A Few More Random Thoughts....

Greetings puny Earthlings.

Yesterday I talked about the hypocrisy of Al Gore's Carbon Credit defense for his bloated ego electrical bill.

I discussed how the whole Carbon Credit deal was just a big fat scam so the rich can demand poorer people to make sacrifices while they tool around on private jets and luxury SUVs between their massive mansions.

Now I just found out who is selling Al Gore his carbon credits.

Yep, Al Gore's rampant polluting is okay, because Al Gore gave Al Gore some money to make it all right.

Does that make an ounce of sense?

For a while I thought this whole climate change boondoggle was Hollywood's latest attempt at making their own religion, but now I get the feeling that it's all one massive pyramid scheme.

By the way. The planet Mars, which has no humans, or carbon credits, is also warming up.

Could it be a solar phenomenon that man has no control over?

I mean you really give yourselves a little too much credit, thinking that you're changing your climate without the benefit of Thygorean atmosphere generators or hyperplasmic field converters.

I think you Earthlings need a lesson in just how puny you really are.

Look at where all this Climate Change hysteria has led you. You're making an already rich ex-politician even richer and all he has to do is go around saying 'booga-booga' and watch his own ass spread.

You Earthlings are more than puny, you're positively pathetic.


In other news...


I was checking out the site-meter stats for this site, and lately almost all the referrals to this site involving Google searches about someone named Christian Chaves being gay.

What's up with that?

This is a political analysis blog, not some Tiger Beat teeny-bopper gossip rag. So I'm asking you pathetic Earthlings to please explain who this Christian Chavez is, why he's so popular with Google, why are so many people looking for evidence that he's gay, and why does anyone care about that?


UPDATE: Apparently this Chavez fellow is some sort of gay Latino pop star or something, I'm not sure, I don't speak Spanish. But I looked again at the site's visit stats and apparently this term, typed into Google will get you this blog: "naked really hot girls getting rapped with out joining that have big boobies and a small butt."

All I can say is WTF and that I don't want to know what that guy was really looking for.

The internet is really screwed up.

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