Reality Check: Peer Review Or Peer Pressure

Greetings puny Earthlings.

I find it funny that those who love to call global warming doubters "sell-outs" who are in "the pay of big business" and that their research doesn't "pass peer review," because as we've been seeing with reports of hacked e-mails, there's no such thing as peer review in climate science, only peer pressure.

For those who don't know, the "Climategate" e-mail scandal is all about a plucky little devil of a hacker getting his hands on the e-mails between a Dr. Phillip Jones of the University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit and senior advisor to the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and Dr. Michael Mann one of the chief authors of the now notorious, and woefully inaccurate "Hockey stick graph" made famous by Warm-monger and green fear profiteer Al Gore.

Now these weren't love notes they were exchanging, these two men, the two top brains in the field of "climate research" were actively conspiring to cover-up data that proved that the so-called "global warming" was a natural, and cyclical phenomena, and that it ended in the late 1990s.

That's an affront against the very nature of science, and you're probably wondering how these chaps managed to get away with it. I mean weren't these sorts of things supposed to be "peer reviewed."

Well yes, but peer review is only as good as the peers doing the reviewing, and whether or not those peers have the testicular fortitude to resist the overwhelming peer pressure so prevalent in contemporary Earthling climate research.

You see, if you dare write anything that might question the findings of those two men and their assorted climate catamites, you will find it very hard to get a journal to publish your research, and if some plucky journal does decide to publish, well guess what happens. Suddenly word starts zipping around the "climate community" that the journal in question isn't fit for toilet paper because they dared publish some evil anti-Earth propaganda.

That's right, you'll find your career sunk by those very same men with accusations of doing the exact same things that they themselves appear to do on a twice daily basis.

Climate research isn't science, it's a high school cheerleader squad, with its ranks determined by the bitchy machinations of the squad's meanest girls who crush all who dare oppose them with slander, and innuendo until they develop an eating disorder and give up, because they can't have their voices heard.

Now you're probably wondering why these men would sacrifice all sense of scientific integrity to become nothing more than a pair of glorified whores.

The answer is simple.


It's a deadly combination, but too much for folks to pass up.

You see to get any money to do research you have to apply to governments and corporation backed foundations. And if you don't want your application in the circular file you have to tell them what they want to hear, and what they want to hear is "Global Warming," and the more doom oriented the better.

Governments want to hear it because Warm-mongering Alarmism allows them to-

1. Gain more control of the lives of their people, using an "Obey or we're all doomed" message to regulate personal freedom into oblivion.

2. Use the "crisis" to justify massive tax hikes, even bigger spending programs, and the accumulation of massive debts, with most of the money going to...

Big corporations, who want Global Warming because it gives them...

1. An excuse to suckle at the teat of taxpayers, draining billions every year to supposedly spent on "alternative energy" programs, that don't really produce enough energy.

2. They will then use the excuse of "not enough power" to hike the price of energy, and along with it the price of literally everything you might possibly want, or need.

3. Meanwhile they race to the bottom, using the "carbon credit" status of the Third World, exploiting their resources, both natural and human, and pollute wildly, all in the name of "saving the planet.

Dr. Jones and Dr. Mann saw an opportunity and they went for it. They made themselves unassailable. The mainstream media and the current American and Western European administrations will not do anything to them. These men are the prophets of a new faith, a faith that gives them absolute control without the pesky morality that most religions come with.

So what good is peer review is climate research? Apparently it's not good at all, especially when men like those are the peers you have to submit too.

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.


Xran Xplains: The KSM Trial

Howdy Earthlings.

Xran here, I'm back from fighting the Negative Universe hordes and I'm back doing what I do best, simplifying the complicated after it's been complicated by the simple. Today I'm looking at Attorney General Eric Holder's decision to give the 9/11 conspirators a civilian trial in New York.

he orchestrated the
9/11/2001 ATTACKS
the US Military had him at
the US Attorney General
is moving
to a civilian trial in
even though
already plead guilty and demanded execution in

claims that the
demands it

But the reality is that
as a terrorist is an
and under the law an
can be
without trial military or civilian
because they have no rights under the
or the
decision has no basis in law or history and
or does it?

is up to its neck in
and it also gives him a chance to put
on trial
for being mean to
and use it to slag the
neuter the War on Terror
and hopefully distract from the
fact that
is a dismal failure.

Keep watching the skies because we're watching you.


Ask The ArgonMox Group!

NEGULAK: Greetings mighty Earthlings!

It is I, you're new Supreme Ruler of the Unknown Universe Negulak ArgonMox!

That's right, not only have I defeated your precious Remulak and his hordes, I have also swiped his Blogger password!

All must kneel before NEGULAK!

Well, it looks like you have some questions, so as your new Lord & Master, I'm going to answer them.

Now since most of my minions are busy conquering this tiny Universe, I only have the token idiot from my dimension's Counterpoint / Point Show, SpotBob T. Normal.

SPOTBOB: Hi, how are all you Earth people doing.

NEGULAK: Let's look at the questions.
Chris in NC asked: What do you think of sending Obama to the North Pole and making him sit on an egg after he loses in 2012?
NEGULAK: That would be horrible. Obama is the leader of the free world, and by virtue of his election, his race, and his brilliant policies the most incredible leader you ever had, who is always right, will be re-elected in 2012 by a grateful nation, and anyone who questions anything about him is racist, plain and simple.

SPOTBOB: Well, I disagree--

NEGULAK: SpotBob you ignorant one gendered slut! Will you shut the hell up with your idiocy.


NEGULAK: Next question.
Chris in NC asked: Will a movie that mocked Obama (even for just one scene) make hundreds of millions of dollars or do we need to wait another year for that?
NEGULAK: Hopefully such racist trash will be righteously savaged by the critics, or at least deliberately censored by the morally upright people of Hollywood.
Chris in NC asked: What do you think of the decision to try the terrorists in New York? How would you have handled it?
NEGULAK: It's better than actually following the constitution and legal precedent that puts those poor innocent Freedom Fighters under the threat of death by a military tribunal, and it has the added bonuses of exposing national security secrets, putting the CIA on trial, and giving a Democrat judge the chance to set them free because those CIA meanies waterboarded them. Personally, I wouldn't have tried them at all, because I mean America had to have done something to deserve mass murder of its civilians.
Chris in NC asked: Plus, ya know I'm going to beg and plead for another of your best Billie Piper pictures.
NEGULAK: Here's the sexiest one I have:
NEGULAK: Someone put saltpeter in my cappuccino, I'm feeling warm in the secret spots.
blackhawk12151 asked: What are the top 5 most important events that have happened on our world during your absence?
NEGULAK: Let's see, since I'm new to this dimension I might have missed a few things. Oh, I'll say:

1. Iran getting closer to getting an A-bomb to terrorize the Middle East in the name of a pre-Medieval theocracy.

2. Obama winning the Nobel Prize. A magical moment.

3. The Democrats finally adding trillions to the debt, which is the only thing that will save the US economy from evil small business people.

4. The horrible injustice being visited upon that poor Malik Nidal Hasan who faces evil Texas justice simply because he protested against the racist wars of US Imperialism.

5. The terrible punishment the Mainstream media is getting for sharing to the world the unbiased truth of just how wonderful Barack Obama really is.
blackhawk12151 asked: Also, perhaps you could have Xran explain why Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. I am still trying to wrap my feeble human brain around that one.
NEGULAK: RanX isn't here today, but I will explain it. Obama won for being born the greatest man history has ever seen, and anyone who questions that is racist.
Random Walker asked: How low do Odumbo’s popularity has to drop before Hitlery Reset Clinton quits? If she considers running again what would be a good time for her to stab him in the back? Would mediots crucify her or would they jump ship with her?
NEGULAK: Listen you racist, Obama's modest dip in popularity is simply because of the evil propaganda of racist like you and at Fox News. I'm sure Hillary acknowledges Obama's greatness and will a model of loyalty for all time.
Random Walker asked: Are Snotglob and Varos still douches in that parallel universe you’ve been fighting?
NEGULAK: Yes. They have the racist temerity to question Obama's policy decisions. If that doesn't make them disgusting racist teabaggers, I don't know.

REMULAK: Excuse me.

NEGULAK: What are you doing here? We defeated you!

REMULAK: Defeated me? I destroyed your fleet, and your armies. All the other members of your little inner circle are dead.

NEGULAK: Yes, in the Negaverse the one that gets beaten the worst is the winner.

REMULAK: You ain't in the Negaverse anymore Dorothy.


NEGULAK: Aaaaaaaaggghhhhh!

SPOTBOB: You vaporized him!

REMULAK: Want to be next?

SPOTBOB: Nope, I got an appointment back in the Negaverse, see you later.


REMULAK: Sorry Earthlings. We hope to have everything back to normal in the next few days. Thanks for your questions and keep watching the skies, because we're watching you. And here's a little palate cleanser for Chris in NC...


I'm Back... Sort Of....

Greetings fellow Earthlings, it's Vox Poplar here, I've returned from the war against Remulak's alternate Universe doppelganger and his hordes. I'd say I've returned from the front, but I never made it to the front, because of something I didn't know.

What I didn't know was that Xran doesn't know that particle blasters have safety buttons for a reason.

Now I'm back on Earth and have to sit on an inflatable donut. Thanks Xran.

Anyway, the war against Negulak (the negative universe Remulak) is going as well as can be expected. They've kept the Nega-Horde contained in the Andromeda Galaxy for now, and I'm sure victory is at hand, because Negulak is waffling on sending a troop surge.

We should be posting again, more or less, pretty soon, so be sure to check back and thanks for your patience.

Remulak also asked me to set up another edition of Ask the MoxArgon Group to celebrate their inevitable victory, so if you have any questions, leave them in the comments and we'll get to them as soon as we have enough.

Keep watching the skies, and watch where you're aiming.