Answers Please....


Hello puny Earthlings, It's your pal TekTak here with a few questions about the situation on Earth that I'd like to get some answers for.

1. Why does Mel Gibson's drunken asinine and bigoted rant about "F***in' Jews" get so much attention, while the murderous rampage against Jews in Seattle gets so little, even though it resulted in an innocent woman's death?

2. Why does the Mainstream Media spend so much time calling every unintentional Lebanese casualty as an "Israeli atrocity" even though these people were deliberately put in harm's way by Hezbollah?

3. Why does the Mainstream Media spend so much time ignoring the deliberate Israeli civilian casualties killed by Hezbollah/Hamas rockets?

4. Why do so many in the Media and the Democratic Party want America to lose the War On Terror, even though it would mean their own doom at the hands of Islamic extremists?

Any answers you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

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