Questions for a Dead Man

Greetings puny Earthlings.

I haven't brought up the recent tragedy at Virginia Tech because I was just too damn angry. Something about people acting out their psychopathic fantasies on innocent people really boils my blood. So I tried to take my mind off the atrocity, by focusing on other things and avoiding one of my trademark volcanic rages.

But things have gotten even weirder since NBC News got a 'manifesto' and press kit by maniac
Cho Seung-Hui. In a series of statements described as incoherent, rambling and profanity laden he tried and failed to make people understand the reasons why he did what he did.

I say failed, because there's no way to truly understand crazy. Not even the crazy people understand crazy, that's why they're crazy.

But it did inspire to ask some questions of the late Cho Seung-Hui.

Questions like...

1. Who gave you the right to decide who lives and who dies? Let me tell you something, you ain't that important buddy, no puny mortal Earthling is, no matter what the voices in your head are telling you. The right to be crazy ends at your neighbor's nose, so keep your crazy to yourself.

2. Why do maniacal shooters like you only seem to kill innocent, likable people? How come no one's ever just 'snapped' and shot up a room full of drug-dealing Neo-Nazi pedophiles or an Al-Qaida cell planning their next attack? Were you just too fucking lazy to find some really evil people to get your psycho on with or did you just lack the balls?

3. Why didn't you do the sensible thing when you started getting the urge to kill everyone and then kill yourself? I'm not talking about turning yourself in to the police, or checking into a booby-hatch, I'm talking about sticking a 9mm hot lead injection right into your diseased brain first.

I'm still angry.

But at least I'm not going to hurt any innocent people.

I'm better than that.

Goddamn asshole.


metalmom said...

Since the day of this unspeakable act, I have felt impotent to express my feelings. You, however, have been particularly eloquent. I share your rage,and your questions echo mine. The universe would be infinitely better without "people" like these.

Diesel said...

Re: #2. Good point. Why is it that these assholes always seem to think the people who need killing are the unarmed ones? They must take orders from the Iraqi insurgents. "Well sure, I'd like to kill some of the guys with guns, but civilians are so much easier."