With A Head This Big...

...I gotta know a few things.

(The Original Big Blue)

1. Never play pool against someone with a name that describes their weight and the place they come from.

2. If someone from the same ethnic group as you commits a terrible crime, do not make an appeal for Americans to not blame the entire ethnic group for it. 99.9% of Americans are well aware of the concept of the lone nut-job, and talking like CAIR does not help anyone, especially you.

3. Timetables in wartime only embolden your enemy.

4. Never play poker with a guy named 'Lucky.'

5. Armed societies are polite societies.

6. Pointless political gestures are just that: pointless.

7. If it sounds too good to be true, and I ain't involved, it ain't good at all.

8. If someone says that he is out to get you, he probably is.

9. Happiness is a warm plasma cannon.

10. If you think you can 'fix' someone, you're wrong.

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