An Android Among the Stars #18: Money Makes the Entertainment World Go Round...

Greeting wretched organic meat bags of the planet Earth.

I thought I could get out of doing this unpleasant job by putting off doing another post, but Remulak convinced me otherwise.

It is amazing how logical an argument can become when there is a particle blaster aimed at your head.

1. Actor Wesley Snipes' income tax evasion trial has gone to the jury. Snipes' defence is that he doesn't have to pay taxes since he considers himself a "non-resident alien." I must disagree with this, since Orlando, Florida, is not another planet.

2. Speaking of resident aliens Nancy Cartwright, the voice of TVs Bart Simpson gave $10 million to the Church of Scientology, doubling the amount given by couch-hopper Tom Cruise. Remulak is not pleased since the money will probably be spent bad-mouthing his old friend and mentor Xenu.

3. Britney Spears is still nuts. So we will not talk about her anymore.

4. The Oscar nominees were announced. No one cares.

That is all for now.

End Communication.

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