Reality Checks For February.

Greetings puny Earthlings.

It's time for some reality checks.

1. President Barack Obama has put Joe Biden in charge of overseeing the so-called stimulus pork-a-palooza. Now while everyone knows that Biden's as thick as a whale omelet, I can see why Obama has given him the job. I saw a report on Biden's financials when he was named Veep candidate, and he didn't have a pot to piss in after 30+ years in politics. At least he's not a thief, and the pork will go to those who deserve it, like ACORN.

2. Right now the call is to regulate businesses out the wazoo. You can't conceive how wrong that is. Regulations lie at the root of the current crisis. Bernie Madoff suckered billions out of people because he was respectable, and had the stamp of approval from the regulators. The shoddy mortgages were sold in the first place because of government regulatory pressure, and then packaged into complex derivatives that were created to profit from complex regulations. Regulation also breeds corruption. Remember, when you regulate business, business seeks to regulate you, and in direct proportion.

3. Okay, I'm a little confused over all this so-called "mortgage relief" plans. Yes, foreclosures are way up, but it's centred mostly in five states like California, Nevada, Florida, Arizona, and Michigan. And I'll bet zondars to zelnaks that when you look at the brass tacks, the majority of those being foreclosed could pay their mortgage, but have fallen victim to various and sundry contractual booby traps hidden in the small print of their mortgage agreements that raises their payments . (Created and permitted to profit from complex regulations) How about a renegotiation to a basic contract, that allows those that can pay their mortgage to pay their mortgage in a reasonable manner without the stupid booby traps. The rush the banks are having to foreclose also doesn't make much sense, they can't sell these properties for months, if not a couple of years, where they'll decay from lack of use, and lose even more value. So why not give up the barely legal scams, and simplify to a system where they can at least make some money back without acting like complete Thiborians. (Now I'm going to get letters from offended Thiborians, but they know I'm right.)

And on a lighter note, something to remind you that Mel Gibson can be funny when he's not drunk and anti-semitic.

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.

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