Global Warming: Finally A Final Solution.

Greetings puny Earthlings.

I see you're still panicking over the whole 'climate change' thing and some are even getting sick from the constant anxiety.

This should shut your whining.

I have the solution.

Something that will put an end to Global Warming for good.

I'm not going to suggest following Kyoto.

Even the folks who wrote the damn thing think it's a load of snorboks.

Nor am I going to suggest giving up your cars, or stuffing plugs down volcanoes and up cow-butts.

This will end the 'fever' that currently making Al Gore very rich.

I'm talking about....

Yes puny Earthlings, you have been sitting on the solution to your problems for over 60 years.

Nuclear weapons.

All you have to do is launch your missiles, obliterate key areas of your planet and all the people in them, and wait for the toxic-radioactive clouds to darken your sky and plunge you into a nice safe nuclear winter, thus saving humanity from its greatest enemy, the sun.

It's affordable, a great excuse to eliminate your enemies and people who annoy, plus it will kill fewer people in the brief time it takes to nuke your puny planet than current environmentalist trends are going to kill people in Africa by denying them energy and the means to combat malaria.

Think about it.

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