Greetings puny Earthlings.

I gave you a couple of weeks to post your questions, and only got one person, Chris in NC, asking a whole lot of questions. So the others got pissy and left me to answer them alone.

They're all bastards. I think I'll orbit-bomb their houses for kicks tonight.

Anyway, let's get this over with:
ok, how much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood? And would Obama's govt let it?
A woodchuck is actually really poor at chucking wood, and even worse at catching it. Which is also very messy. Obama would let them try, but then pile on so many taxes and regulations the woodchucks would give up, and go chuck wood in India.
Will Al Gore come to justice for his perpetual fraud on climate change?

People on the left are rarely punished for their crimes. Blow up a few buildings, shoot some cops, and tell the powers that be that you did it in the name of the environment, communism, social justice, and you'll get a job teaching at a university.

Al Gore will pocket his ill gotten millions, spend them on houses and trophy wives and say "Who me?" when the next nut-bar decides to shoot up the Discovery Channel in his name.
Do you think a third party could win in 2012?

Too many nuts in the third party chocolate bar. However, the Republican Party can be reformed into a whole new party, which is something the Democrats can never do.

This is because the trend in the Republican party is that the rank and file are demanding certain standards, and are not scared of bouncing incumbents that don't meet those standards now thanks to the Tea Party movement. Democrat voters will vote Democrat no matter who they are running because they don't care about standards, they only care about what they can get out of the deal. They'll elect a dehydrated turd on a stick to congress if it promises them some new entitlements.
And, ya know, it's been way too long for a Billie Piper pic! Got a good one?
Just a little one.

How long does it take dear Overlord to puree the 20 humans for his favorite drink? And would he mind going to DC and making several servings while visiting congress?
I had to lay off the Soylent Green, you humans are too fatty, and that Argentinian soccer team smoothie went straight to my ass.
Now that Sarah Palin has re-established herself as a kingmaker, do you think she'll run for POTUS or stay on the sidelines and help the candidate?
Actually, I don't think she should run.

I think her real best spot would be the Red State Oprah, and I suspect Rupert Murdoch thinks so to.
Since it's the end of summer and I'm the only questioner, how about a Billie Piper collage!
Now you're getting greedy. So I suggest showing some appreciation for the new companion Amy Pond played by the downright delicious Karen Gillan.
And I mean 'delicious' in a purely sexual, and not Soylent Green, kind of way.

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you... and Karen Gillan.