Loose Change Nuts?

Greetings puny Earthlings.

Here's a little piece about the demented people behind the film LOOSE CHANGE and their wacky conspiracy theories that I found while desperately searching Hot Air for more footage of Michelle Malkin.

Warning, the language and the images can be a tad raw and graphic, so be warned.

Here are a few questions for the filmmakers behind Loose Change:

If you honestly believe the American government slaughtered thousands of its own citizens for an excuse to start wars:

1. Why do you still live in America?

2. Why haven't you tried to overthrow this murderous regime by force?

And don't you think that it's more than a little racist to assume that a bunch of Middle Eastern guys are somehow intellectually incapable of committing the attacks, that only 'mighty whitey' is smart enough to pull it off?

Talk amongst yourselves.

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