Point/Counterpoint - Wright's Wrongs & Other Stuff...

TEKTAK- Hello puny Earthlings and welcome to another edition of Point-Counterpoint. I'm Tektak F. Mechanoid from the Right.

SNOTGLOB- And I'm Snotglob T. Mutant from the Left.

TEKTAK- First topic today is the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama has officially disowned his mentor and pastor of over twenty years after a rather.... hmmm... how to put this politely? ....screwy series of speeches about everything from phrenology in race relations, to the nature of his most famous congregant.

SNOTGLOB- You're a racist!

TEKTAK- How am I a racist? I'm not even human.

SNOTGLOB- You're a racist by calling Wright's speeches "screwy." He was merely discussing basic scientific facts.

TEKTAK- Snotglob you ignorant hermaphrodite slut! The only reason Wright wasn't carted away to the loony bin over those speeches was because the men with the butterfly nets are scared of being called racists by morons like you. If a white man made such strange and broad declarations about the differences between blacks and whites, he'd be tarred and feathered, and rightfully so! Do you know why? Because such theories are screwy!

SNOTGLOB- Yeah, but Wright practices black liberation theology. That means it's okay for him to say things like that.

TEKTAK- You're not doing a very good job Snotglob.

SNOTGLOB- Good job of what?

TEKTAK- Of giving me an excuse to not shoot you.

SNOTGLOB- I'm just speaking truth to power.

TEKTAK- It's a good think Moxargon's on Earth, or he'd kick your ass for using that phrase. Next topic: Howard Dean and other Democrats insist on smearing McCain by deliberately misinterpreting, misleading, and outright lying about the whole "100 years of war" statement.

SNOTGLOB- I don't see anything wrong about that.

TEKTAK- They're deliberately lying about what McCain said! That's very wrong!

SNOTGLOB- Yeah, but didn't a great Earthling socialist state that if you lied often enough, and loud enough it eventually becomes the truth.

TEKTAK- You're talking about Josef Goebbels. He was a Nazi propagandist who helped create the Holocaust and World War 2.

SNOTGLOB- So a socialist made a few mistakes, that's why pencils have erasers. So folks, just let the Democrats keep lying about America being at war for 100 years and it will become true.

TEKTAK- In a way it just might. Especially if Democrats win the White House and Congress. What McCain meant is a presence in Iraq not unlike the American presence in Germany and Japan. Not 100 years of open war.

SNOTGLOB- Peace now! The quickest way to end a war is to lose it!

TEKTAK- For the first time in your life, you've said something accurate, so we're going to wrap it up for now, so until next time, stay on point.


It's a Joke Folks...



(D-FL Candidate for Minnesota Senator)

I must be important. Because the Rethuglikkkan attackkk machine of the big fat idiot Rush Limbaugh, the crypto-nazi Bill O'Reilly, George Stephanopolous, and their snivelling snot-nosed servants at Hot Air are making a big deal over a few of my little deals.

Oh sure, they make a big deal on me skipping on paying the disability and worker's comp premiums for my employees, but look at it from my point of view, if we had the universal health care that only Democrats can provide, I wouldn't have to pay those premiums.

And so I may have skipped on my California state taxes for a few years, but I'm a celebrity, a comedy legend, I deserve a little leeway.

Come on, if nobody's gone to prison for Air America's finances yet, I shouldn't be hassled over my taxes, or lack thereof.

Hmmm... looks like I'm losing the crowd here. Better do what I do best, and that's tell jokes.

Okay, Dick Cheney walks into a bar... and shoots some guy in the face!

Come on, I know you're out there, I can hear you breathing.

All right, how about this one.

What's the difference between Adolph Hitler and George W. Bush?

Adolph Hitler wasn't a chimp.


Come on folks these are the jokes.

If I was still on SNL they'd be rolling on the floor with these!

You of f*cking fascist bastards!

Okay, take a deep breath Al. You're not a failure, they're just too stupid to get your cerebral brand of comedy. Okay?

Remember, I'm smart enough, I'm good enough, and darn it, people like me.

Don't you?


F*ck this, I'm going to go crawl under the bed with a bottle of Jack and cry myself to sleep.



News of the Earth: Matters of Race...

Hi Earthlings.

TekTak here, filling for Remulak MoxArgon who is in Los Angeles today.

After the spike in visits to see Xran's piece about the Mark Steyn / Maclean's Magazing HRC controversy Xran got all big headed and joined Mike Huckabee as a client of the Creative Artists Agency in Hollywood so they could renegotiate his contract.

I wish them luck, the last time someone tried to renegotiate a contract midway through, a planet exploded. I'm not accusing anyone of specifically blowing the planet up, I'm just saying that it happened.

But anyway I'm here to talk about the news, so let's get started while you still have a planet.

1. Police officers charged in the death of Sean Bell were acquitted of murder charges. In response Al Sharpton declared that he was going to "shut down the city." Well, I don't know the details of the case, but I can tell you that the moment the Bell's family let Sharpton into their lives, an acquittal was guaranteed.

Sharpton's mere presence on one side of any case is pretty much a declaration that the side he's involved with is going to forgo facts and evidence for racially charged invective and threats. Bringing in Sharpton on your side is practically an admission of fault, and if you want to avoid that, you should spurn Sharpton like you would spurn a rabid weasel.

2. Whoopi Goldberg declared that View co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck's desire to judge a candidate by qualification over race or gender was a "very white attitude." Doesn't anyone see that Whoopi managed to insult both whites and blacks with this?

Then let me explain. Basically Whoopi insulted whites, by declaring that their attitude is somehow wrongheaded because of their skin colour. But she also insulted African-Americans by saying that they aren't capable of considering qualifications, competence, or integrity when it comes to voting, if that person has the correct skin colour. While some wags might use that to explain the political career of Ray Nagin, it's patronizing, and insulting to African Americans.

3. Obama's sort-of ex-pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright made a speech to the National Press Club, after speaking to the NAACP and an interview that bordered on fellatio with Bill Moyers. While some in the media are declaring that all is forgiven and that we should "move on" but I don't think so. Obama's 20 year relationship with the race-baiting conspiracy spewing Wright and his subsequent spurning when it became inconvenient shows both a lack of judgement, and moral fibre on the part of Barack Obama.

It reveals that he only joined Wright's church because it was politically convenient for him, not out of any deep belief, and the fact that he joined such an openly racist church shows a serious lack of thought in anything beyond his own short-term ambitions.

Anyway, I hope you Earthlings learn get past all this racial stuff, because as my colleague Snotglob likes to say: "Earthlings all taste the same to me."

Keep watching the skies folks.


Some Random Thoughts and Thanks...

Greetings puny Earthlings.

Remulak MoxArgon, your future lord and master here, taking a moment to off a few random thoughts, and to give a big thank you to some folks who linked to Xran's piece on Mark Steyn's battle with the Human Rights Mafia and caused our recent spike in visitors. I'm talking about the great Mark Steyn himself, Small Dead Animals, Right Wing News, and a whole passel of other bloggers, you know who you are because there's not enough space to thank all of you.

Just be assured that when my android hordes bring your wretched little planet under my mighty blue thumb, I will make sure you get cushy jobs in the petroleum mines. Perhaps a nice middle management position.

And now some random thoughts...

1. Cindy Sheehan, I try to not slag her because of her son's heroic sacrifice on the battlefield in Iraq. However the self-proclaimed "Peace Mom" has gone beyond her normal combo of grief and mental illness into shameless attention whoring
by filing to run against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco. You are no longer the media's darling, do the best thing for your country, the memory of your son, and yourself, by going home and getting some serious mental health help.

2. In the realm of celebrity idiocy Wesley Snipes was sentenced to 3 years on a tax conviction. He dodged the nastier fraud and conspiracy charges by claiming that he was too stupid to conspire to commit fraud. Here's a hint Wes, there are only two inevitable things in the universe, death and taxes, and you can't cheat both without them coming to bite you on the ass.

3. The media and lefty pundits keep going after John McCain, but their attacks aren't exactly coming up to snuff. One story about him having a fling with a Brazilian model when he was a young lad actually put him up a notch in my books.

And the accusations that his temper disqualifies are completely bogus. I think his temper makes him eminently qualified. When you're dealing with terrorists and dictators, it's best to have them think that you are just one inch from going completely end of Scarface -say hello to my little friend- on all of them.

4. There's been a lot of talk about the the polygamist cult in Texas, and whether or not these people are being picked on over their religious beliefs. Now I've been tentative about commenting on the issue, because I have a lot of wives and would be called a hypocrite for criticizing them, but then I thought about it. My brand of polygamy is way different than your screwy Earthling brand of polygamy.

Yes, I have a lot of lives, but it's not like we all live on some compound in some remote corner where I have complete control of their lives. In fact, I have very little control of them and how they run their planets. Yes, I said planets, you see when I marry a female, they end up running a planet in my Empire known as The Universe. I don't try to control them, because I don't want to control them. My personal fetish is female with a combination of intelligence, independence, inner strength, and good old common sense.

I sure as hell wouldn't abuse them, or boss them around, and if I tried, I'd end up like one of my predecessors, Omulak the Beheaded, and I'd deserve it. Plus, they are all consenting adults who choose me as much as a choose them. (When the ladies go blue, nothing else will do.)

Now when you Earthlings do polygamy it becomes about dominance instead of partnership, and in relationships that can only lead to abuse. Also, these polygamist cultures always lead to inbreeding on an epic scale, and pretty soon you'll get a generation that makes Snotglob look normal.

Now I'm not calling for those people to be arbitrarily judged, but I am calling for a thorough investigation of this cult and its internal culture.

That's all for now, keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.


XRAN XPLAINS: The Maclean's/Mark Steyn Controversy

Howdy Earthlings.

Xran here, to simplify the complicated after it's been complicated by the simple. Now I'm sure that many folks have heard about the Human Rights Commission complaints filed against Mark Steyn and Maclean's Magazine, but a lot of people don't know the details. So allow me to explain...

This is...
A Venerable Canadian News Magazine.

One day it printed an essay by this manMARK STEYN
a popular conservative columnist

It was about the threat posed by these people...
to the nation of

The article raised a little controversy and many letters to the editors were written and many were published.


These folks
(artist's conception)
Declared that they were


By the


that an entire issue of




With no
of this special issues content on anything but grammar
by the people who actually own and operate the magazine



Because saying YES would be

filed a complaint against

with several provincial

Now the question you might ask is...

file complaints with multiple
instead of just filing a

in a

The answer is simple...
were the creation of this man
Canada's Former Prime Minister
didn't think highly of Canada's tradition of

with its rights of...


So Trudeau created the
with the touchy feely mandate of

However for these
don't allow such things as...


In fact






Which is why
win around
of all cases brought before them.

So it's more like a

or a
than a legal proceeding.

So the...


Meaning that

How much will you bet that I'll get a Human Rights Commission Complaint over this?

I hope that clears things up for you.



All Allies Must Be Destroyed



(D-San Fran)

My fellow San Franciscans and all you folks in the hillbilly states, I have come on this blog to explain why I violated longstanding precedent in order to kill the free trade deal with Colombia.

My official position is that I had misgivings about how trade unionists were treated in Colombia, but we know that's all bunk since Colombia's trade unions all supported the deal. And with this revelation I've decided to come clean.

And nothing says honesty like a list.

1. American union leaders have a knee jerk hatred of any trade going on with any foreign country, even if the country in question is looking to purchase goods from some of America's struggling manufacturing industries. Potential job creation is greatly outweighed by their desire to hold power of the country's trade, and as a Democrat I must obey the people who give my party money.

2. Colombia is a functioning democracy that is fighting back against narco-terrorists, aggressive autocratic neighbours, official corruption, while heralding in strong economic growth and a rising standard of living for all citizens. We can't have that. All proof that free-market democracies make lives better for average people must be buried. Why couldn't they be more like real progressive economies, like Zimbabwe?

3. The Colombian government is a staunch ally of the United States of America. It is the policy of the Democratic Party to punish America's allies, and reward America's enemies. We must teach the world that being a friend to the USA is a bad thing, and aligning with progressive autocrats like Hugo Chavez are the future. Look at the great job Chavez has done with Venezuela.

I hope these points have inspired you to vote Democrat in 2008.

Thank you.


News of the Earth: Cosmic Edition

Hello Earthlings. TekTak here with another edition of NEWS OF THE EARTH!

1. Cosmologist, physicist, and all around dude Stephen Hawking said that life on other planets is probable, but intelligent life is rare. Tell me about it, we have yet to find any on Earth.

2. Hillary Clinton declared that if Iran nuked Israel, she, as president would "totally obliterate them." Since she is a Democrat, I'm sure she thinks "obliterate" mean send them a strongly worded letter saying that their actions weren't exactly nice.

3. The Washinton Post recently ran a story that claimed that John McCain's temper disqualifies him from the presidency. When asked to comment on the story McCain yelled: "Aaaarrgh! McCain SMASH!!"

That's all for now, keep watching the skies and all that.


Douchebags of the Week... The Really Late Edition

Greetings puny Earthlings and welcome to another edition of DOUCHEBAGS OF THE WEEK.

Sorry it's late, but there's been just too much recidivist douchebaggery to choose from without repeating oneself lately. So here's the list.

NANCY PELOSI- For killing the Colombia free trade agreement to butter up Hugo Chavez and some corrupt and fat American unions, and then the unmitigate
chutzpah to claim that it was all for the good of Colombian unions, even though Colombian unions supported the deal.

BILL AYERS- For having an easy privileged and prosperous life just handed to him on a silver platter, and repaying the favour with bombings, threats, and lefty grandstanding that's no doubt poisoning young minds at Chicago universities all because Daddy didn't hug him enough, and never being punished, or even called on his crimes until now, and only because it's favourable to Hillary Clinton.

ENVIRONMENTALISTS- From the yahoos of the Sea Shepherd society trying to kill men who are only trying to make a living in the North Atlantic, and then whining when they get arrested for it, to the ethanol and carbon credit crowd who are having needed farmland turned over from food production to inedible ethanol crops and eucalyptus trees. Thanks to you people, yes, real sentient human beings, will starve to death.

PS: When a ship is accused of deliberately bumping an ice floe that people are walking on, it can only be interpreted as an attempt to knock said people off said ice floe and to their icy deaths, the fact that no one was killed says more for dumb luck than intent. As for the seal hunt itself, I can't really bring myself to buy into the cute and cuddly image since I have actually encountered healthy seals in the wild, and they have tried to bite my face off without provocation.

And to explain further the whole carbon credit boondoggle, when you give Al Gore money, he gives a small part of that money to a farmer in a 3rd world country to stop growing food and to plant supposedly carbon sucking Eucalyptus trees that are inedible to anyone who isn't a koala.

Besides, as Ed Begley said about carbon credits: it's like a drunk driver tearing down the street in an SUV, and saying it's all right, because he tossed a handful of change at an AA meeting as he sped by.

And thanks for posting your pre-prepared comments, complete with news articles, I do not think that you are sock puppets trolling for blogs that mention environmentalists in any way, shape or form.

So, if you find yourself on this list, it means that...
Goodnight, and keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.


Quit Harshing My Mellow Dudes...

(Weather Underground Terrorist & Obama supporter)

Whoah, dudes, things are gettin' heavy for my black brother Obama. Some crypto-fascist pigs are all on his back over us being friends and because I used to toss bombs for the Weather Underground.

Dudes, that's just harsh man, really harsh pig-talk there.

Think about a minute. All I did was plant bombs to bring down the capitalist pig society that gave me the comfort and privileged childhood of the son of a corporate CEO, then let me get off on all charges, and then hand me a career in academia where my biggest qualification was that I was a terrorist.

Any society that let's someone like me get so prominent has to be screwed up and must be brought down!

But that's no reason to get all harsh and crypto-fascist on my bro Barry.

Barack Obama knows how to handle terrorists, he becomes friends with them. I think Osama Bin Ladin will be much more relaxed if we get him on the board of a nice university somewhere.

Anyway, leave my bro Barry alone.

Damn, I could sure go for some weed, and some dynamite....

What were we talking about again?


The Leftist Mind: Another Revelation...

Greetings puny Earthlings.

I'd like to take a moment to explain why leftists seem so enamoured with radical Islamic jihad and bend over backwards, or just plain bend over to help it bring down western civilization.
  • The leftist believes that an all powerful state is better at running your own life than you are.

  • The radical jihadi promises a "perfect" all powerful state that will run every aspect of your life.

  • The leftist believes that we should all be "united" behind one leader.

  • The radical jihadi believes that we should all be "united" under one leader, preferably an Imam.

  • The leftist claims to be the "voice of the common populace."

  • The radical jihadi claims to be the "voice of the common populace."

  • The leftist holds western civilization and its values in contempt.

  • The radical jihadi hates western civilization.

  • The leftist believes that he is justified in lying, cheating, and bullying people into accepting his positions because he thinks it's for "the good of the people."

  • The jihadi believes that he is justified in lying, cheating, and terrorizing people into accepting his positions because he thinks it's for "the good of the people."

I think that covers a lot of it.

Any suggestions of your own to add to this list?

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.

The Leftist Mind: A Revelation...

Greetings puny Earthlings.

I just had a revelation of sorts about Democratic front runner Barack Obama. Specifically it was his repeated assertions that religion was somehow a product of failure on the part of the government.

That's right, religion is not caused by a deep spiritual yearning, or a desire to learn about the universe and beyond, but because the government failed to get you a good job with a dental plan.

Now such assertions tell us nothing about the nature of religious people, but it tells us buckets about how Obama and other leftists like him think.

Forget all the rumours that Obama is some sort of secret Muslim, I am now convinced that they are all bunk. Because Obama is definitely not a Muslim, he is not even a real Christian.

Obama is a State-ist.

That's right. Barack Obama worships the Government.

Not the US government, but the concept of Government.

Barack Obama's deity of choice isn't an infinite and loving God that created the Universe, but a legion of faceless bureaucrats who believe that they know how to run your life better because they are the government.

It's the main reason he sat in that church for 20 years listening to Rev. Wright vomiting out hate like a tainted burrito. He didn't believe anything Wright said, because he doesn't believe in anything outside of getting his hands on power. He attended that church because it pretty much guaranteed him a 99% voting bloc in the heart of Chicago, and that's all.

He looks down on "bitter" small town folks, because they believe in things beyond their own lust for power, like duty, honour, country, and faith.

And I thought Hillary Clinton was bad for that sort of thing.

And this desire for power, to become a "god of government," is the main reason he's running for President now when his resume is thinner than French model. He knows that if he doesn't run now, when his mystique level is high, and knowledge about him is low, then he's screwed. Because the more you get to know him, the less you get to like him.

Keep watching the skies because we're watching you and hope someone other than Obama will screw up, so I can gripe about someone else.


TekTak's Culture Corner: Obama Sings Mellencamp!

I just found Barack Obama's new campaign song, it's designed to appeal to small town voters and goes to the tune of John Mellencamp's "Small Town."
Well I hate folks in a small town
And I live in a big town
Wouldn't be caught dead in a small town
Oh, those bitter racist communities

I have no friends in a small town
They're inbred hicks in a small town
They're so dumb in a small town
But I still want them to vote for me

No education in a small town
Cling to guns & Jesus in a small town
They smell funny in those small towns
And aren't nearly as smooth as me

But I don't care for a small town
All inbred hicks in a small town
Married a Princeton doll and avoided small towns
And she's an elitist just like me

No I cannot forget where it is that I come from
I cannot forget the prep-school who taught me
Yeah, I can look down on folks in this small town
And Democrats will still vote for me

Got nothing to offer a small town
Still elitist enough to say
Look at the dummies in the small town
But my bed is in a large house
Oh, and thats good enough for me

Well I got elected in a big town
But I'd have to work for a living in a small town
Gonna spit on this small town
And Democrats will still vote for me


A Little Correction...

Hi folks, TekTak here.

There's been a lot of talk about this viral video from Mexico City....

Well, I guess it's up to me to explain.

That is not a hoax, and it's not the Millenium Falcon, though there is a resemblance.

It is in fact one of Remulak's shuttles we were taking back to his ship after he, Xran and I went to Charlton Heston's funeral to pay our last respects.

Remulak's the honorary president of the TRA, the Trans-Galactic Rifle Association, and met Charlton Heston at a convention in the 90s where they participated in a panel discussion of Plasma Rifle Safety Education and the Family. Xran was there as spokes-creature for the Soylent Green Corporation, and I actually worked with Chuck Heston, playing Richard Rich to his Thomas More, in a theatrical revival of A Man For All Seasons at the Hyper-Dimensional Theatre Festival on Flokia Prime while I was in college.

Now you're probably wondering why we were buzzing Mexico City, well, Xran wanted to pick some Tequila from some store he knew, and you know how it is, we spent half the day scanning the city, because Xran couldn't remember the address, and then we had a do a brainscan of a local, it was a lot of trouble, but it's pretty good tequila.

But keep watching the skies and all that.


The Cafferty File: You Ignorant Xenophobic Jerks

(CNN's House Curmudgeon)

Thanks to folks at the MoxArgon Group for letting me try this whole "blog" thing on for size. Seems like a load of hooey to me, but what the hell, I'll try anything once.

I'd like to take a moment to discuss recent statements by our future President and living Messiah Barack Obama, Whose Feces Are An Untrammelled Delight, and how folks are making a big deal out of them.

Now some folks, inbred, ignorant, racist Christian fundamentalist fascist hicks mostly are acting all insulted that Barack Obama, Whose Every Pimple Is a Pustule of Holiness, said that they cling to religion, guns, and xenophobia because they're poor and ignorant.

Well they shouldn't be insulted because Barack Obama, Whose Very Urine Is A Golden Shower of Unity, was merely speaking the truth.

Americans who live in small towns and rural areas, or as I call them, the Armpit of the Nation, lack the... what's the correct word?.... Intelligence. Small town people lack the intelligence to get out of the intellectual wastelands of Flyover Country and live in places where real intelligent and decent people live, like New York City, or Hollywood.

So do the smart thing like me America, put away your racism, your stupidity, your bitterness, and your discomfort over Barack, Whose Nose Hairs Are The Threads of Heaven,
Obama's utter lack of achievement outside of self-promotion and self-enrichment.

And watch more CNN, where you can get the unvarnished truth from real journalists like me, instead of these crackpot bloggers.

Now go away, you bother me, and I'm late for my Metamucil.

The Always Entertaining and Intelligent Mark Steyn...

Watch this video.... (h/t Jawa)


Douchebags of the Week...

Greetings puny Earthlings.

Sorry for the really late entry but sometimes the level of douchebaggery just gets to be too much.

But here's the latest.

BARACK OBAMA- For showing that at any time he goes off script he's going to say something like this:
And they fell through the Clinton administration, and the Bush administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not. And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.
Yes, it takes a uniter like Barack Obama to show that urban snobbery isn't just for white people anymore.

And let's not forget his constant and blatant lying about John McCain's "100 years" statement.

BILL CLINTON- For lying about Hillary's lie about Tuzla, and for just being Bill.

CONGRESSIONAL DEMOCRATS- For fighting the Colombia Free Trade deal and by shamelessly claiming that
it's for the good of Colombia's Labour Unions, even though it's supported by Colombia's labour unions! Shameless political whores. And let's not forget the whiny grandstanding during the Petraeus / Crocker Iraq testimony. Here's a change of pace, try doing something positive for a change.

HILLARY CLINTON- For joining in the Colombia stomp-fest while employing one of their key lobbyists
, and for firing that lobbyist to maintain her lefty bona-fides. Then there's the lying, the cheating, the stiffing people of their money, etc., etc...

ALICIA KEYS- Pretty girl, too bad she's a CONSPIRACY NUT, because that's a major turn-off. Apparently she thinks that "gangsta rap" is a conspiracy to make black men shoot each other. If that was the plan, why do so many white suburban kids walk around with their pants down past their ass? And that's not the only thing. It's probably the most racist thing I've heard in a long time. She basically says that white people are evil, and that black people have no self-control. If that's not racist on just about every level, I don't know what is.

THE AIRLINE INDUSTRY- For being so poorly managed that the entire industry has just about collapsed. Bravo, an Ivy league education is definitely not a guarantee of intelligence.

JIMMY CARTER- For going on yet another "hug-a-fascist" tour to legitimize the mass murdering psychopaths of Hamas. Stick with growing peanuts Jimmy, otherwise you are a waste of history.

ROBERT MUGABE- For destroying the once prosperous nation of Zimbabwe, and for not doing the right thi
ng and putting himself in front of a hungry lion.

JAY ROCKEFELLER- For insulting all American military personnel with his cheap shot at John McCain. The family that once brought the world Standard Oil, now seems to produce Substandard Intelligence.

AL FRANKEN- Not only for being not funny, but for not paying the Worker's Comp insurance for his employees for 3 years. Nothing says compassion than allowing one's employees to be plunged into poverty if they had a work-place accident.

If you're on this list, remember this important message--

And keep watching the skies because we're watching you.


The Leftist Mind: Jay Rockefeller's Big Mouth & Small Brain

Democratic Senator Jay Rockefeller recently said this to a newspaper during a seizure of openess:
“McCain was a fighter pilot, who dropped laser-guided missiles from 35,000 feet. He was long gone when they hit. What happened when they [the missiles] get to the ground? He doesn’t know. You have to care about the lives of people. McCain never gets into those issues.”
Okay, let's cast our shrewd analytical minds on that statement and what it means when it comes to understanding that odorous snake-pit called The Leftist Mind.

You see the Leftist Mindset is essentially fascist.

The Leftist views democracy as a waste of time and resources that are better managed by an absolutist state comprised of a socio-political elite.

Anyone who risks their life and limb to defend that democracy does not deserve to belong to this socio-political elite and must be cast out into the outer darkness.

However, the average American tends to think highly of people who endure the worst of humanity to defend liberty, so they can't just bar them, that would be politically unwise.

So the tactic the Leftist uses to bar veterans is to smear them as mentally deficient, psychopathic thugs who are prone to violence. Hence you get things like Winter Soldier I & II, the career of John Kerry, comments by Dick Durbin, the over-exposure of the Abu Ghraib debacle, and the exaggeration, if not the complete manufacture, of other "atrocities."

That's why men like Rockefeller are perfectly willing to go to hostile countries and discuss military affairs, endangering the lives of those same soldiers and think that they are somehow morally justified. They are trying to create a utopia where they rule in the name of progress, and if you view certain people with contempt, there's no problem sacrificing them for that utopia.

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.

PS- Check out the sidebar for links to Xran's popular Xran Xplains posts.


An Android Among The Stars #19

Greetings lowly meat-sacks of the planet Earth.

As your ocular sensors can detect, I am still indentured as the "Entertainment Editor" for the MoxArgon Group.

However, I am android, and I consider bitterness illogical, no matter how rational the argument for bitterness is.

So here is your latest entertainment news.

1. Overrated movie star George Clooney once again failed to produce at the box office with his movie Leatherheads. Apparently unable to sell a light-PG sports comedy to the American audience. I am calculating the reasons why his films do so poorly, it's a combination of arrogance, ego, entitlement, disdain for the audience, and hypocrisy.

2. Charlton Heston passed away this weekend. MoxArgon, Xran and TekTak are en route to Earth to attend the funeral. They want me to tell you that they consider him one of the last of the true Hollywood legends. Since he had never been involved in a embarrassing scandal or outrageous anti-American gaffe, there has never been a reason for me to discuss him before. That alone makes him an actor worthy of honour.

3. Harvey Weinstein doomed yet another film to failure by deliberately alienating the makers and potential fans of the film Fanboys by cutting out the plot, and replacing it with low-brow sight gags. It sparked threatened boycotts of Weinstein Co. films, but it's not like anyone's been going to Weinstein Co. films anyway.

4. Bill Maher and sitcom director Larry Charles have made a film called Religulous where Maher takes his smug smile around and mocks people's spiritual beliefs. I have a more accurate title for the film, with an accompanying poster.
That is all, end communication!



Hello, it's your pal Xran here to simplify the complicated that have been complicated by the simple.
Today I'm taking a bit of a break from my usual format to explain the concept of FASCISM.

Jonah Goldberg, the author of best-seller Liberal Fascism, said in an interview that lately the definition of a fascist is any conservative who is winning an argument against a liberal.

While that tells you how the word is being used today, it doesn't really reflect it's true meaning.

So what is FASCISM?

Fascism is essentially where the people serve the state, instead of the state serving people. It also marks a certain government hostility to individual liberties, and traditional Judeo-Christian values.

It's also a product of THE LEFT!

Yep, that's right, Fascism is a product of so-called "Liberal Progressivism" or to be more specific "Socialism."
Socialism + Nationalism

Socialism + Nationalism + Antisemitism + Paganism + Eugenics

Socialism + Internationalism + Official Atheism

These folks and their ideologies inspired many so-called "Liberal Progressives" like...

Founder of Planned Parenthood
God-mother of the American Eugenics Movement

Renegade Priest

FATHER COUGHLINAnti-American, Anti-Capitalist, Antisemite
whose "Social Justice" Movement
was the prototype of modern "Liberation Theology"

Louisiana Governor
Socialist, Progressive, Populist, &
Wealth Re-Distributor


Modern Architect, Author, and Social Progressive

So if Fascism is a product of Socialism, and therefore a product of The Left, then why are people on The Right slurred as Fascist?

Here's why:
(Communist Dictator of the USSR)



With their blend of

Nationalism & Socialism

As a rival toCOMMUNISM'S
Combo of

Socialism and Internationalism

So he deemed that any socialist movement not blessed by him
was to be propagandized as




And thus we have the cognitive dissonance of the Left.

They demand that the state be supreme over the individual

Which is inherently fascist

And yet they call Conservatives

who believe in individual rights being supreme over the state


And they claim that the Republicans are going to turn America fascist because of the PATRIOT ACT

But the Patriot Act has nothing on

Democratic President


During WWI he supported the

A Semi-Private Vigilante Organisation
not unlike the Fascist Blackshirts or Nazi Brownshirts
Searched Private Property
(without warrants)
Arrested & Detained
(without trial)

American Citizens
Without legislative or constitutional authority

For either being in a
Trade Union
Anti-War / Pacifist Group
or even a
Private Business
that opposed or criticized
Wilson's War-Socialism policies

I hope this explains this all for you.

Keep watching the skies and all that.