An Android Among the Stars #7- Michael Moore Edition

My associate Varos Quasar posted another one of his little question sessions a few minutes ago and I felt compelled, as the MoxArgon Group's resident entertainment reporter to answer one of them.

The question was:

1. If Michael Moore really cared about those 9/11 workers getting free health care, why didn't he arrange for them to go to Sweden, or France, or another country with socialized medicine? Why did he take them to a 3rd world dictatorship whose doctors almost killed their own president with their incompetence and had to be replaced with doctors from Spain?

It looks like a multi-level question that requires a multi-level answer.

Michael Moore took those 9/11 workers to Cuba specifically because he does NOT care a rodent's rectum about them, or their health.

Moore is a narcissist who cares only about two things:

1. Himself.

2. The feeding of his ego.

He specifically chose Cuba for these reasons:

1. It is the sort of communist dictatorship he purports to admire, while he himself lives the life of a free American celebrity millionaire, complete with private jets, limousines, and expensive luxuries.

2. Cuba is also under a trade embargo by the United States. So his stunt, for one cannot logically call it journalism, was to provoke an investigation from the Treasury Department so he can claim that he is being oppressed by the country that made him a millionaire celebrity in time for him to become a fashionably leftist cause celebre at the premiere of his film at the Cannes Film Festival. Why do you think he waited several months before leaking the letter from the Treasury Department to the press?

3. Moore has made his career as a propagandist by feeding the prejudices of the fashionably leftist in the Western World's middle and upper classes. In order to keep them happy, and his wallet fat, and his ego bloated from their misguided praise he must badmouth the only country that would possibly allow someone like him to run around freely. The best way to bad-mouth said country is to repeat the myth that the health care system of a 3rd World dictatorship is somehow superior to the said country's because its dictator says it's free. The elites that support Moore need to keep this myth alive in order to justify their own prejudices.

I hope that answers Varos' question. I wouldn't want him to be confused or anything.

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Rogue said...

you posted that he feeds his ego, I think his fat ass is getting the lion's share of the feeding.