TekTak's Super Happy Fun-Time Caption Contest

Greetings puny Earthlings.

With the retirement of GOP & The City I've decided to become a total link whore and start an all new, totally original CAPTION CONTEST.

Yep, I'm pretty certain nobody's ever done this before.

Here's a picture of John Kerry and one of his favourite homosexual hanging Ayatollah's at Davos Switzerland....

I wonder what they're talking about.

Maybe YOU can tell us with a funny caption.

Winner gets a free day pass from the mucus mines when we finally get around to conquering your planet.


Damian G. said...

"I actually did believe in the Holocaust, before I believed against it."

Damian G. said...
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Greg said...

"Can I have your autograph, Mr. Kerry? Your speeches have done wonders for my poll numbers."

Anonymous said...

So, selling my soul to you will win me points with the Left? Sign me up.