The Leftist Mind: I Ran From Iran

Greeting puny Earthlings, it's time for another dip into THE LEFTIST MIND.

I'd like to start by saying that a beautiful young woman named Neda Agha Soltan was recently murdered by pro-Ayatollah - Ahmadinejad goons. She is the most well known of what could, in the long run, become a list of hundreds of people murdered by Ayatollahs in their desire for the power to bring death, destruction and misery to the world.

What was President Obama's reaction to this murder, and the literally thousands of other stories of oppression and repression occuring in the Islamic Republic?

Well, he eventually uninvited them to the July 4th barbecue. Though he is still keeping the menu halal, just in case.

Meanwhile, Kim Jong-Il is threatening to lob a missile at Hawaii on July 4th, which is why he had to decline his invite to the barbecue, he hates socially awkward situations, and tells his propaganda apparatus that the dark clouds of nuclear war are gathering.

How does Obama react to these threats?

He puts the military on the alert, meanwhile slashing their anti-missile defence capabilities.

Do these decisions make sense?

No. Not a whit of sense.

So why does a man, a graduate of Columbia (though we don't know how he paid for it) and a former editor of the Harvard Law Review (though we don't know how he got that job) make these sorts of decisions that can only be described using the words "dumb" and "ass?"

Because deep down Obama is a Leftist, and the only threats that exist to leftists come from Christians, Republicans, and other people who prefer democracy to dictatorships.

Leftists do not believe in facts. They belong to the cult of post-modernism where there is no real truth, only opinions formed through the lens of race, gender, and sexual orientation.

This goes hand in hand with the belief that Western Civilization, which brought about democracy, modernity, and the foundation of equality of all under the rule of law is fundamentally evil.

Since evil can only lie, then the people that the west views as evil, must be good, and their version of truth somehow truthier than reality.

So as long as the aggressor can put some sort of claim on past victimhood, both real and imagined, they can do, or say anything, and kill anyone with wild abandon, and the Leftist won't say boo. In fact, they'll apologize for the sins of past generations, both real and imagined, in the vain hope that the killers and dictators will like them for being soft-headed nutless wimps.

Or in the case of Jimmy Carter, the leftist will actively lobby on behalf of murderers like Hamas.

And thanks to voters believing the Mainstream Media, such mushy-headedness is now official policy.

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.


Darryl said...

Why is it anyone's business how he paid for his Columbia education? And what does it matter?

Is this supposed to be a satire?

cmblake6 said...

That foreign aid stuff is really handy, nicht wahr?
Bastards got to go.
Darryl? Consume fecal matter.

cmblake6 said...

And MY GOD she was beautiful. THAT is a loss to humanity for sure.