Quasar's Questions

Greetings Earthlings.

I have a few more questions that I'd like to get answered, because there are some things about your world that I still don't understand.

1. If Michael Moore really cared about those 9/11 workers getting free health care, why didn't he arrange for them to go to Sweden, or France, or another country with socialized medicine? Why did he take them to a 3rd world dictatorship whose doctors almost killed their own president with their incompetence and had to be replaced with doctors from Spain?

2. Why do the Democrats in Congress have a lower approval rating than the President who is subject to a non-stop barrage of negative media coverage?

3. Why do so many Americans oppose surrendering to Islamic fundamentalists? The Democrats seem to like and agree with them, why not you?


RT said...

1. No mojitos or Cuban cigars?

2. Because they are stoooopid and can't find their ways out of a paper bag that has openings at both ends.

3. I'm not a lilly-livered Democrat.

Sekhmet said...

1. Fidel Castro is dead, or at the very least, dying. Given the assets stashed away in foreign countries by the Castro regime to pay for subversive activities during the Cold War, and business deals with many of these same countries' going bad, it is likely that as soon as it is known Fidel is dead, these countries will seize as many of these assets as they can. The Cuban government has been strenuously lobbying the US to open trade, in order to secure both finances and a means of staying in power. Moore is part of that lobbying effort.

2. As I was trying to post yesterday but couldn't, the Democrats used a little too much wishful thinking in reading the Election 2006 tea leaves. They are trying to spin what was essentially a protest vote into a realignment. In other words, they seem to believe that people voted for them instead of against wishy-washy Republicans.

3. The Democrats don't see what they are doing as surrendering. They believe that without a US presence in the Middle East, the Middle Easterners would all go back to scimitars and camels. If they don't, well, Democrats see themselves as infinitely clever and much smarter than they actually are (trust me, I've done tech support)---so they believe that if the worst happens, they will be clever enough to pull a solution out of their butts at the last minute.