Support Jim Baen! Your OverLords Command You!

A Personal Message from Remulak MoxArgon

Greetings puny Earthlings.

I was enjoying a good vacation soak in the sulphur baths of Twellio IV when it was brought to my attention that Earthling science-fiction-fantasy publisher/editor/all around great guy Jim Baen has been hospitalized after a stroke and is in the ICU. That news compelled me to send this personal transmission.

I've long been a fan of what you Earthlings call 'science-fiction' and I've been a particular admirer of the work Jim Baen has done over the years. I especially admire his willingness to give young up-&-coming writers a chance that the big corporate houses are too cowardly to touch.

So your Galactic OverLord commands you to follow the wishes of Jim Baen's nearest and dearest, and to forgo cards and flowers in place of prayers for a quick and complete recovery. Because it's people like Jim Baen is what makes your planet worthy of conquest.

So support not only his book publishing, but also his new web-based magazine Baen's Universe by clicking here:

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Help save Science Fiction! Visit Baen's Universe!

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