8 Things About Snotglob


It's so rare for Remulak to let me do my own posts on this blog, so I have to take my chance while I can.


1. The "T" stands for "The" I just put it in to make myself feel important.

2. I don't know why people don't like it when I plant eggs in their brain, I'm just expressing my culture.

3. I honestly don't know why folks don't just get along.

4. I think Michael Moore is only dedicated to the truth and not self aggrandizing propaganda.

5. I enjoy rolling in slime. Any slime will do, I'm not picky.

6. I think I smell nice, but Xran says I smell like a dead Tyjarrian Dung Mole.

7. I like flowers. Especially washed down with spinal fluid.

8. I ain't very good at the book learnin', but I still got a spot teaching political science at an Ivy League university.

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