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Greetings puny Earthlings.

Sorry we've been so lazy posting lately. But it looks like we have another question, at least I think it's another question:
trent reker said...nice. we're all about superior cultures that can't spell or punctuate in the language they choose to use for their world domination scheme. are you sure you didn't get a spaceship from spacedad and take off for a weekend to see how many free drinks you could get in vegas?
And I should take lessons in Earthling grammar from someone who apparently doesn't believe in capital letters?

I could say that any grammatical errors I may have made come from Earthling English being my 6 billionth language, but those who have been with this blog since the beginning have noticed a marked improvement in the translating. So I'll just put your comment in the old circular file marked "Troll Scraps," and get down to business.


1. There's a whole lot of talk going on about the Shirley Sherrod, the rural affairs bureaucrat who had some comments from a speech sent, out of context, to internet media mogul Andrew Breitbart. Breitbart posted them, the White House went bug-shit, fired Sherrod, found out the full story, then rehired her, slandered Breitbart & Fox News for reporting the story.

Now as an intergalactic ruler, things being taken out of context by speakers happen all the time, but my minions always investigate the claims before firing anyone. It's just cheaper than all the other rigmarole, so why didn't the White House do it?

Because it was so believable.

Remember, this is the same White House that tried to get Van Jones, a self-proclaimed Marxist Truther as their "Green Jobs Czar."

The same White House whose partisan minions in the NAACP decided to forgo the real issues facing African Americans, like black on black violent crime, high rates of family disintegration, and crumbling public education systems, to brand the Tea Party movement racist.

The same White House that appointed AG Eric Holder, whose Justice Department decided that justice doesn't include stopping nut-bar racist New Black Panther Party thugs from threatening voters even after they've been convicted.

The list goes on, and on, and on. Which makes you wonder how they managed to cram in so much hypocrisy in less than two years in office. So you can understand why the Obama administration moved so quickly and clumsily to fire her without even investigating the allegations.

The cherry on top of this whole issue was when Shirley Sherrod went on TV and proved Breitbart right after all when she accused him of wanting to take America back to slavery.


2. Journolist was a by-invitation-only private e-mail thingy where liberal leaning journalists, intellectuals (I use that term loosely) and like minded semi-thinkers could share recipes for organic home-made granola cookies, bury stories about Obama and his racist Pastor, plot to destroy Sarah Palin, conspiracies to slander government critics as racist, and violent Rush Limbaugh death fantasies.

Why are people surprised?

Look at what liberal talk radio host Mike Malloy says in public:
Murdoch is a Nazi; Murdoch is a Nazi! And everyone that works for him is a potential murderer! Do you not -- do you not get that? Why does anybody in this administration pay any attention whatsoever to anything these people say? They shouldn't be listened to; they should be dragged into the street and pummeled! And I'd be very happy to be the first person to do it.
And we expect them to be any more polite when they're among their own brain-dead, morally bankrupt, fascistic kind?

Despite their claims of love of civil liberties, free speech, and other constitutional rights, the Leftist Mind is, at its core, a fascistic mind that sees the world in hard Manichean terms. They are so certain that they are correct in every way, those who may differ from them are not only wrong, they are actively evil and in the pay of some sinister force bent on world destruction.

Well as a sinister force bent on world destruction, I can tell you that I ain't paying anyone on your puny little planet.

This is the same profession that honors the recently deceased Daniel Schorr, who outlived his journalistic integrity by about 60 years. They tend to gloss over that he was a partisan hack, who deliberately fabricated a story on the CBS National News that claimed Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater was going to Germany to a secret Neo-Nazi conference to get his orders on destroying America.

The simple fact that he wasn't tarred, feathered, and run out of the profession of journalism, but instead given a cushy spot as a grey eminence suckling on the taxpayer subsidized teat of National Public Radio illustrates the state of the media today.

Journalism is dying, because journalism killed itself when it shifted from at least being open about their biases, to claiming their biases were in fact objective reality and the sum of all morality. All it cares about is getting and keeping power for its political masters, nothing more, and truth has nothing to do with it.

People want opinion presented by pundits, not reporters, and are fleeing the old media in droves because they know that they are not getting the truth, or any discussion about what might be true. They are not reporters, they are whores, and you don't get your news from whores.

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.

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