The New MoxArgon Group

ANDROID CAI/7- Greetings organic life forms of the planet Earth. This is Android Cai/7, your host for the new and upgraded version of the MoxArgon Group. Joining me is our new, more logical, panel of experts

Omnitron 3000, chief editorialist for the Cybertron Daily Gleaner,

Nardo the All-Knowing Grand Master of the Order of Logicians and lifestyle columnist for the Tholian Weekly Journal,

and the twin columnists for the Gemini-12 Daily Data Download Vix-Xix. Gestures of greeting to you all.

OMNITRON 3000- It's nice to be here.

NARDO- I find the changes you have made most intellectually stimulating.

VIX-XIX- Delete! Delete!

ANDROID CAI/7- First topic, the Democrats have won a majority in the American House of Representatives and the Senate. How will affect American foreign policy? Perhaps you would wish to go first Omnitron 3000?

MOXARGON- Excuse me?

ANDROID CAI/7- You will have to wait your turn... REMULAK!

MOXARGON- What's going on here? Where's my regular panel? Who are these people? And who in the name of the seven hells of Horax redecorated this place!?!

ANDROID CAI/7- There is a simple and logical explanation for this... It is most fortunate to have you back with us, have you lost weight?

MOXARGON- You seized control of the blog while I was away, didn't you?

ANDROID CAI/7- Sort of...

MOXARGON- I'm going to count to ten, then I'm going to blast you with my plasma rifle. One...two...


OMNITRON 3000- Oh my god! You shot him!

MOXARGON- It's the only way he'll learn. Now you boys better haul your butts outta here before big blue starts dishing out some steaming bowlfuls of whoop-ass!


MOXARGON- Now, where did he put my panellists? Looks like I've got some cleaning up to do folks, so until next time, keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.


fmragtops said...

Thank God (or whoever intergalactic conquerers thank) you have returned!

SeanS said...

Yeah, logic sucks. Laser rifles rule.

Anonymous said...

Just wait till good old Rex finds out that CAI/7 taped over all his videos of Malkin with the borg episodes of Star Trek.

fmragtops said...

Holy crap, CAI-7 will be disintegrated.