Quit Harshing My Mellow Dudes...

(Weather Underground Terrorist & Obama supporter)

Whoah, dudes, things are gettin' heavy for my black brother Obama. Some crypto-fascist pigs are all on his back over us being friends and because I used to toss bombs for the Weather Underground.

Dudes, that's just harsh man, really harsh pig-talk there.

Think about a minute. All I did was plant bombs to bring down the capitalist pig society that gave me the comfort and privileged childhood of the son of a corporate CEO, then let me get off on all charges, and then hand me a career in academia where my biggest qualification was that I was a terrorist.

Any society that let's someone like me get so prominent has to be screwed up and must be brought down!

But that's no reason to get all harsh and crypto-fascist on my bro Barry.

Barack Obama knows how to handle terrorists, he becomes friends with them. I think Osama Bin Ladin will be much more relaxed if we get him on the board of a nice university somewhere.

Anyway, leave my bro Barry alone.

Damn, I could sure go for some weed, and some dynamite....

What were we talking about again?

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Thomas Smith said...

I think about this, and how hard I work to live at the edge of poverty, and I want a few minutes alone with this guy and a machete.