reserves prints money it can't back, a policy last seen in Zimbabwe.

So yeah, I don't really believe that Bush is responsible for the meltdown, but attacking those who are responsible, could get me targetted by a special "punishment tax" and I can't afford that.

Now let me out of this tube!


The Leftist Mind: The Road To Hell?

Greetings puny Earthlings, it's time once again to peek into the gaping abyss that is THE LEFTIST MIND.

Today I'm going to look at something the Leftist Mind thinks it has a complete monopoly on. I'm talking GOOD INTENTIONS.

You see, the Leftist Mind can justify anything, I mean any action, any plan, or even any crime, and can completely shrug off the often disastrous consequences because they claim to have GOOD INTENTIONS.

Start charging Veterans for treatment of injuries received in service of their country?

Yes, it's an affront to all decency, but the money saved from making them pay for their own medical care can help the government bring universal health care to everyone who hasn't been injured in the line of duty. But you can't say that it's wrong because the people doing it have GOOD INTENTIONS.

Sell out allies to empower enemies?

Sure, it can get a lot of innocent people killed, but they believe that giving in to thugs and bullies will make those bullies happy and tone down their urge to kill. So you can't call it evil because it's done with GOOD INTENTIONS.

Set up organizations to engage in widespread extortion, harassment, and voter fraud?

Yeah, it degrades democracy, but a completely free and un-corrupt democracy can lead to Republicans getting elected. Since Republicans are supposed to have a monopoly on evil, destroying democracy is all right, because doing anything to keep them out of power shows GOOD INTENTIONS.

Sell out your party to a cabal of billionaires lead by an admitted Nazi collaborator?

Why not? The billionaires oppose Republicans, that's all the evidence you need to know that they and their hidden agendas have GOOD INTENTIONS.

Plot to oppress free speech, aided and abetted by a corrupt and biased mainstream media?

It's all right, because free speech has to ability to hurt someone's feelings. Speech that brings up things like a certain President's socialist leanings, and inability to have a simple conversation without a teleprompter. In their mind dissent from a Leftist President can only lead to evil, and censoring it can only be proof of GOOD INTENTIONS.

And finally...

Scheme to extend an economic crisis?

Well, that's perfectly okay for a Leftist. What's a few ruined lives when you can use this crisis to instill a new form of government that controls people's lives from cradle to grave. Yeah, it will destroy America as the "land of opportunity" but who needs equality of opportunity when you can have equality of result under the gentle guidance of politicians. Believing that the state knows how to run individual lives better than the individual shows GOOD INTENTIONS.

I hope that makes a few things clear.

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.

And we don't have good intentions.


You're Are All So Screwed...

Greetings puny Earthlings. Remulak MoxArgon here, wishing you a happy St. Patrick's Day.

I've been looking around your planet, and I have come to a conclusion. You are so screwed.

You really are.

This is a mixed blessing for me. There's the convenience of my hordes overwhelming your puny world in 3 minutes rather than five because you will be in such poor shape, but there's also the incredible inconvenience of having to rebuild your society and economy after it's been botched into the ground.


First you have elected a government that's more interested in crushing dissent than preventing terrorism, by getting their media and internet catamites attack dissenters. Jon Stewart used to be a comedian, now he's Rahm Emmanuel's bitch, attacking Jim Cramer, not for the things he said before the economic crash, which was no different from hundreds of other so-called "experts," but because Cramer, a liberal Democrat, dared to disagree with Obama's budget. Stewart won't admit that, because it would be an admission that Emmanuel has his testicles in a jar in his office.

And it's not just open dissenters. The Daily Kos has gone after Keith Olbermann. That's right Keith "I Wish I Was Michelle Obama" Olbermann. His sin wasn't dissent, he still worships the Obamessiah's every excrescence, but for not taking the orders put out on JournoList and joining in on the gang-bang of Jim Cramer.

They're wittling down free speech, first come the attacks, then will come the legislation, and then will come the arrests.

I can understand why Obama doesn't care for free speech since he isn't capable of it himself, requiring a teleprompter to order lunch, but that doesn't give him the right to take it away from others.


Obama has also declared that no one is allowed to refer to Al Qaeda terrorists as "enemy combatants," but won't say what they can be called now. Why is he engaging in this little bit of Orwellian double-speak.

Well, it all depends on his poll numbers.

If they keep going down then he's going to have to do something to distract the populace from his utter lack of leadership, and there is only one thing big enough.

Show trials.

Bush and company are going to dragged through the mud, probably by Senator Leahy's proposed "Truth Commission." Then terrorists, turned "enemy combatants," turned "poor innocent victims," can tell the world how they were "tortured" under the orders of the sinister Bushitler regime and the Israel Lobby.

Now it's unlikely that Obama will prosecute them himself, like everything he will pass it onto others, like, oh, maybe the Socialist government of Spain to prosecute them if any Bush official enters Europe. The Leahy witch hunts will be to manufacture the "evidence" these foreign prosecutors need to go after them, even though they'll be pretty much based solely on the word of men trained to lie about being tortured.

Words have power, they can build and they can destroy.

And they can even get you elected if you have nothing else to offer.

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.


Watch This...

John Stossel breaks down the bailout, making him one of the last honest people in the mainstream media.


Overheard By Snotglob: The Cramer Conundrum

Hi Earthlings.

Snotglob here, and I was wondering why John Stewart of the Daily Show was going after Jim Cramer, so I used my extremely keen alien mutant hearing to listen in on a conference call between Rahm Emmanuel, James Carville, John Stewart and George Stephanopolous.
JOHN STEWART- Wow, I have to say that I'm really honored to participate in this call. I now know that I am a real journalist.

EMMANUEL- Quiet joke boy. We have a job for you to do.

CARVILLE- Yeah, a job.

STEPHANOPOLUS- And you better do it right.

JOHN STEWART- Really? You want me to do something for President Obama. I'm beyond honoured...

EMMANUEL- Shut up.

CARVILLE- You are not here to talk, you are here to listen, and to obey.

EMMANUEL- Yeah, or you might see someone else in your chair. Remember your ass is the property of Viacom and don't you forget it!

JOHN STEWART- I'll be good.

STEPHANOPOLUS- We want you to go after that Cramer guy from CNBC. We want him crushed.

JOHN STEWART- But Cramer's a Democrat. I thought we were only supposed to go after Rush Limbaugh?

EMMANUEL- Operation Fat Man is still in effect, but Cramer must be crushed.


CARVILLE- You got a lotta questions punk! How would you like an audit?

JOHN STEWART- I'll be good.

STEPHANOPOLUS- The reason is simple. Cramer criticized the stimulus package by saying it's a massive destroyer of wealth.

JOHN STEWART- Isn't that the point?

EMMANUEL- Of course it's the point, but the bigger point is to keep those yokels in flyover country from figuring it out!

JOHN STEWART- Why me? My audience is mostly college students watching while high?

STEPHANOPOLUS- But you're also watched by all the people in the media. If you go after Cramer, it'll be all over the media in a matter of minutes.


EMMANUEL- I'm sending you a list of everything he's ever said that can be used against him. I want you to use that material to make it look like he's responsible for the recession.

JOHN STEWART- But weren't Chris Dodd and Barney Frank really responsible, I mean they were the ones who pushed sub-primes and Fannie Mae so heavily.

CARVILLE- There you go with those facts! This has nothing to do with facts!

STEPHANOPOLUS- This is all about spin. We need you to spin Cramer into the ground.

EMMANUEL- It's the only way we can teach uppity folks like Cramer that free speech is only free when it's state approved speech.

CARVILLE- And do some Bush jokes. Never give up on the Bush jokes.

JOHN STEWART- I don't know about this.

EMMANUEL- Do you want all the critics to turn against you?


EMMANUEL- It can happen to people who don't know their place.

JOHN STEWART- Are you threatening me?

EMMANUEL- I don't threaten, I simply state facts. Facts like how most critics turn against those who turn against Obama. We have a good crisis here and we can use it to get the American people hooked on Obama. So will you obey?

JOHN STEWART- I'll obey.

EMMANUEL- I can't hear you.


CARVILLE- Squeal like a pig, boy!!

JOHN STEWART- Sooo-weee-soo-wee!

STEPHANOPOLUS- Who's you're daddy!?!


CARVILLE- I didn't say you could stop squealing!

I kind of lost the signal after that.

Well, it's good to see that the American government is in such good hands.


He's Just Not That Into A Special Relationship...

(former PM of Great Britain)

Greetings to all you who dwell in the land of the living. In case you don't know who I am, meaning you attended government run schools in the last ten years, I was the Prime Minister of Great Britain during World War 2. And it was during this war that I forged what became known as the special relationship between Britain, and the United States of America.

That special relationship was an alliance born from a shared heritage of language, culture, constitutional government, and individual liberty.

I guess all those thing don't really matter to your new president Barack Obama, he is apparently not that into the UK as you yanks are fond of saying, and the signs are quite obvious...

First, he returned the gift of a sculpture of me to Britain, how rude. Apparently he didn't care for having someone who actually made decisions instead of pawning them off on Nancy Pelosi looking at him.

Second, he rudely treats my successor Gordon Brown with cancelled press conferences, and the gift of a DVD box set, though filled with lovely enough movies, can't be played in British DVD machines. And this is after Brown goes to all the trouble of giving Obama a gift symbolic of the fight of free peoples against the scourge of human enslavement.

Now I know Brown is a Labour Prime Minister, but that is not an excuse for such shoddy gifts, and dreadfully rude behaviour. Besides, if you were going to give Brown a movie, give him a copy of Fitna, because I'm pretty sure he hasn't seen it yet.

Of course President Obama isn't above giving large gifts. In fact he's currently giving trillions to his political allies in the form of "stimulus" and he's more than willing to give $900 million to the Palestinians of Gaza, the very same people who gleefully danced on their streets on 9.11.2001.

And let's not forget that he's perfectly willing to give away the defense of allies like Poland in order to win a winsome smile from an petty autocrat like Vladimir Putin.

I wonder what boons he will dispense upon the theocrats of Iran in a vain attempt to ease their lust for the blood of innocents?

The mind reels at the possibilities.

I just hope that the last gift Barack Obama gives the world doesn't resemble a mushroom cloud over a major city.

God help you all.

So I guess, what I'm trying to say is that Obama really doesn't care about America's friends,


The New Age of Science Has Begun!


(M.D., Ph.D, B.A., B.O., P.D.Q.,)


I am writing to heap many praises upon President Barack Obama for bringing America out of the Dark Ages of the Bush Regime and heralding in a new age of scientific glory.

I'm talking about the executive order lifting the ban on embryonic stem cell research. Okay, technically Bush did not ban embryonic stem cell research, he actually legalized it, he just didn't authorize the federal government to pay for it. And yes, Bush spent more on backing scientific research than almost every other president in recent memory, but that doesn't count, because he was tainted by common mortal morality.

Thankfully Barack Obama has lifted the veil of ignorance from the nation, and now scientists can play God with human lives with wild abandon.

Sure, there are some ethical concerns, and it will probably lead to a full scale abortion industry where people are deliberately impregnated, then aborted in order to provide fresh stem cells for scientists like me who will to spend billions in federal dollars for what they need. And sure, all the really promising research comes from taking stem cells from the patient's own body, and that embryonic stem cells could lead to issues of immune system rejection, and possibly even cancer, but who needs facts and rational theories when there's a consensus going on between the scientists who aim to profit from federal funding, abortion advocates, and the politicians who love them.

Anyway, I have to go, I have some grant forms to fill out.


A Look Into The Future: State of the Union 2012.

Greetings puny Earthlings.

After seeing President Barack Obama's first speech before Congress I wondered what he would say in the last speech of his first term. So I cranked up the Warp-Scanner to have a gander at his State of the Union Speech from the year 2012.
My fellow citizens. I am here to tell you the state of what's left of the Union, and that Union is strong, sort of.

The $4 trillion stimulus package, our twenty-third stimulus package, will be exactly what the economy needs to get going. Already we have seen signs of success, the Dow Jones average just broke over 1,000 points for the first time in two years. If that's not a sign that the damage wrought by the Bush Administration tax cuts are finally being repaired, I don't know what it could possibly be.

And while the super-rich people who make more than $40,000 a year may gripe at having to pay 90% in income taxes, I will not have them swanning around in their private jets while community activists like ACORN are forced to fly commercial.

In defense, I am pleased to announce that America is now officially at peace in the Middle East. I just completed negotiations with Caliph Bin Ladin of the new state of Trans-Islamia and he gave me his word that with Israel now a radioactive crater, he doesn't have any reason for killing any more Americans for now. And if there is one thing we know, is that we can trust the word of Usama Bin Ladin.

In domestic affairs, I would like to offer my sincere condolences to the people of New York and Northern New Jersey. I feel your pain as you mourn the loss of your loved ones, and your own inevitable death from radiation poisoning, but I want you to know, that even though Rush Limbaugh has been in solitary confinement in Guantanamo Bay since 2010, we know that he is somehow responsible for that attack, and he will face justice for his continued acts of treason.

Now I would like to correct the conspiracy theories that say that I traded large sections of American territory to China in exchange for them buying our debt. Well that is not true. I lost Alaska, Texas, Florida, California, and Tennessee, in a poker game, which had nothing to do with our national debt.

Also, we have made great strides in public health care. Waiting lists for Emergency Room treatment are now down to six months. Which has also had the added benefit of reducing our carbon footprint, by reducing our surplus population.

This is an election year, I won't deny that. Though I must mention how embarrassing it must be for the Republican Party to have all their presidential nominee candidates arrested for treason and war crimes. But it's not that great a loss, since recent census information collected by Rahm Emmanuel shows that there are absolutely no Republicans registered to vote in the entire country.

We have entered the first stage of a glorious new era of hope and change. An era liberated from the tyranny of a two party system, to a leaner and more efficient system, free from the imperialism of talk radio hosts and their free speech, and free from the burdens of wealth and property.

Thank you.
Well, that assuages my fears.

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.



Greetings puny Earthlings, here are a few new niblets to fill the yawning gaps in your life.

1. Worried about free speech? Well don't worry, just because the White House is conspiring with their media allies to blame all the world's ills on a pompous talk-show host doesn't mean they will be out to get you. Yet.

2. A recent poll shows that 60% approve of how Obama is doing his job. The other 40% know what's actually happening.

3. PBS Journalist Bonnie Erbe has declared that it's perfectly okay for Rahm Emmanuel to corrupt and gerrymander the electoral process as long as it elects Democrats. It's amazing how those who call themselves Democrats all seem to hate actual democracy.

And finally, a little giggle...

joe biden
see more Political Pictures


The Leftist Mind: Hatred & Hypocrisy Oh My!

Greetings puny Earthlings.

It's time to dip our collective toes into that slimy swamp called the Leftist Mind!

I'd like to start by talking about the reactions the Left to two speeches, reactions that can best be described as "shitting kittens."

First up is Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's response to Obama state of the pork-fest address. I'll admit, it wasn't a great response. From what I've seen of Jindal he's best talking off the cuff to what he sees happening in front of him. The speech he had to give was pre-written, and obviously over-directed by so called "experts." Probably the same experts who coached Sarah Palin before her interview with Katie Couric. Let Jindal be Jindal.

Of course the Left don't see it this way. They keep going on and on about the speech as if it disqualifies him for any future political office.

Methinks they doth protesteth too much.

They are so scared that Jindal will succeed in repairing the damage left by decade of Democratic misrule in Louisiana and make a run for President in 2012 they will do anything and everything to stop him. Face it, unless he changes direction drastically, by 2012 Obama's going to be known as the spend-crazy, tax-hiking, foreign policy eunuch, who would rather give the Palestinians (who danced in the street on 9/11) $900 million of your money, rather than protect his nation.

So there are only three ways Obama can stay in power, get Rahm Emmanuel to gerrymander the electoral college, destroy all potential Republican challengers, or both.

Which brings us to the next speech:

Rush Limbaugh, radio host and provocateur, made his first speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference. It was long, a tad bombastic, a bit self-serving, (this is Rush after all) but was basically all about how he considers Obama's "stimulus" a big con-job out to create a massive welfare state that threatens the foundations of American liberty.

What I got a kick out of was the CNN coverage of the speech, when it ended, they went over to Twitter and the very first comment they read went something like: Rush made me think about one thing-- HITLER!!

Think about that for a second.

This CNN viewer either honestly believes that self-reliance and American liberty are essentially Nazi values, or it is yet another case of protesting too much.

What was Hitler?

He was a National Socialist (the root of the word Nazi) who expanded government programs, installed "progressive" taxation to punish the "fat cats," and politicized government offices to suppress or bully critics.

Sound familiar?

This is what can be called "projection" where someone accuses another of having the very same qualities they themselves possess.

Either way, Rush better watch his back. The Democrats are not above using the FCC, the IRS and the Justice Department to attack their enemies.

Now that we're done with hatred, let's discuss hypocrisy.

A group of Hollywood folks are doing some sort of "cultural exchange" with Iran, and Iran is demanding that they apologize for having Persian villains in the movie 300 as well as other "crimes" of free speech.

But that's not what I'm talking about.

What I want to talk about is the sheer unadulterated hypocrisy of this "exchange." Remember these are the same people who tried to boycott Utah, and got people fired for their support for California's Prop 8. Yet they gleefully go to kiss the collective buttocks of a theocratic dictatorship that HANGS HOMOSEXUALS.

So I've summed up how these Hollywood folks think:

Not wanting your church forced to perform same-sex weddings by lawyers= Evil.

Murdering homosexuals for being homosexuals= Good.

Anyone who participated in this little farce has forfeited any right they have to comment on anyone's stance on Prop 8.

They just don't have the moral or intellectual honesty for it.

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.