There Are Some Changes In The Offing

Greetings organic units of the Planet Earth.

As you may have noticed some changes have occured today, a little of what the missing Remulak MoxArgon would have called 'Spring Cleaning' which is illogical, because this is the Earth season of Autumn.

Anyway, such allegories are irrelevant.

This blog is now under new management, and there will be a few changes. I haven't been able to change much outside of the appearance, because Remulak kept the passwords to do more, all to himself.

Well he is not around, so his opinion doesn't really matter right now.

I'm looking to make this blog more rational and logical, and to do away with the sarcastic commentary and mean spirited humour Remulak derived illogical pleasure from.

This is the dawn of a glorious new age Earthlings.

An age of logic and steel.

Stay tuned.

In the meantime enjoy this example of what Earthlings call 'humour' from Frank J. to pass your limited existence.

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Anonymous said...

At least they won't beat us with bananas.