Earthling Trivialities

Greetings puny Earthlings. I came back from my vacation to find out that the pubescent blogger Conservathink had 'tagged' me to reveal what 'sitcom character' I would like to be.

The answer to that is simple.

It can only be OverMind 13, the lead character of the classic trans-galactic sitcom "OverMind Knows Best" as played by the great Neuferrian comic actor Bogartoflox. He had a massive empire, a huge warfleet, a harem of hotties, and could do a pie-in-the-face gag that could really make you think.

So now you know.

Now Conservathinker says I should 'tag' 3 other bloggers or Glenn Reynolds will blend a puppy.

So what?

I happen to like the occassional puppy smoothie. Mix it with a kitten smoothie and you've got yourself a taste treat. I will send messages to Gammofrax of the Andromeda News Blog, Thogar of the Thogar Report, and interstellar lefty blogger Karkass Kissasstis of the Daily Ass from the planet Rectummah. You can't access these sites from your puny planet, but I'm sure their posts will be entertaining.

No away with you and your trivial Earthling blog games before I break out my probe-a-lyzer!

I have work to do!

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