Greetings puny Earthlings, MoxArgon here and I've come to a conclusion.

You American Earthlings couldn't organize a shag in a bordello.

Look at your government. The Democrats are acting like a pack of drunken poets on payday, doing whatever they can to cripple the economy through massive debt that won't be paid for generations.

You got terrorists and the dictators who love them dropping threats like dog turds while their mad scientists try to build nukes with ripped off technology they were incapable of developing themselves.

The Census Bureau's been transformed into Rahm Emmanuel's bitch, giving him the ability to skew statistics and figures to ensure the Democrats can gerrymander democracy into oblivion.

And what's your President doing?

Is he making decisions?

Is he standing up to the pork barrel bandits who have already tainted his legacy like peanut butter?


He's running around like he's still campaigning, bitching about those meanies on Talk Radio, and promising everyone everything, whether he can deliver it or not.

Plus, he's trying to start a trade war with that "buy American" clause. Trade's essential, because people who sell you goods, then have to use those dollars to buy American goods.

And you're media won't say anything about it, hell, they won't even report on a man beheading his wife in Buffalo, because he's a Muslim, and it might upset the 7,000 members of CAIR.

Congratulations America, it's official.

You're screwed.

And my android hordes won't be cleaning up this mess when we finally bring your planet under heel.

Keep watching the skies because we're watching you.

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