Point/Counterpoint- Leaky Leaky Leaky

TEKTAK- Greetings puny Earthlings, and welcome to another edition of Point/Counterpoint. From the right, it's me Tektak F. Mechanoid, and from the left, Snotglob T. Mutant.


TEKTAK- Today's topic: There's been yet another leak from the American intelligence community. This time it's select portions of the National Intelligence Estimate.

SNOTGLOB- I've seen the portions the brave patriots in the MSM have released. It proves that American foreign policy is sole cause of terrorism in the world.

TEKTAK- Snotglob you ignorant hermaphrodite slut. The NIE tidbits prove nothing except that no one in the CIA can be trusted to keep their mouths shut if it might help their friends in the Democrats.

SNOTGLOB- What's wrong with helping the Democrats?

TEKTAK- Let's see.... hmmm. There's that whole TREASON thing. The Democrats and the Mainstream Media are not in the government. That means that they are not supposed to go around blabbing important secret information for the sole purpose of trying to embarrass and hamper a democratically elected government during wartime. They've completely forgotten the concept of the loyal opposition and don't deserve to get elected dog catcher.

Aren't you in the least bit suspicious of all the work the CIA is doing to undermine the government?

Doesn't that concern you at all?

SNOTGLOB- Only if the President was a Democrat. What about what the pieces of the NIE say? What do you have to say about that Mr. I'm So Smart Because My Brain's Got Functioning Synapses?

TEKTAK- The NIE portions the press are harping on say that American policy is breeding more Islamic terrorism. It might be doing that, but so do

  • Books
  • Movies
  • Television shows
  • Operas
  • Cartoons
  • Women's rights
  • Gay rights
  • Religious freedom
  • Free speech
  • Philosophical discussion
  • Jews
  • Christians
  • Buddhists
  • Hindus
  • Atheists
  • Agnostics
  • Capitalism
  • Democracy

Islamic fascism is founded on the concept of perpetual outrage. If it's not American policy, then it will be over American's unwillingness to live under Sharia law. There is nothing, short of complete surrender, that could possibly appease them.

SNOTGLOB- Then maybe they should surrender for the sake of peace.

TEKTAK- Surrender? You're getting dumber by the minute.

SNOTGLOB- But they're unbeatable. America has yet to defeat Al Qaeda in Iraq and Afghanistan.

TEKTAK- True. But it's not because of Al-Qaeda's invulnerability. It's because the only defense the Islamists have is the West's innate gentleness and charity.

Westerners balk at massacring civilians to get at Al Qaeda suspects and often endure extra risk and damage to minimize the damage to others.

However, the charity of the west has a limit, and when it hits that limit, I wouldn't want to be a Muslim on planet Earth, that's for sure. It's up to the moderate Muslims, if there are any left, to decide if they really want to all be martyrs, because if things keep going they way they're going... Well, let's just say that it could get very messy. That's all the time for now. Check in next time and keep watching the skies.

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