Peace In Our Time... & a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

Okay it's not peace in your time, but it's definitely happened between me and that little pip-squeak Vox Poplar. I finally found the the little wannabe Spielberg in a bar in Guatemala, trying to find someone willing to exchange my Flokian money for Earthling money.

Well, we exchanged a few... words, I got all my money back, and then some, and Vox learned a valuable lesson about the movie business.

Speaking of the movie business, I'm formally inviting everyone to participate in the


Yeah, you read that right, we're tossing together a film festival. So if you have a political / humorous / politically-humorous video on YouTube, then let us know, if you'd like to reccomend a video, feel free. The videos will be reviewed by me and my colleagues, sort of like Ebert & Roeper, with fewer brain-suckings, and prizes will be awarded for the best and the worst that you have to offer.

So, until next time keep watching the skies because we're watching you, and we'll be watching your internet videos!

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