Point / Counterpoint- Hello, Imus Be Going...

TEKTAK- Greetings Earthlings and welcome to another edition of Point / Counterpoint. I'm Tektak F. Mechanoid from the Right.

SNOTGLOB- And I'm Snotglob T. Mutant from the Left.

TEKTAK- First up, charges have been dropped in the Duke Rape case.

SNOTGLOB- That's a disgrace, an injustice. Innocence is no excuse for what they did?

TEKTAK- Did what?

SNOTGLOB- Being rich white males. They or their ancestors have to be guilty of something!

TEKTAK- Oy gevalt. The only truly guilty person in this debacle is Mike Nifong. At least the accuser can claim being more meshugginah than Britney Spears in a barber shop. Nifong is supposed to be a sane and sober public official who is sworn to uphold justice. Instead he inflamed racial and class tensions and tried to railroad three innocent men for a crime that didn't happen, just so he could win an election.

SNOTGLOB- But that's okay, he's a Democrat.

TEKTAK- Next up, the Don Imus fiasco. It turns out that whole controversy was started and fueled by a George Soros funded left wing group Media Matters who have people monitoring radio and TV broadcasts to look for censorship worthy gaffes.

SNOTGLOB- I don't see anything wrong with that. It's perfectly within the rights of well meaning liberals and their billionaire supporters to tear down right wing fascists like Don Imus.

TEKTAK- Snotglob you ignorant hermaphrodite slut. Don Imus wasn't right wing. He was a liberal who supported John Kerry in the last presidential election, and regularly abused conservatives, Christians, and Republicans.



SNOTGLOB- But it's okay to make fun of them, why did Media Matters target Imus?

TEKTAK- He made fun of Hillary Clinton.

SNOTGLOB- Oh, well, that perfectly justifies censorship.

TEKTAK- Former congressman Tom Delay said that conservatives should target loudmouth Rosie O'Donnell of the View for being offensive to Asians, Christians, Republicans, and Americans in general.

SNOTGLOB- That's an egregious violation of everything that's decent!

TEKTAK- Thank you for illustrating the Left's double standard. However, I actually sort of agree with you. Like a lot of conservatives I don't think Rosie should be fired for being an ass. I think she should be publicly mocked and derided, the same thing that should have been done to Imus. Rosie also gives conservative humorists truckloads of material on a regular basis and for that we are thankful. Rosie needs to stay on the air so the American people can look straight into the distorted, paranoid, and often prejudiced face of the political left.

SNOTGLOB- Now I agree with Tom Delay.

TEKTAK- We live in an age of wonders. Our next issue is Nancy Pelosi and her recent attempt at diplomacy with Syria, complete with bogus peace offers from Israel.

SNOTGLOB- I think she did a wonderful thing by trying to restore America's standing on the world stage.

TEKTAK- How does undermining the President in wartime while boosting terrorist supporting dictatorships restore America's standing?

SNOTGLOB- It's supposed to help destroy the war effort so America will be defeated and when America's spirit is broken the Democrats will win elections. Then everything will be better.

TEKTAK- You're just making the points today aren't you?

SNOTGLOB- Well I've got a lotta brains.

TEKTAK- True, but that was your breakfast, not the contents of your head. Now let's move onto our final topic. There has been a horrific mass shooting on the campus of Virginia Tech. Over 30 people are dead, almost 30 people are wounded, and, as if on cue...

SNOTGLOB- This is all the fault of Charlton Heston and Tom Selleck for standing up for individual rights! Disarm the law abiding public! Disarm them now! THIS IS ALL BUSH'S FAULT!

TEKTAK- I rest my case. That's all for today so stay alert and stay on point.

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