Hi Earthlings. TekTak here, with the latest instalment of DOUCHEBAGS OF THE WEEKS so here they are:

THE ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY SHOOTER: I don't have the douchebag's name at the time of this writing, and even if I did, I won't post it. Publicity is what these douchebag's crave, so I say we deny it to them, and only refer to them as "douchebags." And Remulak has asked me to pass on a little message to all those who think that going on a killing spree will somehow solve their problems: "KILL YOURSELF FIRST YOU DOUCHEBAGS!"

CONGRESSIONAL DEMOCRATS: For blocking, obstructing, and generally obfuscating American national security for the political gain earned by toadying to the Kos Kids and oily billionaires. Classy.

MAYOR CARTY FINKBEINER OF TOLEDO: For barring the US Marines from training in methods to protect his city from terrorists because it offends his Democratic Party postures.

CINDY SHEEHAN: Remulak had considered not putting her on this list because of her losses, of both her son, her marriage, her dignity, and her sanity. But now she's out protesting on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. She's essentially now in open support of Al Qaida, which spawned from the Brotherhood. She's essentially pissing on her son's grave to feed her own egomania as the self-proclaimed "Peace Mom."

So to the folks on this list, please remember this little message from your Intergalactic betters:

And keep watching the skies and all that.

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