Hello Graduates...

The following is a transcript of a speech given by intergalactic Warlord Remulak MoxArgon to the graduating class of Sacred Heart High School in Columbus, Ohio.

Hello graduates.

I'd like to thank your principal: Sister Mary Margaret Halloran for asking me to give you this little talk.

I know it's unusual for an alien to give a speech at a High School graduation outside of Los Angeles.

(audience laughs)

Sister Mary Margaret remembered me as one of her more successful pupils from when she taught at St. Olgar's back on my home planet and since I remembered her deadly skills with a yard-stick, I could hardly say no.

(audience laughs)

Just funning you there Sister. Put the ruler away...

Anyway, I thought about giving you the usual hokum about pursuing your dreams and stuff like that, but I was never one for all that Chicken Soup for the Soul crap.

So I'm going to give you some practical advice.

Wear sunscreen.

I can't really stress how important that is. Especially since my starship kind of burnt up a lot of your ozone during my landing. Sorry about that, it'll be back to normal in a couple of weeks.

You should still wear the sunscreen anyway.

If Jimmy Carter makes a political statement, know that the opposite is right.

That's pretty self explanatory if you know anything about Jimmy Carter and his record.

You can never have too many pairs of clean socks and underwear.

Live peacefully.

But if someone refuses to let you live peacefully, destroy them and put their head on a pike as a warning to others.

Always have a change of clothes within easy reach. Because you never know.

When so-called experts say that the "argument is over" and that the "facts are irrefutable" about Global Warming, expect another Ice Age.

That's because God has a twisted sense of humour.

Find out why someone feels it necessary to leak classified information to the press.

Find out why the press feels they need to print it.

Revenge is a dish best served cold, but you should also make it sweet too. Be creative.

Do not annoy a llama.

They do not bite, but they do spit something wicked.

I learned that the hard way.

Don't be paranoid, but never forget that there are people out to get you.

Real Parmesan cheese is way better than the stuff you shake out of a can. It's worth the price.

Always know that it always gets worse before it gets better.

And that it will get better.

A Swiss Army knife can come in really handy in some emergencies.

Do not forget that you are the best master of your own fate. Not the government.

When someone talks about the Bush administration's "oppression" ask them how many TV networks has Bush shut down, or even threatened to shut down.

Moral equivalence is a free pass for evil, avoid it at all costs.

Always remember that anyone whose first tactic in an argument is to compare someone to Hitler, they are wrong.

Unless that person was Hitler. Then they're probably right.

Never join a religion that has its spiritual center in Los Angeles.

Remember that Saddam didn't order 9/11, he just gave money, shelter and medical care to those who did.

Know that if a person needs to kill the innocent to "restore their honour," they had no honour to begin with.

Indian food is really good. Try it.

Being famous will not fix you.

Try to have fun wherever you are.

Money isn't the root of all evil. The lust for the power that it can get is.

Wherever you are, there you are.

Do everything in moderation, especially moderation.

Don't be afraid to be silly.

If it feels like a bad idea. It is a bad idea.

Question people who write over 6000 stories about the anomaly of Abu Ghraib, and none about Al Qaida's excruciatingly detailed torture manual.

Remember that caffeine is brain fuel.

Question people who claim homicidal dictators are better than democratically elected governments.

Get lots of sleep.

Work hard.

Keep your eyes open.

And your ass down.

And you'll be all right.

Thank you.



An Android Among The Stars #9

(The Torpedo That Blows Up Your Enemy Before It's Even Launched)
(MoxArgon Group Entertainment Editor)

Greetings puny meat-sacks of the planet Earth.

Here I am again wasting valuable battery time reporting on the inane and illogical shenanigans of your so-called celebrities.

But I'm not bitter.

1: An on-line petition has been started by fans of exited co-host of The View Rosie O'Donnell demanding the firing of Elizabeth Hasselbeck the show's token non-gliberal for the horrible offense of not defending Rosie when she rather blatantly imply that American troops were "terrorists." I think this story perfectly illustrates the thinking of the American Left. First, they completely miss the point about what's actually happening on their home planet and say something like:
“I’m saying if you were in Iraq, and the other country, the United Stated, the richest in the world, invaded your country and killed 655,000 of your citizens what would you call us?”
Then they demand that you defend them.

When you refuse and tell them to defend themselves with facts, they deny they made the statement, claiming it was just an "innocent inquiry."

Much like the Spanish Inquisition was an "innocent inquiry."

Denied the support of people who do not believe them, the limo leftist like Rosie then tries to bully them into support by yelling and screaming.

If that does not work, the leftist then plays their victim card, claiming that they are the ones being picked on by "evil Christian right-wingers" because they won't back down when the lefty starts screaming.

They then move onto to new multi-million dollar contracts because their fellow leftists believe everything that person says, because it fits within their pre-existing prejudices.

2: Lindsey Lohan showed just how unattractive she can become, by getting busted for drunk driving, drug possession and then getting photographed puking and passing out in an intoxicated stupor. She has since checked back into rehab.

This is the part I find illogical. She comes from a family with a history of addiction issues, yet she insists on repeating the same mistakes her parents made.

Miss Lohan's behaviour also cost her the sponsorship of a vodka company for her lavish 21st birthday party.

Negotiations with the Cali Cartel to take over sponsourship are ongoing.

Thus illustrating that money, fame, and stupidity are a bad mix.

3: Speaking of driving under the influence of stupid, aging popster George Michael is looking at jail time for his recent drug-driving arrest. I am not sure where the punishment lies in locking him up in a building full of men, but then again, the ways of organics are often strange and illogical to me.

4: I was going to report on Venezuelan entertainers, but for some reason, Hugo Chavez shut it down. Go figure.


Boo Boo!


(Ruler of the Known Universe)

It is now official.

The nation of Mexico is on my sh*t list.

Why? you may ask.

Well, let me tell you.


Watch this video of Miss USA at the Miss Universe Pageant in Mexico.

I couldn't freaking believe it!

They were actually that stinking rude to BOO a participant in a beauty pageant because she came from America.


Their country is literally rotting from the inside, and they have the balls to boo at an attractive young woman simply because she came from the country they're all swimming the Rio Grande to get to.

I almost spit my Thalaxian ale from that disgusting display of rude behavior. It's a good thing I didn't cause that stuff will burn the shag off my living room carpet.

I was impressed by Miss USA who kept her smile despite the shower of bastards in the audience.

So let me tell the people of Mexico, once described as "God's Blind Spot," something I think they really need to know.

Before you boo an American, take a good hard look at your own country.

You nation is rich in natural resources.

Yet all but a tiny elite in your country are dirt poor.

Your idea of a solution to this problem is to ship the poor to your richer neighbor, because it's easier than doing something about it yourselves.

Then you complain when that richer neighbour wants these already illegal immigrants to obey the laws of their new country.

Your government couldn't organize a shag in a bordello, let alone run a functioning state. Everything from infrastructure to education is falling apart at an alarming rate.

Your law enforcement's an international joke. Their idea of a criminal investigation is to just grab some random person until they cough up enough bribe money to be let go.

And now the whole world has seen that your people can't summon up the decency to be at least civil to a beautiful woman.

Boo to you, for lacking even basic manners.

And your food sucks ass too.

Man I gotta sober up... hic....

....I'm cranky when I'm drunk...

Point/Counterpoint: Professors, Presidents, Prats

TEKTAK- Greetings Earthlings. It's now time for another edition of Point/Counterpoint. I'm TekTak F. Mechanoid from the Right.

SNOTGLOB- And I'm Snotglob T. Mutant from the Left.

TEKTAK- Our first topic today is from Canada. A professor at St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia has fired back at people who criticized his trip to Iran to attend a Holocaust Denial conference hosted by Hitler wannabe Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. In a statement he called them "Islamophobes" for criticizing him.

SNOTGLOB- And well he should. Those horrible people are just filthy, dirty racists.

TEKTAK- Snotglob you ignorant hermaphrodite slut! How can people who criticize someone for engaging in blatantly racist behaviour be racist?

SNOTGLOB- They just are! He said they're Islamophobes and that's good enough for me.

TEKTAK- That would be good enough for you. Okay, I'm going to say this very slowly. The Professor's name calling is just an attempt to stop people from stating the obvious facts that he is a raging anti-Semite who hangs around Neo-Nazis and dictators, probably supports Islamist terrorism, and has no right or reason to be teaching in a supposedly respectable university. Didn't you read Moxargon's post on Islamophobia?

SNOTGLOB- I avoid anything that isn't ideologically pure. The free exchange of ideas scare me.

TEKTAK- That and a taste for Twinkies is something you share with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Thanks for the segue Snotglob. You see your buddy Hugo has recently shut down the country's oldest and most popular private television network. A blatant violation of freedom of speech if I ever saw one.

SNOTGLOB- Hugo Chavez had a good reason to shut them down.

TEKTAK- And what was that?

SNOTGLOB- They were pointing out his massive political blunders and his oppressive tactics. They didn't give Chavez much of a choice, so it's really all their fault.

TEKTAK- How can you, as a supposed liberal, possibly morally justify that position?

SNOTGLOB- Hugo Chavez hates George W. Bush. That means everything he does is for the greater good of creating a more progressive world.

TEKTAK- I can't believe you just said that.

SNOTGLOB- Besides, Hugo recently gave actor Danny Glover tens of millions of dollars to make films. Would an enemy of free speech do that?

TEKTAK- Hitler let Goebbels make lots of films. Besides, that story says more about the moral, intellectual, creative, and political bankruptcy of Hollywood liberals like Glover. They refuse to help the efforts of men and women fighting for democracy in Iraq, yet will rush to make propaganda for a fascist dictator who uses violence to suppress dissent at home, and exports violence abroad for his own personal gain.

SNOTGLOB- Come on now Tektak. We all know that fascism can only come from the USA.

TEKTAK- I can't believe you just said that. Just get to the next topic while I fight the urge to dress you like a pinada so I can beat the dumb-ass out of you.

SNOTGLOB- Cool. Our next story is from entertainment. Apparently that big meany from The Pet Shop Boys, Neill Tennant is criticizing the Live Earth concerts being organized by the Greatest Earthling Ever: Al Gore...

TEKTAK- And well he should. The whole exercise will achieve only three things: 1. Make Al Gore a lot of money. 2. Make a lot of rich rock stars feel more important than they actually are. 3. Waste a lot of energy and fossil fuels and create more pollution.

SNOTGLOB- These concerts won't waste a thing. They're buying carbon credits.

TEKTAK- Really. From who?


TEKTAK- Point number one, made in full. All we need is Bono to open his big fat mouth to prove point number two, and the fact that Gore wants a concert in goddamn Antartica. It won't serve any practical purpose, since the penguins don't care, but it'll be a wonderful demonstration of his ego, as he becomes the Earth's first billionaire from environmental hysteria, and probably pollute a good chunk of the South Pole in the process. Our next topic takes us to Louisiana. Apparently Democrats there, worrying about losing the Governorship of the state to popular Republican Bobby Jindal are harping on the fact that his Hindi birth name Piyush Jindal isn't "American" enough for their tastes.

SNOTGLOB- Damn right. How dare this man try to pass himself off as a white man by using a name people have called him since childhood!

TEKTAK- Once again the hypocrisy of the Left rears its ugly head. How would you feel about someone criticizing Barack Hussein Obama's name as not being American enough.

SNOTGLOB- They'd be racists.

TEKTAK- And the left's attacks on Jindal aren't?

SNOTGLOB- Yeah, isn't that obvious? If this Jindal fellow was a good member of a minority, he'd be voting the way the Democratic Party tells him to vote and claim that his victim status absolves himself of all personal responsibility. All this political independence, personal success, and Republicanism are just his attempts to pass for white.

TEKTAK- And yet you see nothing wrong with what you're saying? Okay, let's wrap this up for today, because I have a baseball bat with Snotglob's name on it, so until next time, stay on point.

SNOTGLOB- A present for me?

TEKTAK- Close your eyes and you'll get it.


Memorial Day: A Serious Thought

Greetings puny Earthlings, I'd like to take a moment for a serious thought.

Today is Memorial Day in the Earthling Empire of the United States of America. A day dedicated to the memory of the warriors who sacrificed their lives in service of their nation.

You know, I wasn't always the ruler of the Known Universe. When I started out, I was a common soldier and I had to fight my way to the top.

In my life, which has been long by Earthling standards, I've faced armies, legions, factions, hordes, and swarms, battling intrusions, invasions, insurgencies, insurrections, and infestations.

And there was one thing I've learned.

War sucks.

It really does.

People die, cities burn, and suffering runs rampant.

Sadly, war, in some form, is inevitable in any place where more than two sentient beings live for any length of time.

And it's at times like this, sitting in my palace on Flokia Prime and watching your news reports on the old hyperwave that I must express my amazement at the qualities of the average American soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen.

Despite the almost constant accusations of brutality made by Al Qaida and their pet dupes in media/activist circles the American warriors show a level of integrity and self control that I can't make any claim to.

Hell, they'd be sweeping aside the scorched bones and drilling for oil through radioactive glass if I was fighting the Iraq War. Yet Americans regularly put their lives at risk to save Iraqi civilians, like the 42 rescued from an Al Qaida torture mill, and endanger themselves by holding back their immense firepower in order to protect the innocent.

And yet what do the rich and famous of America, who owe their freedom and their fortunes to the sacrifices of these heroes?

They imply on vacuous daytime talk shows and the floors of Congress that they are 'terrorists' and compare them to mass murderers, only to deny that they made the accusations when they're proven bogus. They degrade and malign the good names of men and women who are willing to put their lives on the line to preserve the very freedoms that allow the loudmouth jerks to be loudmouth jerks.

So I'd like the loudmouth jerks to just SHUT THE HELL UP today and let the heroes have their day.

It's the least you can do if you really appreciate the freedom.

Of course, if they appreciated anything, they wouldn't be loudmouthed jerks.

So, I'd like to offer an alien salute to the men and women staring evil and death in the face in places like Iraq and Afghanistan.

You are true heroes in every sense of the word.


PS: There's been some interest in Xran's post about the World Bank Debacle, and if you wish to read and can't easily find it CLICK HERE.

InterGalactic Roundtable 2.10: Stop to Smell the Rosie

MOXARGON- Greetings puny Earthlings and welcome to another edition of The MoxArgon Group. I am joined, as usual, by our regular panelists space pirate, columnist, author, and critic: Xran the Fleshrender, columnist, author critic, and donut connoisseur: Varos Quasar and columnist, author, critic, and critic: Android CAI/7. Welcome everybody.

XRAN- Good day.

VAROS- Nice to be here.

ANDROID CAI/7- It is agreeable to be here.

MOXARGON- First issue. Rosie O'Donnell has quit her spot on daytime gab-fest The View after a blow up with co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck where the normally passive blonde actually fought back, demanding that Rosie defend her insinuations. What do you think?

XRAN- I'm still recovering from the fact that Barbra Walters, a woman who supposedly has a scintilla of common sense would hire a co-host who does 9/11 conspiracy theories as her warm-up to the show.

VAROS- I think Hasselbeck was being horribly cruel to poor Rosie. Here is poor little Rosie O'Donnell being bullied by the vicious and all powerful media titan Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

ANDROID CAI/7- Have you been consuming psychotropic substances Varos?


ANDROID CAI/7- Is Varos high?

MOXARGON- Nope, his test was clean this morning, so he's like this normally, and he does have a point.

XRAN- Now I have to ask: Are you high Remmy?

MOXARGON- Only on Tiburian beer. What I was attempting to say is that Varos pretty much encapsulates how Rosie is going to spin her departure from The View. She's going to play the 'poor lesbian victim censored by the evil Christian Elizabeth' card, and a lot of her New York-Hollywood limo-lefty buddies are going to buy it. Mark my words, she's going to have her own show sooner than you think, because the moonbats rule the roost in La-La Land. It is the town where Gene Simmons is a voice of reason. That shows how low it has gone.

XRAN- Probably. I get the feeling that Rosie has something more going on in that snake-pit of a noggin than the depression she publicly claims. She is a dangerous combination of narcissism and self-loathing. Her narcissism makes her aim her self-hatred outward at the country that allowed someone like her to be a celebrity and the current symbol of that country, President George W. Bush.

ANDROID CAI/7- I agree. I also say that if she does not have George W. Bush as a target to vent her loathing, she may just turn it back on herself.

VAROS- Being right about everything is very pressing on a person.

MOXARGON- As much as I find her public statements and bullying tactics disgusting, I do find Rosie more of a figure to be pitied than hated. And since, as an alien conqueror, I don't really feel pity, let's move onto the next topic: John Edwards, the man who believes in "2 Americas" and his wife doesn't care for seeing the 2nd America from the window of her personal spa, declared that the war on terror is just a bumper-sticker slogan to justify what he considers "Bush's foreign adventurism."

XRAN- Edwards' new campaign slogan going to be: Edwards- As Incoherent As Jimmy Carter, But Prettier.

VAROS- I think it should be: Edwards- Right As Rosie.

ANDROID CAI/7- I do not think that I could possibly top that one for sheer satirical weight.

VAROS- What satire?

MOXARGON- Let's move on, the mere thought of that vacuous pretty boy like Edwards is even in the bottom of the top three of the Democratic candidate shows the dreadful state of political thought in that party.

XRAN- Don't forget that the top two Democratic candidates voted against funding the military in the middle of a war just to please their Soros/Kos masters.

VAROS- What's wrong with pleasing George Soros, he's only got the best interests of the world at heart.

MOXARGON- You gotta stop saying stuff like that Varos. You're cracking me up and this is not a laughing matter. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Pretty-Boy Edwards show that the only thing they care about is getting power. They don't care about the war, the people fighting it, or the country as a whole. They'd set themselves on fire if they thought it could get them another vote from their radical or big money masters. That is not a party that's mature enough to have power of any kind.

VAROS- I don't think the Democrats are the only flakes. Ron Paul is running as a Republican.

MOXARGON- And he's viewed by 99% of Republicans as a total flake-job and is treated as such. If he ran as a Democrat, he'd be in the top 4 list of candidates instead of staining the bottom of the barrel. That's the truth. Now, let's call it a day for now. I'd like to thank our new readers, courtest of Nice Doggie, for coming, and to tell them to keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.


A Time 4 Tanks.

I was supposed to THANK some people for linking to our humble little blog and send them a nice present, but one of my minions misread it, so now instead of getting THANKS they will be getting TANKS.

So a squadron of lovely V-76 Razorback* class hovertanks, with bucket seats (for 3), MP3 player, air conditioning, two class-3 blaster cannons and Star-Viper plasma missiles with DNA tracking sensors are on there way to...

NICE DOGGIE: home of the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler has been nice enough to offer us membership in their Rottweilerian Empire of Unbridled Hegemonic Overlordery. I guess it's some cute little human club where various people plot world domination, not knowing that their doom at the hands of my vast intergalactic empire is on its way.

I'd also like to tank...

DR. SANITY: Who has included us in her weekly Carnival of the Insanities again. Thanks Doc.

Well, your tanks are on their way. Play safe, and don't blow up anyone who doesn't deserve blowing up.

*Razorback Tanks, courtesy of Gorvac Armour Inc. of Flokia Prime.
"When you absolutely, positively need to kill an entire city, call Gorvac."


Getting to the Root of: Islamophobia


(Ruler of the Known Universe)

Greetings puny Earthlings.

Last time I talked about why the left is wrong, and today I'd like to take a moment to discuss a word that gets bandied about quite a bit.

No, I'm not talking about 'low-carb,' 'hogzilla,' or 'Sanjaya.'

I'm talking about Islamophobia.

It's not a scientifically accepted phobia like claustrophobia or an amusingly obscure one like triskadekaphobia that I can mention just to show off how much smarter I am than you, but it is a term that gets used quite a lot.

It's supposed to mean an irrational fear of Muslims based on ethnic or religious prejudice, but it serves another purpose entirely.


You see, the worst thing you can do to someone in polite liberal society is to call them a bigot. It immediately conjures up images of inbred redneck yokels staring slack-jawed at burning crosses from beneath home-made white hoods while they wait for the Johnny Walker to kick in and give them the courage to jump and lynch some poor innocent guy who happened to be the wrong skin-tone at the wrong place and the wrong time.

Nobody wants to be seen that way.

So they usually shut up, and pass on criticizing people, usually individuals, for their boorish, mean spirited, and sometimes criminal behaviour.

Hell, Al Sharpton's made a career out it, and it's made him rich and powerful.

So the easiest and cheapest way to stop a debate on a topic that you cannot win is to accuse your opposition of being prejudiced.

It's even better if you can come up with a nice, technical sounding buzz-word the media can use, like, let's say.... Islamophobia.

Right now, the major issue of the world is the role of Islam in international terrorism. Now while not all Muslims are terrorists, only a small percentage are, the overwhelming majority of the world's terrorists are Muslim.

I'll bet you dinars to donuts that right now somebody, somewhere is preparing to type the word: Islamophobic racist in my comments section in the vain hope that it will make me shut my proverbial noise hole.

It won't.

It will prove to me that the person typing is wrong and that they most likely support terrorism.

That's a pretty broad assumption, you may declare, what about the majority of Muslims who do not support terrorism?

Those Muslims, or the true moderates, actually want a debate on the issue. They want everything out in the open because evil can only grow in the dark. Sadly, they are often shouted down by the louder and more aggressive Islamist factions that dwell in the mosques and communities like metastasizing cancers looking to kill the entire body.

Look at the groups who use the term Islamophobia and you'll be hard pressed to find any that don't have any connection to groups like Hamas or Al Qaida.

They don't want you to know that, so they play the politically correct victim card to avoid any hard questions.

That's why they demand special treatment in western countries that serves only to isolate and radicalize their communities, while Islamic nations regularly and viciously oppress all other faiths, and call all who dispute it Islamophobes. They know what they are doing is wrong, and destructive to their communities, but they don't care, not when there is power to grab.

However, there's another side to Islamophobia, and that's the fact that:


Take a look at the world. It is wracked with wars, civil wars, genocides, and insurgencies.

The majority of these conflicts involve what some call "the bloody borders of Islam." Basically a clash between radicalized Muslim factions and everyone else who doesn't want to be reduced to dhimmi serfdom status or slaughtered.

Everywhere in the world Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Animists, Buddhists, and even other Muslims are being killed in large numbers by radical Islamist groups hopped up on Salafist and Wahhabi theology and oil cash from Middle Eastern dictatorships.

Salafi Islamist theology is almost like a Bizarro-World version of the western world's Greco-Judeo-Christian moral foundation. It is a theology where morality is inverted, where murder replaces discussion, where revenge replaces forgiveness, and power over others replaces love.

And if you claim that I'm full of Syborean nose-nuggets then take a look around and see where rapists are honored while their victims are murdered, where slavery is still practiced and where it's been abolished, and remember who did the abolishing. Look at who lets young girls burn to death rather than allow them to violate a religious taboo of questionable origin and who is horrified by this.

And let's look at the numbers.

The great majority of the world's Muslims just want to live in peace, do their jobs and raise their families. But not all are content.

In the USA, where Muslims live better than anywhere on Earth, way better than in Muslim dominated countries, around a quarter of Muslims between the ages of 18 to 30 believe that suicide bombings can be morally justified.

So let's say that the majority want peace.

But a quarter can cause a hell of a lot of death and destruction if their idea of expressing their faith is blowing up a school full of children.

So let's say that only 10% of the world's Muslims think the sun shines out of Osama Bin Ladin's back orifice and are willing to kill and die for a shot at 72 virgins, that's over one hundred million people worldwide.

Folks have good reason to be afraid.

And yet, the western world has not been swept by hordes of bloodthirsty Americans lynching Muslims on light poles, banning their faith, and burning down their mosques. Aside from isolated cases of misguided and idiotic violence and petty vandalism, Muslims in America have yet to suffer any real backlash for the sins of their brethren thanks to the Western Judeo-Christian ethical foundation.

And there's something else you should know.


That's right.

The majority of Muslims are scared to death of the radical Islamist minority who dominate too many of the world's mosques.

Everyday Muslims who wish to live in the 21st century and in peace with their fellow human beings are being threatened, assaulted, and often murdered as 'apostates' or 'false Muslims.'

When a nut-case like Fred Phelps and his 'Christian church' go around ranting and raving, they are mocked and derided by other Christians who know they are radical wankers and treat them accordingly. They do this because they are comfortable that any attempt to intimidate or violently oppress others will get the full weight of the law falling on them like a ton of hardened turds.

However true moderate Muslims don't have that luxury. The radical Islamist factions, while a numerical minority, have the backing of too many governments in Islamist countries, and western governments are too scared to protect the moderates and confront the radicals for fear of being branded Islamophobic.

This leaves the poor true moderates out gunned all over the world. All it takes is the word of a single Imam, or self-declared 'True-Muslim' to get everyone in your family killed. Thus the majority are too scared to truly speak out, and those who do are ostracized, threatened, or even murdered.

So remember these simple points:

*Anyone who uses the term Islamophobia is a supporter of terrorism who wants to use political correctness to stifle debate on a serious issue.

*There are good reasons to be afraid, but we in the west are really ruled by reason & compassion, not fear, despite what the lefties and terror-supporters say.

*Truly moderate Muslims are in the most danger from Islamist radicalism, and they need our support. Support that can't be stopped by the shameful posturing of race baiting radicals trying to use politically correct white guilt to further the cause of oppression.


Getting To The Root Of: Why The Left Is Wrong

(Ruler of the Known Universe)
Greetings puny Earthlings.

I've been doing a little thinking lately about the political left, and why they are acting the way they are.

Some folks on the left are passably intelligent, or can at least fake their way through a conversation, so why are they doing something as stupid as doing everything to ensure victory for the very forces that seek to destroy them.

Well, let's get to the root of it all.

You see, the average leftist claims to stand for various things, equal rights for women, religious & cultural tolerance, racial harmony, individual & national liberty, and freedom of speech. Yet recently, they have tossed all those things into Trotsky's proverbial dustbin to show their support of the most misogynistic, intolerant, racist, oppressive, imperialist, and censorious movement the world has seen since Josef Stalin's last genocide bender.

And I ain't talkin' about Halliburton.

I'm talking Islamist Fascism.

For some reason what's considered evil if perpetrated by Western
Christians is an absolute good if it's performed in the name of Allah. You see once respectable, but now completely leftist groups like Amnesty International posting pictures like this:

Where they c
ompare the vice president of the most powerful democracy in the history of the world to fictional supervillains over allegations of torture made by people who are trained by their masters to LIE about being tortured. All the while willfully ignoring their other manual that teaches them how to torture.

Leftist radicals also regularly march and protest in open support of the people who seek to destroy the very society that allows them to be free enough to call for the destruction of their own freedom. They openly cheer mass murders, rapists, and torturers, while jeering those who oppose them and condemn them as 'War Criminals' and 'liars.'

They also support the genocidal slaughter of the first and currently only successful, and most liberal, democracy in the Middle East.

Yep, a lot of lefties want to see tiny, liberal, Israel and all its inhabitants burnt to cinders by a religious fanatic who thinks he gets golden showers from the Almighty.


But why? you may ask, furrowing your brow in a futile atte
mpt to understand, Israel doesn't tolerate the murder of women in the name of honour, or hang homosexuals, and it has a very social-agenda driven economy. Why?

The answer is simple.

You see, the average leftist doesn't really have anything they will really fight to the death for. They will easily toss aside everything they claim to hold dear as long as it feeds one thing:


That pretty much sums it up. Like the man who doesn't know much about art, but he knows what he likes, the Leftist doesn't really know or care about what they value, they only knows what they hate.

And right now the center of that hatred is the United States of America and everything it stands for.

What does the United States of America stand for?




The Rule of Law

Freedom of Speech

The Judeo-Christian Spiritual and Philosophical Tradition

These things are an anathema to the Leftist, who actually predates the common left-right/communist-capitalist definitions formed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Before the rise of Marxism and Bolshevism, what we now call Leftists belonged to groups labeled as anarchists, heretics, or lunatics.

Marxism and all of its various and sundry offshoots provided a perfect outlet for the Leftist's oppositional nature, leading to decades of conflict, tension, and the deaths of over 100 million people in the 20th Century.

Sadly, classical Marxism collapsed as the 20th century rang down the curtain to join the choir invisible, so the Leftist needed something to hang onto.

It couldn't be just anything. It had to fit in with their illusory claims of defending the rights of people oppressed by evil westerners (who are the only people capable of committing evil in the Leftist mind) who will take the place of the proletariat, who abandoned them when they refused to ignore the petty little man behind the Great Oz's curtain. To keep up this illusion it had to be a movement based in the problems of the 3rd world, much of them created by leftist policies, and be opposed to everything the Western World hold dear.

Islamist fundamentalism fit the bill to a 'T.'

It doesn't matter that this movement the so-called 'Progressives' support want to blast the world into the dark ages, because it gives the Leftist the one thing they desire.

That's right. The Leftist is only doing this, not out of a desire for peace, brotherhood, or any of the other tripe they claim to want. They want power and they will do anything to get it. And that means lying, stealing, killing, and betrayal. All things the extreme radical leftist is quite adept at doing.

And once they get power, you can be guaranteed that all their promises of equality, prosperity, and peace, are all smoke and mirrors.


You see, some leftists are more left than other leftists.

Does that make any sense?

Let me explain.

Some Leftists use their tradition of deception, occasional violence, betrayal, and willingness to go to bed with anyone, politically, to further their lust for power.

But they are not a majority.

The majority can best be described, by Lenin, as "useful idiots." They're people who are blind to the lies and hypocrisy of their philosophical masters and think that their 'progressive' course to a new stone age truly is the best, because someone told them so and threw a lot of mangled figures, and often falsified facts to prove their case.

They really believe everything they are told, as long as it fits their overwhelming prejudice against Western Culture.


What do I look like, a psychiatrist?

One thing I will do is pretty much guarantee you that I will get a long rambling post from an anonymous lefty troll declaring everything I know is wrong, because Noam Chomsky told him so.

Or the trolls may look at my little prediction and let their natural oppositionalism win over, and keep their mouths shut.

But that's unlikely.

Leftists can't let an opportunity for a good crank pass.

It's in their nature.

Next topic: Islamophobia


An Android Among the Stars #8- More Moore

Michael Moore is at it again.

Moore Receives Cheers at Cannes, Boos From Canadian Crtics
Michael Moore received a standing -- and sustained -- ovation following the screening of his latest documentary, Sicko, at the Cannes Film Festival Saturday. But some critics suggested that in censuring the U.S. health system, Moore was overly generous in his praise of other countries'. At a news conference, Canadian journalists harangued Moore for, as Toronto Star film critic Peter Howell wrote, making "it seem as if Canada's socialized medicine is flawless and that Canadians are satisfied with the status quo." Apparently taken aback by the assault from the Canadian journalists, Moore said, "You Canadians! You used to be so funny! ... You gave us all our best comedians. When did you turn so dark?" Later, he suggested that the U.S. ought to adopt the best parts of other countries' health systems. "We should steal from them," he said.

I think I can tell Comrade Moore when Canadians turned so 'dark' it occurred when the Canadian (so-called) Liberal Government, which he loved so much for staying out of Iraq, slashed the federal government's share of the health care budget from 50% to less than 16%. This sparked a massive exodus of doctors, nurses, and associated health care workers out of Canada to the USA.

When the scandal about conditions at Walter Reed Army Hospital broke out, the average reaction of Canadians was a big fat: "So what?" Because just about every hospital in Canada is in that bad, if not worse, shape.

So Michael Moore, please stop talking about things you know little or nothing about, and quit making up facts to make your lefty-moonbat fanbase think you know something outside of sucking money out of them.


An Android Among the Stars #7- Michael Moore Edition

My associate Varos Quasar posted another one of his little question sessions a few minutes ago and I felt compelled, as the MoxArgon Group's resident entertainment reporter to answer one of them.

The question was:

1. If Michael Moore really cared about those 9/11 workers getting free health care, why didn't he arrange for them to go to Sweden, or France, or another country with socialized medicine? Why did he take them to a 3rd world dictatorship whose doctors almost killed their own president with their incompetence and had to be replaced with doctors from Spain?

It looks like a multi-level question that requires a multi-level answer.

Michael Moore took those 9/11 workers to Cuba specifically because he does NOT care a rodent's rectum about them, or their health.

Moore is a narcissist who cares only about two things:

1. Himself.

2. The feeding of his ego.

He specifically chose Cuba for these reasons:

1. It is the sort of communist dictatorship he purports to admire, while he himself lives the life of a free American celebrity millionaire, complete with private jets, limousines, and expensive luxuries.

2. Cuba is also under a trade embargo by the United States. So his stunt, for one cannot logically call it journalism, was to provoke an investigation from the Treasury Department so he can claim that he is being oppressed by the country that made him a millionaire celebrity in time for him to become a fashionably leftist cause celebre at the premiere of his film at the Cannes Film Festival. Why do you think he waited several months before leaking the letter from the Treasury Department to the press?

3. Moore has made his career as a propagandist by feeding the prejudices of the fashionably leftist in the Western World's middle and upper classes. In order to keep them happy, and his wallet fat, and his ego bloated from their misguided praise he must badmouth the only country that would possibly allow someone like him to run around freely. The best way to bad-mouth said country is to repeat the myth that the health care system of a 3rd World dictatorship is somehow superior to the said country's because its dictator says it's free. The elites that support Moore need to keep this myth alive in order to justify their own prejudices.

I hope that answers Varos' question. I wouldn't want him to be confused or anything.

Quasar's Questions

Greetings Earthlings.

I have a few more questions that I'd like to get answered, because there are some things about your world that I still don't understand.

1. If Michael Moore really cared about those 9/11 workers getting free health care, why didn't he arrange for them to go to Sweden, or France, or another country with socialized medicine? Why did he take them to a 3rd world dictatorship whose doctors almost killed their own president with their incompetence and had to be replaced with doctors from Spain?

2. Why do the Democrats in Congress have a lower approval rating than the President who is subject to a non-stop barrage of negative media coverage?

3. Why do so many Americans oppose surrendering to Islamic fundamentalists? The Democrats seem to like and agree with them, why not you?



Howdy my Earthling Amigos, it's your old pal Xran here, once again making complicated things simple, after the simple made them complicated.

Today I'm looking into the recent brouhaha at the World Bank over Paul Wolfowitz and his longtime companion Shiha Raza.

So allow me to explain what's really going on.

This is...


He's President of...


This is...

Paul Wolfowitz's longtime partner, human rights activist, and longer-time employee of...

This is....

They demanded that...
MS. RAZA to avoid the APPEARANCE of a CONFLICT OF INTEREST despite the fact that many World Bank managers have THEIR SPOUSES WORKING DIRECTLY FOR THEM, something Ms. Raza did not do

And RECOMMENDED transferring MS. RAZA

to a HIGHER PAYING post as liaison to the State Department AS COMPENSATION in order to avoid a WRONGFUL DISMISSAL LAWSUIT



Immediately accused Wolfowitz of nepotism




2- REVENGE: WOLFOWITZ was the ARCHITECT of the fall of this man


Who made the cronies of this man...
(former UN Secretary General)

Very rich through the OIL FOR FOOD SCAM


The UN/World Bank bureaucrats want a EUROPEAN who won't rock the boat to take over the post traditionally held by a citizen of the largest donor nation in order to keep the USA from becoming too powerful in the global body it actually pays for

Specifically they want to replace Wolfowitz with this man...


Who was a top crony of this man...


And MARK MALLOCH BROWN currently lives in a house in New York owned by this man...

(International Financier & Democratic Party Moneybags)

Draw your own conclusions.