Answers Please...

Greetings Earthlings. It's me, Varos Quasar with more questions that need answering.

1. Why was liberal shock-jock Don Imus fired for making an obnoxious statement which was much milder than the sort of statements made in rap music?

2. Why hasn't Al Sharpton been fired from his radio show for his blatantly racist and inflammatory rhetoric?

3. Why are Democrats willing to talk to any mass murdering and terror supporting dictator, but unwilling to talk to the US President over simple budget issues?

4. Why did Nancy Pelosi lie about her "breakthrough" with Syria over Israel?

5. How can anyone accept that Democrats are able to combat terrorism when they're all afraid of Fox News?

6. Why does the media spend so much time covering inanities like the Don Imus debacle and so little time on successes in Iraq?

7. Why won't any MSM outlets report on Diane Feinstein's resignation from a committee that made her husband millions of dollars?

8. If Nancy Sinatra had to point out that "These Boots Are Made For Walking," does that mean that people make boots for sitting?

9. Why do 'Blog Codes of Conduct' proposed by the left seem to only target speech from the right?

10. Why are Democrats afraid of Fox News?

11. Why do people accept every unseasonably warm day as evidence of Global Warming, and every unseasonably cold day as evidence of Global Warming?

12. Why is the climate Earth had in the 1950s-1980s considered some sort of ideal that has to be maintained? Wasn't it better when people could farm on Greenland?

13. How can John Edwards be considered a champion of the poor, when his own wife is scared of them?

If you have any answers, feel free to let me know.

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RT said...

1. Probably because those that listen to rap (any color) like rap and what it says; therefore, they do not complain. Outsiders who complain are ignored.

Imus...(hate him because he's boring) said it in a forum with many PC people listening that did complain.

2. He has.

3. Pussies!

4. She's a whole boatload of crazies!

5. Dellusional pussies.

6. They also ignore rampant crime in our inner-cities...Imus was an easy target with an easy solution to propose. They are too scared to devise solutions for societies real ills and conflicts.

7. Selective hearing/sight/speech.

8. Have you ever worn really high heeled boots? Trust me, they are made for sitting.

9. See #3.

10. See #3 & #9.

11. Because they are dumb and apparently got a degree in earth sciences (or whatever science necessary) from the back of Bazooka gum wrappers.

12. I just wish it warm up. I'm freezing!