We had a lot of entries in our totally original and never been done before photo caption contest, but not all of you can be winners, in fact, none of you are winners!

But here's our top entries (in no particular order):

rt said... "Those silly Americans and their don't ask don't tell policy...look how liberated we are."

fmragtops said... "Guy on the right: Didn't I see this in Big Trouble Little China?"

Anonymous said... "Up-sie-daisy, there you go right into your coffin"

Anonymous said... "(guy on right) would you be offended if i whispered sweet nothings into your ear?"

Onus said... "Me love you long time."

Michael Hodges said... "Up-sie-daisy, there you go right into your coffin" now is that Hugo saying that or the other?

Digital Fortress said... "The bodies of the recently deceased are returning to life and attacking the living, these zombies can be stopped by removing the head or destroying the brain..."

Anonymous said... "Hugo proves that "Soul Sucking Communism" is more then just words."

And the real winner is:


TEKTAK: "Poor bastard is not long for this world."

SNOTGLOB: "General Giap is very old for an Earthling."

TEKTAK: "I was talking about Hugo Chavez."

Sorry Earthlings, you've missed your shot at being spared from a horrible plasma scorched death. But to show that I'm not completely heartless, I'll give you all another shot. Come up with a caption for this picture:

Now get to it!


rt said...

So these two rabbis walk into a bar...really, this is funny! Anyone ever tell you that if you make that kind of face that you'll be stuck that way? Really, the joke is funny...

SeanS said...

Hey ladies, why do you look worried? It's not like your part of the Zionist conspiracy, right?