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1. CARBON CREDITS: Al Gore recently justified the immensity of his electricity bill by claiming to have purchased so-called 'carbon credits' from a friend and that they 'neutralize' his incredibly wasteful lifestyle. Now some critics are comparing these to the 'indulgences' sold by medieval clergy to the rich as a way to buy their way out of sin. And while that is very apt and illustrates how the whole Kyoto/Climate Change boondoggle is merely a way for the rich to avoid making the sacrifices they demand the poor and middle class make, I think I found a metaphor that non-historians can understand.

Imagine a rich man taking a piss on a sidewalk of a busy main street, shocking and disgusting the passersby. A cop comes to arrest him, and the rich man says: "It's okay, I've bought pissing credits. I'm paying someone to use a toilet in my name. None of this is really happening because I'm 'urine neutral.'"

Now is that person really 'urine neutral' or just full of hypocritical zendok turds?

I mean, there's the puddle, for all the world to see.

You tell me.

e grand old man of TV liberal media grandstanding is back from the grave in order to badmouth America's role in Iraq. He stated that the war is unwinnable, and promptly forgot the name of Saddam Hussein.

Now this is the same man who declared the Vietnam War unwinnable after the US military completely destroyed the once thought invulnerable Viet Cong guerillas during the Tet Offensive.

You see, Ted forgot one simple fact, all wars are winnable. It's a matter of courage, intelligence, and most of all THE WILL TO FIGHT. Wars only become unwinnable when people listen to dusty old men who th
ink the society that made them rich, famous, and undeservedly respected, must be defeated by a force that would gladly behead them for entertainment.

John Murtha, I'm looking in your direction.

3. WANT SOME CHEESECAKE?- I was brutally interrogating discussing blogs with fellow blogger Vox Poplar and he noted a spike in traffic mostly centered around a cheesecake pic of actress and deep thinker Gwyneth Paltrow in fishnets.

So that got me thinking....

Yep nothing like some hot girls to attract attention.

Now where's my boost in visits?

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