Random Rambling Reality Checks...

Greetings puny Earthlings...

Time to cash some reality checks... let's get started...

1. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants a federal investigation to find out who is behind the funding of the opposition to the Ground Zero Islamist Victory Mosque & Handball Court. She is pretty certain that there is a sinister conspiracy of shady businessmen behind such opposition.


Because she's a Democrat, and everything they support or propose is the product of a sinister conspiracy of shady businessmen. Think health care reform, and you have a cabal of pharmaceutical and insurance companies looking to bloat themselves off the taxpayer's teat. Think Global Warming/Cap & Trade, and you have any number of schemes for everything from carbon credits to bogus 'green jobs' all needing fat government subsidies doling out cash to the already wealthy. It goes on and on.

Even the anti-war movement had financial connections to shady businessmen enriching themselves from violating the Saddam era sanctions.

When Nancy Pelosi sees someone criticizing what they support, they automatically assume that it's the product of the exact same machinations that run their own party.

So Pot, meet Kettle.

2. A common analogy in the Ground Zero Victory Mosque & International House of Falafel debate is that it's like building a Shinto Shrine honoring the Emperor Hirohito in Pearl Harbor.

Well, there's a little more to that.

It's exactly like a Shinto Shrine honoring the Emperor Hirohito built in Pearl Harbor in 1943. Remember, they may have pulled out of direct combat in Iraq, but radical Islamists are still killing, trying to kill, or plotting to kill people all over your wretched little blue-green rock as punishment for the crime of being different from them.

So, when they start crying racism and 'Islamophobia' it's another case of pot meeting kettle.

3. We at the MoxArgon Group are looking for questions. So if you need answers, then come to us and we'll cram them in your brain. So leave them in the comments.


Chris in NC said...

ok, how much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood? And would Obama's govt let it?

Will Al Gore come to justice for his perpetual fraud on climate change?

Do you think a third party could win in 2012?

And, ya know, it's been way too long for a Billie Piper pic! Got a good one?

Chris in NC said...

How long does it take dear Overlord to puree the 20 humans for his favorite drink? And would he mind going to DC and making several servings while visiting congress?

Chris in NC said...

Now that Sarah Palin has re-established herself as a kingmaker, do you think she'll run for POTUS or stay on the sidelines and help the candidate?

Since it's the end of summer and I'm the only questioner, how about a Billie Piper collage!