The Leftist Mind: Corruption?

Greetings puny Earthlings.

Sorry for the light posting lately, but when you have to ship presents by hyper-speed freighter and have over 250 nieces and nephews all expecting presents, you got to get your Xmas shopping done early.

I'd like to take a minute to discuss the recent downfall of Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich for auctioning the President Elect's now vacant Senate seat. Now the shock is not that Blagojevich is corrupt, that's been obvious pretty much since the day he was first elected, the real shock is that a grafter as unsubtle and stupid as Blagojevich got away with it for so long.

Now while the media tries to find ways to misidentify the Democrat Blagojevich as a Republican, and President Elect Obama looks for room for him under the proverbial bus, I've decided to look at how corruption is inherent in the Leftist Mind, in fact, the key ingredients of Leftist thought breeds corruption.

1. Identity Politics: This keeps people from making up their own mind, feeling that voting for a certain political party is somehow instrumental to their ethnic identity. Well guess what, becoming a 100% guaranteed voting bloc for any party, makes that party lazy and corrupt, because they don't have to be hard-working and honest to keep their voters happy.

2. Ends Justifying the Means: Leftists crave power, and will do anything for it. From selling Senate seats to the highest bidder, to collecting hundreds of millions of dollars from all over the world in questionable campaign donations. It also inoculates them from outrage from their followers, who too are only looking for what they can get out the body politic, not making that body work well.

3. High Taxes: Puts the wealth of the nation under the control of a small few, and that sort of wealth and power can only corrupt as every crook in the country tries to get their piece of the action. When wealth is in the hands of individuals, then the crooks have to strike them each as individuals, but put it all under one government, and it's open season.

4. Regulation: The regulation of people and businesses beyond the natural evolution of common law is an invitation to corruption. Regulations breed loopholes, often deliberately placed in their by the men corrupting the government to enrich themselves.

When a Republican is exposed to be corrupt, there is outrage, because Republicans define themselves not by what they can get out of the state, but for law and order, and a certain amount of morality in politics. Violate those precepts, and they will smack you.

However, as long as you deliver the right platitudes, play to the right crowds, and tell people what they want to hear, you can get away with all kinds of funny business, until you do something really stupid like Blagojevich.

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