What Have We Learned?

Greetings puny Earthlings.

It's hard to believe, but the wretched inhabitants of Earth have managed to get through the first decade of the twenty-first century.

Now a lot of folks like to take this time to look back at the events of the past decade, I on the other hand, being a more evolutionarily advanced creature, like to look back at what lessons we have learned.

And wow, have we learned a hell of a lot of lessons.

We have learned...

1. That the "Clash of Civilizations" is really a myth. What we are witnessing is not civilizations clashing, but civilization clashing with pre-medieval barbarism. Civilizations build up, they do not bring down, and there is nothing Al Qaida does other than tear things down.

2. Being wealthy doesn't mean that someone is a free-market capitalist. Look at how Wall Street and the billionaires who loves them, rushed to embrace the economy crippling policies of the Obama Administration. It's not because they love socialism, but because they love their own position at the top of the economic food chain.

They know that they are safe from crushing taxes, cushioned not only by the immensity of their wealth, but by the simple fact that the 1000+ page tax codes passed by their pet politicians, are literally written by their pet lobbyists, to leave loads of loopholes for them to exploit. It's not about bringing up the poor, or bringing down the rich, it's about keeping the middle class from challenging the supremacy of the super-rich. If they really were for the free market, they'd be fighting to simplify and reduce taxes because of the simple reason that it increases revenue, spurs economic growth, and starves that freedom devouring beast called government.

3. There is no such thing as an unbiased media. The mainstream press, from the New York Times, to the major TV networks have completely tossed away any pretension to being unbiased guardians of the truth. From the Great Global Warming Swindle, to the worship of Barack Obama, to the demonization of the previous administration whose sole goal seemed to be keeping the country safe, and whose attempts at bi-partisanship only served to hurt himself. There is literally an entire industry that catalogs their exercises in extreme bias, and they do a much better detailed job than I could ever do.

4. We now know what the Democrats would do once fully in power in both the White House and Congress. They would go completely ape-shit insane from their lust for power.

Look at the mad frenzy to pass society transforming legislation putting unprecedented chunks of the US economy under the control of people who can't even handle the simplest of administrative tasks. Now you're probably wondering why they would want to control so much when they can't really manage it?

It's power.

They want it, and the only way they can get it, is to lie, cheat, steal, and then use that power to make the voters completely dependent on their tax-payer funded largess. Because dependent voters are obedient voters, no matter how miserable those same politicians make their lives.

Just look at Detroit, a city that is literally dead on its feet because of the Democratic Party's "progressive" policies, but the voters there would elect a shaved wombat if they ran it as a Democrat making crazy promises. To Democrats Detroit is the perfect condition they want for the country, a wealthy elite keeping the poor obedient and contained in their state-sponsored ghettos, and the middle class either destroyed, or in exile.

I'll post more of this past decade's lessons until New Year's Eve, so keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.

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