So that's what a backlash looks like...

A Personal Message From Varos Quasar

Greeting puny Earthlings, it's the handsome one from the MoxArgon Group, Varos Quasar. I figure you've probably already heard about the arrests made in the Dominion of Canada of a suspected terrorist cell.

Once again the greater Islamic community has been given a chance to distance themselves from the image of the Muslim as terrorist or terrorist sympathiser and once again, as we say back home, they pollanxed the fondargle.

Almost as soon as word came out about the arrests a self proclaimed spokesman (there are very few spokeswomen) for the greater Muslim community condemned the arrests as the product of unfair racial/religious profiling.


Maybe it will take a mind more evolved than your own puny craniums to explain this, so I'll give it a shot.

Let me use a hypothetical situation to explain this.

Imagine that Scandinavian Lutherans engage in violent terrorist and genocidal acts around the world, killing tens of thousands each year, Scandinavian Lutheran Pastors call for the deaths or enslavement of all non-Scandinavian Lutherans from the pulpit.

Then imagine in this world the police, claiming to stop a terrorist plot, arrest a group of Hindu cricket players.

That would be a case of unfair racial/religious profiling, especially for the Hindu cricketers.

It is not unfair profiling to investigate a group of men who match the predominant demographic of violent terrorists when they purchase over 3 tons of highly explosive ammonium nitrate fertilizer.

What were they planning to do with the ammonium nitrate?

Start a massive farm in the middle of a city where the average lawn is slightly smaller than a postage stamp?

Sorry, I just can't accept that as unfair.

Today they held a big meeting with representatives of the Toronto Police and the RCMP, not to express their support for their supposed home country, or to thank the police for excising this tumour of terrorism from the bofy of their community, but to demand extra protection from of a backlash.

What's the nature of this backlash?

Some yahoo broke some windows at a mosque.

So far that's all that's happened.

That's not a backlash.

Let me tell you what a backlash really looks like.

As a child on the planet Poxado VII I was part of the Trigonian Empire. One day a Poxado citizen went cuckoo-ballistic and set off a bomb on the planet Trigonia Prime.

In reaction, the Trigonians came to Poxado VII, and killed 50% of the population by dumping them into vats of Numerian Skinnibbler beetles where they died a slow, agonizing and terrible death.

That's a backlash.

Broken windows are not a backlash. That's petty vandalism.

So far there hasn't been a violent backlash against the Muslim community in North America. Even after the horror of the 9/11 massacre there was only a handful of isolated violent acts by people lacking the intelligence to orchestrate a proper backlash.

However, one might be on the horizon. Especially if the greater Islamic community doesn't do something to save itself, something it seems dead set against.

Refusing to expel or condemn people who engage in or support murder and terrorism is not helping you.

Constantly jumping to condemn others who do fight those among you who engage in or support murder and terrorism as racist or unfair is not helping you.

So to save your own bacon collective hide you must stop rising to defend terrorism and terrorists in the name of tolerance out of some sort of misguided sense of nationalistic brotherhood, because the tolerance of others can only go so far.

And then you will see what a real backlash looks like.

And that would be a horrible tragedy for all involved.

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