Love is in the Air... Again...

another personal message by Remulak MoxArgon

MOXARGON: Greetings Earthlings. I'm here once again to declare my undying love for a woman with beauty, intelligence, and something that really turns my skrellbach, power. I'm talking about the Secretary of State for the American Empire, Kondo-LeesaRyss. And I'd like to express my feelings through poetry... ahem...

Kondo-Leesa, Kondo-Leesa
That's what your parent's named you
Oh foreign policy dominatrix of my dreams...
Kondo-Leesa, Kondo-Leesa
I adore you
Run away with me, and we can...

XRAN: Are you at this again?

MOXARGON: Dammit Xran! I'm trying to pitch some woo so I can make a little whoopee.

XRAN: This thing for human females is getting to be... well, kinda sad and why are you always looking to add more females to your harem? I've got five wives back home, and that's the main reason I'm always in deep space.

MOXARGON: That's your problem Xran, you're not a romantic like myself.

XRAN: And you've got the attention span of a Tyrullian gnat. Yesterday it was this columnist Mee-Shell something and now it's this Kondo-Leesa. What's next are you going to go ga-ga over AnKolt-her?

MOXARGON: Nah, she's too skinny. Besides, I heard she's dating Drone-9099, but you didn't hear that from me.

XRAN: I haven't seen this female-crazy since school and you...

MOXARGON: Don't say it.

XRAN: Say what? Mention the time you asked Greeba Semoflax to the Conqueror's Ball and that she turned you down flat and called you...

MOXARGON: Don't go any farther...Corky.

XRAN: Oh, you remember that?

MOXARGON: You don't have a head like mine without remembering everything, and since you're so insistent on reliving our school days, why don't I tell the whole galaxy what Baff Arglebarge did to you in the locker room. I'm sure you don't want your crew calling you 'Captain Swirly.'

XRAN: I get your point. I'll be leaving now. Sheesh, slow news week and he goes all crazy.

MOXARGON: Since a certain someone, who shall remain nameless, ruined the mood, again, I'm going to end on this simple message. Kondo-Leesa, if you ever get tired of being a secretary and want to be a queen, gimme a call.


Damian G. said...

Best of all, she has never had a mate, so she is quite fair game.

Fitch said...

Good luck pal! Ha ha!