One Alien's View: Mike Nifong & the Democratic Mind

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Greetings puny Earthlings.

I don't normally watch 60 Minutes, having a low tolerance for geriatric whining, but I made a point to watch the Sunday April 15th edition because it had an interview with the three Duke Lacrosse players who were falsely accused of raping an African-American stripper named Crystal Mangum.

After watching the report I came to a conclusion about District Attorney Mike Nifong and the reasons why he violated legal ethics, civil rights, investigative procedure, basic common sense and human decency.

He did it because he was a Democrat.

In fact he is the Perfect Democrat.

Now some may say that I'm being a partisan hack, but since I'm neither a Republican, or an Earthling, I think I'm clear of that charge. Now let me present my case through the old Democratic Party tactic of broad generalization:

DEMOCRATS VIEW EVERYTHING THROUGH NARROW IDEOLOGICAL PRISMS: That means that Democrats, and left leaning folks in general believe in what some eggheads call "meta-narratives." It means that they believe that society and history function along certain lines with certain people acting in certain ways. Loosely translated, it's a euphemism for prejudice.

Democrats view all Republicans as evil, all actions done by America as evil, and that white males in the South are basically rapacious and evil. That last point was where Nifong steps in. He believed the accuser because it fit with his view of the white/upper class lacrosse players as modern versions of the rapacious white plantation owners raping black slave girls. (Conveniently forgetting the fact that most of those slave owners were hard core Democrats.)

It didn't matter that the accuser has a history of mental illness, drug-alcohol abuse, and making false accusations. It fit with Nifong's inbred Democrat prejudice and he was compelled to believe her though logic and evidence said otherwise.

It's also why Nancy Pelosi will play 'Shadow Diplomat' with Bashar Assad in Syria, all the while refusing to talk to her own President about important budget issues or allow her party-mates to debate on Fox News. Her meta-narrative compels her to believe that America , and everyone who supports America in any way is inherently evil while everyone who is against America, no matter how much innocent blood they spill, is somehow inherently good or truthful. And like Nifong, no amount of evidence to the contrary will convince them otherwise.

Which brings me to my next point...

DEMOCRATS IGNORE EVERYTHING THAT DOES NOT FIT THEIR WORLD VIEW: Mike Nifong was presented with evidence that showed the innocence of the Duke Boys. But he chose to ignore it, or in some cases, bury it. He had a point to prove, and he was when presented with anything that challenged the validity of that point, he just closed his eyes, covered his ears and lay on the floor in a fetal position going: "La-La-La I can't hear you." He even avoided interviewing the accuser, for fear that her ever-changing stories might convince him that he was trying to destroy three innocent lives.

Federal Democrats do the same thing. Senator Carl Levin regularly declares with absolute certainty that there was "no connection" between the late unlamented Saddam Hussein and Al-Qaida. This conveniently ignores all the documents seized from Iraqi intelligence showing a healthy relationship between the two supposedly opposing factions with Saddam giving many Al-Qaida members and associates money, shelter, training, and health care. Their friends in the media take their word for it, despite the evidence, and also willfully ignore blatant cases of corruption like Diane Fienstein's recent resignation from an appropriation committee that netted her husband millions of dollars.

Democrats don't just ignore inconvenient facts, they fear them. Because hearing that you might be wrong and that your opponents are not the spawn of the seven hells of Zydorg will prevent you from going through with my next point.

DEMOCRATS WILL DO AND SAY ANYTHING TO OBTAIN AND KEEP POWER: The Democrats believe that they are the arbiters of all that is good and pure in the world, that all who disagree with them are evil, and ignoring, or burying, all evidence to the contrary, leads to an 'ends justifies the means' attitude that can make some pretty damn ruthless politicians. Let's go back to Nifong for an example:

Mike Nifong was looking at an election campaign against an opponent with more experience, charisma, and talent than he had. He believed so strongly in the righteousness of his crusade against the threat of innocent men he decided that he must do some pretty drastic stuff to win. So in order to win the election he inflamed racial and class divisions, stomped all over the constitution and investigative procedure, and tried to railroad three innocent men on the word of a woman who, given time, would have included Darth
Vader, Foghorn Leghorn, Homer Simpson, and the original line-up of Menudo. He literally tore the county he was sworn to protect apart, and all for short term gain.

Federal Democrats do the same thing every day, like:
  • Presenting wartime budgets laden with enemy-boosting retreat-surrender timetables, and more pork than the Memphis in May BBQ festival.
  • Threatening broadcasters with having their licenses pulled if they didn't censor inconvenient but true material.
  • Basing headline grabbing stories on "fake but accurate" documents from questionable sources.
  • Exaggerating small stories into international crises to justify anti-American hatreds.
  • Making up inflammatory stories out of whole cloth to embarrass the nation and its government.
  • Violating national security by stealing and destroying important historical records, and getting away with it.
  • Meeting with the heads of terrorist states with bogus "peace proposals" that only serve to embarrass allies and embolden and legitimize homicidal enemies.

These sorts of things do damage to their country and their allies, but it helps Democrats appeal to their base of America-hating radicals, and shady billionaire money men in the short term, so to them it's worth all the chaos, death, and destruction.

I hope you Earthlings can wrap your heads around this little spiel of mine, because your survival may depend on it.

So keep watching the skies Earthlings, because we're watching you.


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