Greetings puny Earthlings.

Time to dip our toes into that massive snake-pit called THE LEFTIST MIND.

There's a lot of anger, recriminations, and accusations over the Obamacare plan, and the Left and their media sock-puppets are screaming "CONSPIRACY!" at the top of their lungs. What's inspiring this paranoia is the seemingly spontaneous discontent among voters over the proposed destruction of the American health care system.

The Democrats are calling this an "astroturf" movement, staged by a secret cabal of millionaires, using raging mobs of allegedly professional protesters who are just too well dressed to be real Americans.

Now you're probably wondering why they're slandering voters that way, well the answer is simple.

It's called "Projection."

That's when someone accuses someone else of doing what they do all the time.

Remember, the political left is founded and funded by billionaires, has organizations like ACORN, who do nothing but run bogus protest movements, and specialize in arranging for professional protesters to harass confound and confuse the people they hate, all in the name of grassroots action.

So when a real grassroots movement starts, fueled by real outrage, the Left automatically assumes that it's just their enemies hitting them back with their own tactics. They honestly can't believe that anyone would dare disobey them without some sort of conspiracy behind it, because when it comes to everything they do, there is a conspiracy behind it.

That's all. Questions are closed at 16 or so questions, and thanks for asking, we'll be answering them over the weekend, and remember to keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.

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