An Android Among The Stars #19

Greetings lowly meat-sacks of the planet Earth.

As your ocular sensors can detect, I am still indentured as the "Entertainment Editor" for the MoxArgon Group.

However, I am android, and I consider bitterness illogical, no matter how rational the argument for bitterness is.

So here is your latest entertainment news.

1. Overrated movie star George Clooney once again failed to produce at the box office with his movie Leatherheads. Apparently unable to sell a light-PG sports comedy to the American audience. I am calculating the reasons why his films do so poorly, it's a combination of arrogance, ego, entitlement, disdain for the audience, and hypocrisy.

2. Charlton Heston passed away this weekend. MoxArgon, Xran and TekTak are en route to Earth to attend the funeral. They want me to tell you that they consider him one of the last of the true Hollywood legends. Since he had never been involved in a embarrassing scandal or outrageous anti-American gaffe, there has never been a reason for me to discuss him before. That alone makes him an actor worthy of honour.

3. Harvey Weinstein doomed yet another film to failure by deliberately alienating the makers and potential fans of the film Fanboys by cutting out the plot, and replacing it with low-brow sight gags. It sparked threatened boycotts of Weinstein Co. films, but it's not like anyone's been going to Weinstein Co. films anyway.

4. Bill Maher and sitcom director Larry Charles have made a film called Religulous where Maher takes his smug smile around and mocks people's spiritual beliefs. I have a more accurate title for the film, with an accompanying poster.
That is all, end communication!

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