An Android Among the Stars #2

1. A German businessman has dropped over 500,000 Earth dollars for the diaries of the recently deceased pseudo celebrity Anna Nicole Smith. The only purpose such a purchase could logically have is to keep this non-story alive.

Why are humans wasting time and money analyzing the life and now the writings of a semi-literate child in an exaggerated woman's body?

Are humans that mammary obsessed?


2. Mel Gibson went ballistic at a symposium on film making when people told him him that his film Apocalypto being racist. Mel told the lady to "f*ck off," and then blamed the Jooos for his language.


3. Nicole Richie has been diagnosed as hypoglycemic. To treat the condition, doctors prescribed eating food.


This job covering your entertainment news is very frustrating. I'm hoping to win a way out of this infotainment purgatory by posting this video featuring one of Remulak's favourite columnists Mary Katherine Ham.

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