I got 1st Place in the GOP in The City Caption Contest. Hurray for me! I am the champion! I am the champion! You are the losers! Cause I am the champion! Of the world!!!

In other news...

Has anyone seen this Earthling?

His name is Vox Poplar, and is a blogger and pretends to be a filmmaker. Now he owes me a lot of money for the film made for our 1st Anniversary Special. If he returns the money I might not feed him to the Snarflegargers and let him off with just a severe beating. A little mercy among bloggers, but he must return all the money.

He was last seen boarding a plane for Tijuana, but vanished soon afterwards. Any snitching will be generously rewarded.

UPDATE: No useful snitching on the whereabouts of Mr. Poplar. But we do have a question:

RT , a lowly earthling, pleaded...

Wouldn't that be champion of the universe?

No, it's an Earthling caption contest, not an Intergalactic one. The one that would give you the status of Champion of the Universe, is posted every 3rd Sargle at uww.gethorflethorax.rantspot.zxy. I have yet to win that contest. Damn you Gethorflethorax!

UPDATE 2: We haven't caught the little bastard yet. So we've hacked his blog and I've put Xran in charge until he returns my frikkin' money!!


Damian G. said...

I heard he was arrested in Thailand in connexion with the JonBenét Ramsey case.

RT said...

Wouldn't that be champion of the universe?

FIAR said...

I suggest that if you wish to find Mr. Poplar, you take off the blue foam rubber suit and look in the mirror.