Greetings puny Earthlings, Xran here with some interest news from the planet within a planet that you Earthlings call Hollywood.

It looks like a contingent, led, according to Australian sources, by uber-hottie Nicole Kidman, have decided to dump all the crazy International ANSWER crap that seems to dominate what passes for celebrity thinking these days and do something sensible.

They've dared to declare, publicly no less, that they are against terrorism and for democracy

Now that is shocking news. Celebrities are supposed to be for whatever Republicans are against, and right not, that's terrorism and Islamic fascism. But these folks have decided to break from the pack and declare themselves in support of the free societies that have made them wealthy and successful. They'll probably never work in Hollywood again.

Hat tip to Hugh Hewitt for the pic of the ad.

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RT said...

Had trouble doing this a minute ago, so sorry if it is a repeat.

WOW! Glad to see some free thinkers in a community full of wack-a-doodle philosophies.